The underlying principle of nginx: analyze why the concurrent number of nginx can reach 3W!

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underlying principle nginx analyze concurrent

Nginx With its high performance , stability , Rich functions , It is famous for its simple configuration and low resource consumption . This article from the bottom principle analysis Nginx Why so soon? !

Nginx Process model of

Nginx The server , During normal operation :

Multi process : One Master process 、 Multiple Worker process .

Master process : management Worker process . External interface : Receive external operations ( The signal ); Forward... Internally : Depending on the external operation , Through signal management Worker; monitor : monitor Worker The running state of the process ,Worker After the process terminates abnormally , Automatic restart Worker process .

Worker process : all Worker The process is all equal . The actual processing : Network request , from Worker Process processing .Worker Number of processes : stay nginx.conf Middle configuration , It is generally set as the core number , make the best of CPU resources , meanwhile , Avoid too many processes , Avoid process competition CPU resources , Increase the loss of context switching .

reflection :

The request is to connect to Nginx,Master The process is responsible for processing and forwarding ?

How to choose which Worker The process processes the request ? The processing result of the request , Is it necessary to go through Master process ?

HTTP Connection establishment and request processing

HTTP The process of connection establishment and request processing is as follows :

Nginx Startup time ,Master process , Load profile .

Master process , Initialize listening Socket.

Master process ,Fork More than one Worker process .

Worker process , Competing for new connections , The winner shakes hands three times , establish Socket Connect , And process the request .

Nginx High performance 、 High concurrency

Nginx Why have high performance and can support high concurrency ?

Nginx Adopt multi process + Asynchronous non blocking mode (IO Multiplexing Epoll).

Complete process of request : Establishing a connection → Read request → Resolve request → Processing requests → Response request .

The whole process of the request corresponds to the underlying layer : Reading and writing Socket event .

Nginx Event processing model of

Request:Nginx in HTTP request .

Basic HTTP Web Server Working mode :

Receiving request : Read the request line and request header line by line , After the judgment segment has a request body , Read request body .

Processing requests .

Return response : According to the result , Generate corresponding HTTP request ( Response line 、 Response head 、 Response body ).

Nginx It's the same routine , The overall process is consistent :

Modular architecture

more Linux The basic principles of server development Nginx,ZeroMQ,MySQL,Redis,MongoDB,ZK, Streaming media ,P2P, Thread pool ,Docker,TCP/IP, coroutines ,DPDK,Linux Kernel content .+602878196(VX Same number ) obtain


Nginx According to its function, the modules can be divided into the following types :

①event module: The framework of event handling mechanism independent of operating system is built , And provide the handling of specific events . Include ngx_events_module,ngx_event_core_module and ngx_epoll_module etc. .

Nginx What kind of event processing module is used , It depends on the specific operating system and compilation options .

②phase handler: This type of module is also called directly handler modular . Mainly responsible for processing client requests and generating content to be responded , such as ngx_http_static_module modular , Responsible for client static page request processing and preparing the corresponding disk file for response content output .

③output filter: Also known as filter modular , It is mainly responsible for processing the output content , You can modify the output .

for example , Can achieve all of the output html Add predefined footbar One kind of work , Or for the output picture URL Do the work of replacing .

④upstream:upstream Module realizes the function of reverse proxy , Forward the real request to the back-end server , And read the response from the back-end server , Send back to client .

upstream The module is a special handler, But the response content is not really generated by itself , It's read from the back-end server .

⑤load-balancer: Load balancing module , Implement specific algorithms , In many back-end servers , Select a server to forward a request .

Analysis of common problems

Nginx vs Apache


IO Multiplexing ,Epoll(freebsd On is kqueue)

High performance

High concurrency

Less system resources


Blocking + Multi process / Multithreading

A more stable ,Bug Less

More modules

Nginx maximum connection

Based on the background :

Nginx It's a multi process model ,Worker The process is used to process requests .

The number of connections for a single process ( File descriptor fd), Upper limit (nofile):ulimit -n.

Nginx Configure a single Worker The maximum number of connections for a process :worker_connections Cap of nofile.

Nginx On the configuration Worker The number of processes :worker_processes.

therefore ,Nginx Is the maximum number of connections :

Nginx Is the maximum number of connections :Worker Number of processes x Single Worker The maximum number of connections for a process .

It's on it Nginx As a universal server , Maximum number of connections .

Nginx When acting as a reverse proxy , The maximum number of connections that can be serviced :(Worker Number of processes x Single Worker The maximum number of connections for a process )/ 2.

Nginx When reverse proxy , Will establish Client The connection and back end of Web Server The connection of , Occupy 2 A connection .

reflection :

Every time you open one Socket Take up one fd?

Why? , A process can open fd Limited quantity ?

HTTP Requests and responses

HTTP request :

Request line :method、uri、http version

Request header

Request body

HTTP Respond to :

Response line :http version、status code

Response head

Response body

IO Model

When processing multiple requests , May adopt :IO Multiplexing or blocking IO+ Multithreading :

IO Multiplexing : One thread , Track multiple Socket state , Which is ready , Read and write which .

Blocking IO+ Multithreading : Every request , Create a new service thread .

IO Multiplexing and multithreading scenarios ?

IO Multiplexing : There is no advantage in the speed of request processing for a single connection .

A lot of concurrency : Use only one thread , Handle a lot of concurrent requests , Reduce context switching loss , There's no need to think about concurrency , More requests can be processed .

Consume less system resources ( No thread scheduling overhead ).

For long connections ( Long connection in multi-threaded mode is easy to cause too many threads , Cause frequent scheduling ).

Blocking IO + Multithreading : Implement a simple , Can be independent of system calls .

Every thread , Both need time and space .

When the number of threads grows , The cost of thread scheduling increases exponentially .

select/poll and epoll The comparison is as follows :

select/poll system call :

// select system call

int select(int maxfdp,fd_set readfds,fd_set writefds,fd_set errorfds,struct timeval timeout);

// poll system call

int poll(struct pollfd fds[], nfds_t nfds, int timeout);


Inquire about fd_set in , Is there anything ready fd, You can set a timeout , When there is fd (File descripter) Ready or timeout return .

fd_set It's a bit set , Size is a constant when compiling the kernel , The default size is 1024.

characteristic : Connections limit ,fd_set Expressible fd The quantity is too small ; Linear scanning : Judge fd Is it ready , Need to traverse the side fd_set; Data replication : User space and kernel space , Copy connection ready status information .


Solved the connection limit :poll Lieutenant general select Medium fd_set Replaced with a pollfd Array , solve fd Too small a number of problems .

Data replication : User space and kernel space , Copy connection ready status information .

epoll,event Event driven :

Event mechanism : Avoid linear scanning , For each fd, Register a listening event ,fd When changed to ready , take fd Add to ready list .

fd Number : unlimited (OS Level restrictions , How many can a single process open fd).


I/O Multiplexing mechanism .

I/O Multiplexing is through a mechanism , Can monitor multiple descriptors , Once a descriptor is ready ( Generally read ready or write ready ), Can inform the program to read and write accordingly ; Monitoring multiple file descriptors .

but select,poll,epoll It's all synchronous in nature I/O: The user process is responsible for reading and writing ( Copy from kernel space to user space ), In the process of reading and writing , User process is blocked ; asynchronous IO, No user process is responsible for reading and writing , asynchronous IO, Will be responsible for copying from kernel space to user space .

Nginx The concurrent processing power of

About Nginx The concurrent processing power of : Number of concurrent connections , After general optimization , The peak value can be kept at 1~3w about .( Memory and CPU The number of cores is different , There will be room for further optimization ).

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