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heavyweight alibaba open source serverless

Serverless From concept presentation to application , It's past 8 A year , Developer pair Serverless The use of enthusiasm is rising . To help developers realize one click experience of multi cloud products , Rapid deployment Serverless project ,10 month 23 Japan , Alibaba officially announced the first open source Serverless Developer Platform Serverless Devs, This is also the first mainstream support in the industry Serverless service / Framework of cloud native lifecycle management platform .

This is it.  Serverless Devs


Serverless Devs It's an open source Serverless Developer Platform , Committed to providing a powerful tool chain system for developers . Through this platform , Developers can experience multi cloud with one click Serverless product , Rapid deployment Serverless project .
Serverless Devs contain Serverless Devs Tool (Serverless Developer tools ) and Serverless Devs App Store(Serverless Application Center ):
  • Serverless Devs Tool It's a way to make Serverless Tools for developers to double the efficiency of development and operation and maintenance . By using the tool , Developers can be simpler 、 Faster application creation 、 Project development 、 test 、 Release deployment, etc , Realize the whole life cycle management of the project .

  • Serverless Devs App Store It's a collection Serverless Apply online search , One click deployment and resource visualization editing in one application center product . The application center has a large number of production level project templates , Case template , Developers are free to choose , And one click deployment of the project to the designated cloud platform .

Serverless Devs Open source for domestic and foreign developers to provide Serverless A new choice of tools , Let developers experience cloud in a shorter path Serverless product , Create and deploy... Faster Serverless application , Project management and operation and maintenance in a simpler and more automated way ,Serverless After the project is fully automated through the platform , Saving 99.9% The cost of management .

Serverless The difficulty of tool chain


Serverless It is changing the mode and process of software development in the future , And it is predicted that it will lead the next Cloud Computing 10 year , But nonetheless , Developers are choosing to use Serverless There are still many worries , One of the most concerned is undoubtedly the lack of tool chain system .
The so-called lack of tool chain , On the one hand, the tool chain on the market is not perfect , This makes development and deployment difficult , And then increase the cost ; On the other hand , Lack of relevant tool chain in the experience layer will Serverless Experience further standardizes , The lack of high-quality tool chain leads to the fear of being bound by manufacturers Serverless Developers become more difficult to uncouple from vendors . This year, 10 month , China Institute of information and communications released the first 《 Cloud native user survey report 》 Make it clear that you are using Serverless Before the architecture ,49% Of users considering deployment costs ,26% The user considers the binding situation of the manufacturer ,24% Of users consider the perfection of the relevant toolset , What's behind the data is actually : Developers have a strong need to improve the tool chain .

Serverless Devs  The advantages of


Serverless Devs Help solve the current tool chain problem , Let developers experience multi cloud products with one click , Rapid deployment Serverless project .
Can support mainstream Serverless service / frame
Serverless Devs It is a component and plug-in Serverless Developer Platform , Developers can use different pluggable devices in the platform Serverless Services and frameworks for , Participate in the development of components and plug-ins at the same time . Whether it's industrial grade Serverless service , Or all kinds of open source Serverless frame ,Serverless Devs Can be friendly and supportive . Developers don't have to deal with every model on the market Serverless Tools for research and learning , Just pass Serverless Devs , It can be simple 、 shortcut “ Get started ” Main stream Serverless Services and frameworks .
Visual editing and deployment
Serverless Devs Have a visual editing and deployment process . stay Serverless Devs App Store in , Users can quickly retrieve the required application cases or components through keywords , And through visual editing to complete the project configuration , Project deployment can be completed by clicking the mouse .



