No more, no less. Five things I have to do in College (starting from my freshman year)

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less. things college starting freshman

this paper  github/SmileLionCoder  Included , Yes Java Programmer's advanced technology knowledge map and my series of articles , Welcome to Star.

This is not a sermon , It's not a piece of life philosophy , It's just an undergraduate course 、 Graduate student , Come and talk about your experience .

One 、 Lay a solid foundation , Yield twice the result with half the effort

There was a time when I loved literature , I've seen Yang Jiang's 《 We sa 》、《 Go to the edge of life 》, I've seen Qian Zhongshu 《 A Town Besieged 》, I've seen Lu Yao 《 Ordinary world 》、《 life 》...... These seem to be literary works with similar themes , Among them, Lu Yao's books have always been in the top ten in our school's lending list , The charm of plain but attractive words is enduring .

I often go through some people and things , I think of the stories I read in the book , The characterization of the characters and what they said , I'll wake up . It's never just a catchphrase when a book is used , The school library has a large collection of books , Be arranged , Only you can't think of , There's no library. There's no library , I hate myself for only 24 hours a day , Not enough to learn , I can't finish watching .


After finishing literature accomplishment , I suggest that you should learn your knowledge well , If you plan to continue to develop in your field after graduation , The foundation is absolutely important . Take my computer major for example , The first company I was promoted in my internship was Ali , At that time, there was no concept of an interview , I don't know what to prepare , What questions will you ask me ...... And then he was abused . Interviewers often ask about data structures and JAVA Things based on , It's not hard , Knowledge goes with technology , On the contrary, some ideas are solidified , I don't remember the basics , This is the performance of a weak foundation . And then I learned a lot from it , Review the basic 、 Brush the surface 、 Brush algorithm questions 、 Please ask elder martial brother and elder sister 、 More interviews to improve your status .

Later I went to Baidu and experienced Ali (PS: When offer The harvester feels a little bit cool ).



Two 、 Be a student cadre , Make like-minded friends

School cadres 、 Hospital cadres 、 Class cadres , How to choose ?

As an extrovert personality , It seems that you can't do without being in the crowd . I was a club president 、 I also worked in graduate innovation and entrepreneurship club , I was also a propaganda minister in the hospital 、 I was a monitor in my class ...... Of course, there are different periods of , There are also concurrent . In this aspect, the experience can improve one's ability of language expression and communication with others , Make friends with like-minded people , A hedge between keeps friendship green , Don't try to make a profit out of it .

When I first entered the school, there was student work , There's a lot of homework , In fact, there are times when I can't eat and want to give up , But there is a trend of responsibility and the trust of the students , A lot of things are really persistence , Get used to it, you will feel nothing . Before I went to university, many people told me to try as a student cadre , It will enrich college life , Yeah , Very substantial , It can be busy. OK .


Met a group of interesting friends , We will ride bicycles from school to Jiangxia greenway , I will also make an appointment to have a good meal 、K song 、 Go and Bang ...... It's tiring to ride so far , It is recommended to take dry food when riding for a long time , Or there's food on the planned itinerary , It happens that we have an orange garden on this section of the road , It's enough to eat .


When planning an event , Let's get inspired together , Work overtime and stay up late to make a plan . Of course , Through these friends, you can also find the charm of other professions , See more active peers , It's hard to be good or not .

It is recommended not to experience everything , Focus on schoolwork , It's more interesting to choose a school level student organization to experience , Small partners from different professions feel very happy when they discuss together .


3、 ... and 、 Enjoy school life , Including eating and playing

School life is busy and full , But don't forget to experience it carefully. It's only a few years of College . I didn't forget to experience the 36 canteens of the school , Satisfy everyone's taste buds in all directions , Live up to the title of food in Central China .


Favorite Dongyi canteen's big plate chicken and belt noodles 、 The cheap and delicious roast duck with potato in Donger canteen 、 Lotus root soup in Dongyuan canteen 、 Chicken with chili and fried dumplings in Jixian building 、 Baijingyuan's big drumsticks ...... They are all my favorites , There's no choice ( It's not food , I'm going to spoil you ).

Take a walk on the playground in autumn , Riding on a small electric donkey from east to West , Watching the Wutong leaves dancing on the roadside , The rustling sound is comparable to the most beautiful music , The leaves of Ginkgo are golden and beautiful .

