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year end technician tells prepare

The interview is divided into three parts

  • Technical interview : Ask technical questions .

  • Interview with the person in charge : Examine the comprehensive ability . such as : Project control ability 、 Project depth 、 Project framework 、 Business, etc .

  • hr interview : Focus on character 、 communicate 、 Potential, etc .

Each round of interview takes about an hour .

Knowledge points of each round of interview

one side :

It mainly studies the basic knowledge .

  • The page layout

  • CSS The box model 、DOM event

  • HTTP agreement 、 Prototype chain

  • object-oriented 、 signal communication

  • Front end security 、 Algorithm

Two sides :

  • Rendering mechanism

  • JS Operating mechanism

  • Page performance

  • Error monitoring

On three sides :

No more focus on Technology .

  • Professional capability

  • team work

End face :

  • Professional competitiveness

  • Occupation planning

A successful interview requires : Technology pass 、 Interview skills, etc .

School recruitment and social recruitment each look at the level of

The school recruit :

  • knowledge :40%

  • Ability :59%

  • Experience :1%

Club recruit :

  • knowledge :30%. Like agreements 、 Business awareness .

  • Ability :50%. Such as architecture 、 Business abstraction capabilities 、 Project control ability .

  • Experience :20%. The embodiment of the project .

The above is for reference only .

Interview preparation

Interview preparation includes the following four parts :

  • Job description (JD) Analysis of

  • Business analysis

  • Technology stack preparation

  • Self introduction.

Each company has a mature technology stack . For example, on the build tool , Baidu fis3、 US mission Gulp.

Which company would you like to meet , First look at the technology stack required by the other party .

The top four parts , Let's talk about .

One 、(JD) Analysis of


Concept :

  • Job description : Focus on job responsibilities .

  • Job requirements : What is required is the ability to work . It's usually described in great detail .

PS: The front-end knowledge is huge , It's impossible to have everything ready , But to “ Job requirements ” close .

Analyze job descriptions (JD) Is the purpose of :

  • Quickly identify whether the position you like 、 Desired .

  • Whether the current skills can meet the requirements of the post . Whether the preparation in the short term is competent .

give an example : JD.COM web Front end job description

as follows :

Job description :

(1) During the interview , Will also consider  PC End and mobile end Two parts .

(2)App H5 Development There are two meanings :

  • Hybrid Technology stack .

  • pure H5 Development . and native Development doesn't matter , Like activities 、 project .

(3) Debug data interface : To learn how to simulate data .

(4) The establishment of front-end component library : Demanding but very important . Embodied in :

  • Basic skills should be solid , Native js、css We should understand in place .

  • Do you have any previous project experience related to front end component library

  • Have you read through others UI Component library .

(5) Optimization and refactoring : It's more difficult than number four .

PS: The first three are basic knowledge , Article 4. 、 The fifth is advanced .

Job requirements :

(1)3 More than years working experience : Don't take years of work too seriously . Master H5 characteristic : It shows that the company attaches great importance to mobile terminals . understand H5 The latest specifications : Your company wants me to pursue new technology , such as ES6 etc. .

(2) We are required to object-oriented Part of it has enough understanding . Component programming is also inseparable from object-oriented .

(3) It embodies several points :

  • be familiar with Web standard : Be familiar with the latest standards .

  • Performance is separated from data :MVC frame .

  • semantic : Don't ignore this word . Not everything div.

  • practical experience : In the process of using framework development , What problems have you encountered ? Without practical experience , Also prepare a few questions in advance .

(4) The following points :

  • Analysis and design of front end architecture ...: It shows that this position does not face the junior position . Because people who work for one to two years , Most of them are Do business development , The lack of System architecture capability .

We need to prepare a project architecture ( For example, the company's existing projects ) Recombing , contain : Design of directory structure 、 Reusable design 、 Modular design 、 automated testing 、 What is online flow .

