How to be a front-end leader

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front-end end leader

How to be a front end leader? You need to be incredibly intelligent ? It's still the best technology ? Or a lot of eloquence ?

One 、 Preface

I interviewed a company yesterday , It feels good , All the conditions are still ok, They need to recruit a front end leader, And I'm going to be the front end of the company leader, I feel flattered , There is another kind of little joy , It is said that :“ Soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers ”, I want to be recognized .

I was the head of the front end for a while , It's like going to Sichuan University to recruit , Or lead the progress and development of the whole project .

But it's not the same as what I'm going to be , It used to be an outsourcing company , Almost all projects are done by everyone , The intersection is smaller , Team members are not running in very well ; Now it's about maintaining and iterating on your products , This requires a good understanding between team members , Communicate without hindrance , We should have a thorough understanding of business , The user experience needs to be better .

I will stand Personal perspective , Team perspective , Company perspective Think about , A good front end leader What should it be ? To sort out some directions for future action .

In fact, most of my views are broader , It's not limited to which industry leader. Because the author level is limited , There are some omissions or even incorrect views , Please do not hesitate to criticize and correct .

Two 、 Think from a personal point of view

A good front end leader What should it be ?

The technology is better

As a front end leader , The technology is certainly better than most people in the industry , And know more , Whether it's product design , Or interaction design , Or front end and back end , You need to be a little bit .

Let's take a look at what the front end needs to be ? All change is the same , The front three swords :HTML,CSS,JavaScript. The others are like three frames (vue/react/angular), engineering ( Automatic deployment / automated testing /git workflow ), Applet , Cross platform application (ReactNative/Flutter/Taro/Uniapp/Eletctron), Hybrid applications (Ionic/cordova),NodeJS(egg/koa/mongodb),Serverless, Are derived from some of the expansion direction , You also need to learn .

Here is a little learning skill : Be curious .

In fact, we are born with curiosity , Think about why children always ask “ Why? ”, Ask yourself if you don't want to know if there are aliens outside the earth ? Why did the apple fall , Instead of flying to the sky ?1+1 Why must be equal to 2? If you think these questions are ridiculous , Sorry for the inconvenience , You are being laughed at and sympathized with , What you lose is precious curiosity ! With curiosity , Newton would think “ Why did the apple fall ” This seems like a silly question , Finally we found the existence of gravity .

So please keep this curiosity , It's for us to learn 、 The source of creation .

Two 、 Think from a team perspective

A good front end leader What should it be ?

Promote the atmosphere of team sharing

No sharing , There is no Internet now , Like this agreement, that agreement , This programming language that programming language . In the team , We need to share , Whether it's technology sharing or personal growth sharing .

Sharing will promote the personal growth and business development ability of team members .

Strengthen team communication and cooperation

“ A chopstick breaks easily , Ten chopsticks are as hard as iron ”.

We can use some software , Such as tapd To manage the project , Assign tasks to group members , Control the project schedule and collect some questions .

Communication among team members should be strengthened , Sometimes a problem can haunt you all day , This is when you take a few minutes to ask other people , Maybe it's solved , I have a deep understanding of this . We all need to learn from each other , No one can be anything , Everything is better than others , There's no face or something .

Make plans and assign tasks

Stage goals , Subdivide the children of each goal , Assign according to priorities and characteristics of team members .

Suppose we have a custom table The requirements of component class library , There are two members of the group , One Javascript Better , A compilation css Animation is better , I will definitely arrange for JavaScript Good colleagues to meet this demand . If I have to know more about my team .

meanwhile , for fear of “ A single point of failure ”,a Colleague turnover ,b Colleagues take over a A colleague's project / modular , It's going to surprise you , On the one hand, the project handover process will be prolonged , On the other hand, the cost of context switching for other members is also high .

The solution is to allow as many members as possible to cross participate in different modules , Development of different projects , Can cooperate with Review Let the team members be familiar with the code of the project .

Do a good job in infrastructure construction and improve efficiency

  • Basics UI Component library
  • build by oneself Gitlab
  • version management
  • Automatically compile and publish Jenkins
  • Unified scaffolding
  • Node Middle layer
  • Buried point system
  • Monitoring and alarm system
  • security management
  • Eslint
  • Mock
  • Grayscale Publishing
  • oidc Single sign on
  • Swagger The interface is generated automatically
  • Document platform construction

3、 ... and 、 Think from the perspective of the company

A good front end leader What should it be ?

Keep the project stable

  1. regular Code Review, Discover and solve problems , Lead team members to overcome difficulties .
  2. Perfect the buried point system , For operations to analyze data , Continuous improvement to enhance the user experience .
  3. Improve the monitoring and alarm system , Find online problems quickly .
  4. Improve the version management system , Auto build tool , Script .
  5. Perfect coding standard , Plus all kinds of lint, And type checking typescript.
  6. Write test cases : For common class libraries and public UI Component library .

Create more value

  1. “ Wear business glasses ” To write a project , Give full play to the project value and find the expansion direction .
  2. Lead the team , Discover their strengths , To distribute reasonably .

Four 、 summary

I mainly wrote about “ How to be a front end leader” Ideas , From the individual 、 From the perspective of the team and the company, summarize their own views , It's a little general , It's time to really settle down , I'll do a brainstorming , Write each point in detail , Smaller , More execution .

About writing , I am here 2017 I wrote an article in “ A Jingdong operation plan written in my work ”, as time goes on , There has been a lot of repercussions on the Internet , This strengthened my confidence in writing , Show my ideas to more people , So I wrote “ My Internet company dissolved ”, It feels like nice, Although it took a lot of energy .

I suggest that you can also try to write something slowly , It can be a simple summary or diary , From this, we can exercise our language organization ability and deepen our understanding of certain knowledge .


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