About three or five friends , Let's have a good jog around the school , Measure every inch of the school land with your steps , This place we love so much .


Just stay here for a day , You're always being treated like a child , Teachers are the most kind uncles and aunts , Watching us grow up a little bit . When chatting, Auntie Lou Guan will remember the names of many students , When it rains, I will help you with your clothes 、 The quilt comes in . There are contradictions between the students , Turn around and go out together again, eat and play , It seems that it has always been so good .

Don't say the , It's time for tears !


Four 、 Go to practice , Make your life plan clearer

Go to practice , A few days ago, a sophomore said that he wanted to practice in Ali , But my school is more general .

I have mentioned this issue in previous articles , You can flip through 《 NetEase HR Tell you about the recruitment of Netease ( Part 1 )》 and 《 NetEase HR Tell you about the recruitment of Netease ( The next part )》. This paper introduces in detail how to get to a large factory more easily offer, Even teach you to write a resume , It's all shortcuts. You're not going ?

Internships are great opportunities , Make your life plan clearer , When others are still playing games 、 When Taobao , You've decided where to go after graduation , Start making your own money . The earlier you get into work , The earlier you realize the importance of career planning , You will find out whether the company culture is suitable for you during the internship 、 Team atmosphere is what you want 、 Is the city your favorite 、 Is there any increase in salary ......


Of course , Through the internship, you can meet many interesting and deep friends , They will give you more insight and a different way of life . Our senior sister will communicate with our students through our company , push 、 interview 、 Internship , In addition to the real work experience and deep corporate awareness , You can save a lot of money , It can be used as the first living expenses after graduation , Can also be used as their own graduation travel funds , Why not do it ?


5、 ... and 、 travel , Say go and leave without regret

If you want to say what you get from your internship , Besides experience and salary , Just seeing different scenery . Graduation travel is the last big thing to do before graduation , It can be with your friends 、 Roommates or their own men / Girl friend .


Why it is suggested that the graduation trip must be completed , Because the first few years of work need to be familiar with the project to improve their ability , Not much time to plan and complete a trip , So while offer It's not working yet , Give yourself a comfortable vacation .

It can be domestic , It can also be from abroad ( Now the cause of the epidemic , It's better to suggest domestic ). My graduation trip chose to go to Thailand , Because I managed to save some money , You can go abroad , Look at the different scenery outside , Very obsessed with . I photographed the boat in Toury with my mobile phone , I feel quite satisfied with myself . I always talk to my family, including my friends , Life is just a few decades , Do more things you haven't done , Eat more fruits you haven't eaten , Experience more in life , It's not in vain .

ha-ha , The first time I saw such a beautiful sea , I want to be in the sea every day , I have a set of pictures , In the sea 360 Degrees roll and spin . For a kid in the middle of the country , I haven't seen mountains since childhood , Never seen the sea , I've seen it all since I grew up , Satisfy !


I have a wish , Take a walk in Tibet and Xiamen , But it never came true .2014 year 9 month 17 I'm here QQ Space ( The private space that has been sleeping for a long time ) Set up a photo album “ A three-year appointment , gannan , I'll see you next year ”, Every photo is marked with “ Make a promise , That's the hope of life ”, It says in detail “ Love the sand here , A slight breeze , Gentle human feelings ”.

Description of the album Last March , I planned a trip to Gannan , Lie on the windowsill every day , Looking out at the sky , Imagine being in Gannan . It's still the case this year , Where I dream of going . Especially with the simple tree 《 The ordinary way 》, Throbbing heart yearns for , Looking forward to meeting you next summer vacation —— gannan !

A man also has this kind of tenderness , It's really weird. I'm sorry . Pinch fingers , For the past six years , There are many reasons why we didn't have a trip , The main thing is to be accompanied , And I have never met such an opportunity and such a group of friends , There's no money when you have time , When you have money, you don't have time .


I graduated with regret , Would like to 2021 A trip to Tibet can be made in , But I hope you all have no regrets , Enjoy your time as a student .


“ Youth University has come to , Students who want to get on the bus should hold on to “ One key, three links ”, Students who haven't liked it should take time to comment .


-- END --

Ask for praise everyday : Hello, technician , Praise first, then watch, form a habit , Your praise is my driving force on the way forward , It's very important to me .

Refueling Technician !

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