  • Easy to read 、 Easy to maintain code : You will be asked to write code during the interview , To embody . requirement ; Each function should have a single function 、 Be abstract, try to be abstract . In line with these two principles , It's basically satisfied “ Easy to read 、 Easy maintenance ”.

  • High-quality 、 Efficient code , Not ready for a short time .

(5) User availability 、 User experience 、 User Research : It's not about technology , It's the candidate's understanding of the product experience . It's not just a function .

(6) Strong interest in etc. , It's a requirement of corporate culture . Go more GitHub See what new technologies are being used in other people's projects 、 Read more blogs . Can't prepare in a short time .

(7) understand Sass and Less: This is the basic skill .

(8) be familiar with web Building tools : Novices recommend learning Glup, instead of grunt. Of course , You need to know  Glup and grunt The difference between .

PS: understand 、 be familiar with 、 Master , There is a difference .

(9) Ignore it for the moment . If There is no requirement in the job description Node.js, And you're just a little bit  Node.js, It's not recommended that you put Node.js reflected . Otherwise, dig a hole for yourself .

Two 、 Business analysis

CSS3 Animation is the focus of preparation .

jQuery To prepare event delegation 、 Selector, etc .

ES6 grammar :import、export etc. .

Through a simple analysis of the source code , We have a preliminary understanding of the following points of the website :

  • jQuery

  • vue frame

  • ES6

  • webpack Packaging tools

3、 ... and 、 Front end technology stack preparation

Above picture , On the left is the front-end technology core , On the right is front-end engineering .

left :( Front end technology core )

  • jQuery: Pay attention to the source code . When looking at the source code , It depends on these : Core architecture 、 What is the event delegate 、 Plug-in mechanism 、 Compatibility .

  • The three framework : All are mvvm frame , Prepare one or two , Or prepare one carefully . The interview will be very detailed . For example, interviewers often ask Vue、React Source code . Suggest looking for online source code analysis article .

  • Node.js: Server side running environment . If there is no relevant project experience , Try not to mention .

  • JavaScript Basics : Sometimes the frames are empty ; Have a good command of JavaScript Basics , It's wandering in the world 、 The key to gallop thousands of miles .

On the right side :( Front-end engineering )

  • npm、yarn: Package management tools .npm Common commands for 、npm scripts How to use the .

  • webpack: Module packaging .

  • gulp、grunt: Building tools .

  • Sass、less:CSS The preprocessor .

  • Babel:ES6 turn ES5

Four 、 Self introduction.

Interview questions , On a large scale , It depends on your resume and self introduction .


The four most important information in your resume :

  • essential information : full name 、 Age 、 mobile phone 、 mailbox 、 Native place .

  • Education : From large to small . master -> Undergraduate .

  • Work experience : Time 、 company 、 Position 、 duty 、 Technology stack 、 results . Performance is what most people ignore .

  • Open source project 、Github、 explain .

Self evaluation can not write .

On the performance of the project , To include : Technology benefits and Performance gains .

Self statement

1、 Grasp the communication direction of the interview .

If there is a project in the presentation , The interviewer may ask :

  • What projects did you take charge of , What does the project do

  • The combination point with the front end is ? Your role is ? What responsibilities have been taken on the project ?

  • Your achievements in the project ?

If you say you're a project person in charge , Will be asked :

  • How to allocate the project ? There are several people involved in ?

  • As the person in charge , What is your role ? Is it project management or technical management ?

  • Encountered technical difficulties , How to solve ?

Asking questions

If you go deep into the problem , It won't happen , Don't say “ I don't know ”. It is suggested to answer :

  • I have no experience in this area , Can you Point out

  • Any suggestions or references ? I want to understand this thing .

Last , Give some advice to the fresh graduates

Looking for a job after graduation is not all about technology

When I just graduated, I would think that looking for a job is only about technology , After all, we are technical positions .

But now I feel that I have talked with other partners and found that sometimes the proportion of technology is not as high as expected .

After graduation, we actually 1 -2 It's not particularly close the gap this year , Everyone's level difference is not particularly big .