Whether it's a project experience , Or project development 、 Operation and maintenance , With the blessing of the Application Center , With the blessing of visual editing and deployment ,Serverless The overall deployment time of the project has been shortened by nearly 1 times . meanwhile ,Serverless Devs App Store It is also a platform for developers to build open source , All users can publish their own components and applications in the Application Center for more people to learn 、 Reference and use .
Flexible and open use
Unlike most developer tools ,Serverless Devs When describing a project, you can not only calculate functions 、API gateway 、 Object storage and other resources , It can also be done through Serverless Devs Provided plug-ins and Hook Conduct Install、Build、Publish And so on . meanwhile Serverless Devs There are no restrictions on the commands for each component , Instead, developers are encouraged to target different components , Develop different capabilities to cope with more 、 More complex scenarios , Take alicloud function computing components as an example , It doesn't just support the traditional ability to deploy and remove functions , It also supports log queries , Index query , Local building , Dependent installation , More customized capabilities such as debugging .
Serverless Devs This flexible and open way to use , It can be deployed automatically 、 Operation and maintenance play a very important role , take Serverless Devs Organic integration with the whole life cycle of the project , bring Serverless The development and operation and maintenance efficiency of the project is improved 90%.

Play like a cell phone Serverless


adopt Serverless Devs, We can use it like a mobile phone Serverless. When using a cell phone , We need to search through the mobile app market 、 Download various apps , And installed in the mobile phone for use ; about Serverless Devs Development platform , We can go through s gui Quick access to Serverless Devs App Store, Search for and download components in it / Plug in to Serverless Devs Tool Start using Serverless, As shown in the figure :


Use scenarios


Serverless Devs Can participate in project creation 、 Development 、 debugging 、 In the whole process of deployment and operation and maintenance , Take alicloud function computing components as an example :


  • In the creation phase of the project , The initial creation of a project can be done through the command line tool or application center ;

  • In the process of project development , It can be developed locally 、 Debugging and other capabilities to verify the correctness of local development ;

  • In the process of project debugging , It can be debugged locally and called remotely 、 Log query and other capabilities , For the final commissioning of the project ;

  • In the deployment phase , You can install through dependency first 、 Project construction and other processes build a complete deployment package , Then deploy the project ;

  • In the later stage of operation and maintenance , You can check the project health through index query , Through log query to locate the problem , Release the version through project release and other capabilities , Alias publishing and grayscale publishing, etc .



  • 2020 year 10 month , Complete the capacity building of alicloud function computing components ;

  • 2020 year 11 month , Finish code “130” plan , In a month 30 individual Web frame /CMS Support for , Including but not limited to Django,Express,Flask,Koa,Egg,Nuxt,Next as well as Webpy A migration capability of the project ;

  • 2020 year 11 month , Finish code “32100” plan ,3 Zhou 21 God , Give Way Serverless Devs App Store Have 100 A component / application , It can cover artificial intelligence 、 big data 、Web Development 、 Monitoring alarm and other fields , And it's all open source ;

  • 2020 year 12 month , Launch a new iteration version ;

  • 2021 year 1 month , Finish code “88“ plan ,8 Zhou finished 8 Cloud platform function computing and other related capabilities support , Can pass Serverless Devs Tool Quickly deploy the project to Alibaba cloud and other multi cloud platforms , Even some components , It just needs to be modified provider, You can implement multi cloud deployment ;

  • 2021 year 3 month , complete VScode plug-in unit 、 cloud IDE Other support , Through editor 、GUI form , Use Serverless Devs.

Participation and contribution


Serverless Devs Open source for domestic and foreign developers to provide Serverless A new choice of tools , Let developers experience multi cloud in a shorter path Serverless product , Create and deploy... Faster Serverless   application , Project management in a simpler and more automated way / Operation and maintenance , More developers are expected to participate in the co construction in the future .
The code is already in Gitee( Code cloud ) and GitHub It's officially open to the public :
  • Github Address :https://github.com/serverless-devs

  • Gitee Address :https://gitee.com/organizations/serverless-devs/projects

  • Serverless Devs Official website :https://www.serverless-devs.com

link :https://developer.aliyun.com/adc/scenario/c6415182ebba4c9f990c2298e9a73eba

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