Dandelion & Kelly technology weekly Vol.29: things about front end intelligence in Ali

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dandelion kelly technology weekly vol.29


The dandelion · JELLY Technology Week Vol.29

Front end intelligence refers to the use of AI And the ability of machine learning to expand the front end , It has some characteristics beyond the front-end capability of emergence stage , This will be an important change in the direction of the future front end . At present, various Internet manufacturers have their own projects, and are constantly practicing in this general direction , Challenge the future , And Ali is one of them , Also left behind many impressive products ……

Climb high and overlook

very high , Feel the infinity of the universe

The front frame

analysis JSX A new mechanism for

React 17 New JSX Grammar conversion mechanism , Besides writing JSX There is no need to introduce in advance React Outside the object , Some performance optimization and concept simplification have been done . Such as key Independent of others props And pass it alone , It is not recommended to use defaultProps etc. . This paper introduces the relevant background and changes , And how to upgrade and compatibility . About the motivation and implementation details of this change , You can browse this RFC.

Design philosophy

Front end intelligence in Ali

The direction of intelligent front-end is to bring changes to the front-end technology , With the help of AI And the ability of machine learning to expand the front end , And in the process of promoting this goal , What are the problems ? Ali gave the direction of intelligent front end 2020 Summary and thinking in the middle of the year .

Graphic programming

A high quality interactive experience website “ radar ”

This site will randomly jump to some based on CSS3、Canvas and WebGL Technically realized 、 Excellent website with amazing interface presentation and interactive experience , After busy work , Come and experience it Web Powerful rendering technology ~

Artificial intelligence

AI Expert knowledge map

What is artificial intelligence ? What are the subdivision modules ? Here you can find all the knowledge points related to artificial intelligence , The content listed in each knowledge point will be linked to the corresponding data , Like Wikipedia, etc , Whenever there is new research in the field of artificial intelligence , The corresponding module will also be updated , I hope to give a direction to the students who are interested in artificial intelligence , It also provides some help to the students who have accumulated a certain amount .

The application of machine learning in static code analysis

Today, , Machine learning has been deeply applied in various fields of life , This paper presents an interesting point of view : Whether machine learning can help software developers to mine Bug? The answer is yes . The author first introduces the known static analyzer based on machine learning in the industry , Such as DeepCode、Infer( come from Facebook)、SapFix、Embold、CodeGuru( come from Amazon) wait . then , The author takes the implementation of a code analyzer that uses machine learning technology to find code defects as an example , To illustrate the difficulties and limitations of machine learning in the field of code analysis . Read through the whole text , The biggest benefit is the author's thinking of combining machine learning technology with application scenarios , It's good for enriching us in ML Technical imagination space .

Tool Promotion

AntV: Visual data solutions

AntV It's ant financial data visualization solution , One of the most frequently mentioned G2 It's a visualization engine based on graphics , use The grammar Of Graphics Development philosophy , Data driven , Support highly interactive solutions . Abreast of the times 4.0 Version USES TS rewrite , Compared with the easy to use eCharts( The bottom layer relies on lightweight vector graphics library ZRender), The development documentation is not perfect , Therefore, for data visualization, Xiaobai has a higher threshold , But it's expansionary 、 Creativity has a greater advantage . at present AntV There are also a range of products including :G6( Visualization engine focused on relational data , Support interaction 、 analysis 、 Animation and other functions )、F2( Solutions focused on mobile end , Support H5)、L7( Solutions focused on geospatial data ). Its extended products include G2Plot、Graphin、ChartCube.

On the sea

On the sea , Take a small step to a thousand miles

machine learning 30 Minute entry points to the north

Intelligent front end is the general direction of the future , Want to keep up with the times, quick start machine learning , Maybe you still feel that there is no proper project practice at work , Or because of education 、 Professional and other factors have no chance to find a job in machine learning , Then come and have a look with Mr. mark ,30 Minutes to take you to understand the basics of machine learning , Break for AI Stereotype of , At the same time, we also look at some practice and landing projects of machine learning in concave convex laboratory .

Dynamic effect is actually very simple

In the final analysis, front-end intelligence still hopes to transform engineers from “ Meaningless bottom labor “ Free up , But it's not the only way , In many areas of development, there are many solutions that can significantly reduce the cost of research and development . For example, in the process of developing dynamic effects , We often think , The designer has sorted out the logic of the whole dynamic effect , Debugging is still time-consuming and laborious , Why can't we reuse designer's dynamic logic directly ? Machine parameters and manual parameters , Which one do you prefer ?

「 The dandelion 」 Periodical , Weekly update , We focus on digging 「 Basic technology engineering Cross end framework technology Graphic programming Server development Desktop development Artificial intelligence Design philosophy The front frame 」 And other hot spots in the industry , And give a professional interpretation ; More Than This , We will also recommend selected articles on bump technology , To show you the direction of research technology within the team .

Look up , Dandelion seeds will take root and sprout , Like summer flowers ; thinking & walking , We ascended the heights and looked into the distance 、 On the sea , In order to accumulate silicon, you can go thousands of miles .

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