Maybe some other qualities are more important at this time , Like your communication skills 、 Your character 、 Whether it is down to earth .

meanwhile , Looking for a job , Luck and fate are also very important , For example, whether the position at that time was in urgent need , If it's a new department or someone just leaves, it needs to be filled , In these special cases , Maybe the requirements will be reduced a little bit ( It's not going to go down too much ).

So it's better to find team members to push in , This will give you a better understanding of the team .

But I think ,3 The gap of technical level will be more and more big after two years , And it's going to be harder and harder to narrow the gap .

Just graduated, try to go to a big company

In fact, you go to university to choose a famous school or a general school , Some people say that if you don't want to be the screw of a big company, you can ask yourself whether you can enter the big company first , Don't start to sour before you enter .

Having the ability to go and choosing not to go and not going are two concepts .

From the experience of oneself and those around us , What you can learn from a big company is better than that of a small company in every way ( Small companies here don't represent some small and sophisticated companies ).

In terms of personal experience , Not everyone in a big company is a screw , Do repetitive work , Because there are a lot of departments that you connect with , You need to work with all kinds of front ends 、 Back end 、 product 、 Design 、QA Contact , Everyone has different habits , There will also be cross sectoral cooperation , Different departments may have different technology stacks , therefore , The things you're exposed to are diverse ;

contrary , The front end for small companies 、 Back end 、 Design and QA Basically, they are quite fixed , Basically, there will be no need for cross departmental cooperation , And the technology stack is relatively fixed , Using a set of technology stack will not change , So your vision of technology improvement may be a little narrower .

And the business complexity and the number of users that big companies can't provide .

To tell the truth , It's very rewarding to have work experience in a well-known Internet company in your resume , Basically can have an interview qualification , Because it reduces the cost to some extent , Because if you can go to a well-known Internet company , The explanation must have advantages .

Don't just API, To understand the principle

One of the things our boss often says to us is :“ Don't just know some API Things that are ”, Now a phenomenon in the front end is , A lot of people use some API, I feel that I have mastered some knowledge .

We should pay attention to some basic knowledge , Some principles , That's what you need for long-term development .

For example, in the electric plane, ask :“ What is promise”, A lot of people said promise How to use .

Job hunting is a two-way process , A good team is important

Finding a job is really a two-way process , It's not just the company that chooses you , It's also the process of choosing your company , If you have the ability, you'd better find a good team , I like the business I like , At least not too disgusted, not .

In fact, from the interviewer you can basically judge the level of the team , A personal point of view is , If you're still growing up , If you ask questions during the interview, you can answer them smoothly , Then you have to think carefully about the job , Maybe the space for growth will be smaller .

Reduce the frequency of job hopping

About job hopping frequency , No matter it's technology leader and hr It's a question to consider .

Because a few years ago , I feel that the most convenient way to increase salary is to change jobs , The salary increase will be relatively high , Waiting for a raise in a company is slow .

But if you change jobs too often, it's not good , Personally think that , The frequency of job hopping once a year is a little high .

Jingdong also has specific requirements for this point , One vote veto system , May 2 principle ( In five years, at most two companies )

About education background

Now many companies are the threshold of undergraduate related professional graduation , And the requirements will be higher and higher in the future .

Every company has different requirements .

Be sure to brush more questions before the interview

Be sure to brush more questions , Brush problem , Brush problem , Important things are to be repeated for 3 times . Pay more attention to the learning of the underlying principles and concepts , Learn more about the underlying knowledge , More principles , It's all about improving your problem solving skills .

Be a programmer , Be a front-end Engineer , It's really a career where learning will pay off , I don't see the height is low , Regardless of educational background , As long as your skills are up to the required level , You can get the corresponding return .

Learning has never been accomplished overnight , It's consistent , It's just that learning is never too old , People who really know how to learn , It will not be eliminated by the current of this era .

I always have the habit of sorting out the interview questions , Be ready to jump out of the comfort zone at any time , Before I knew it, I sorted it out 229 page , Share it here , In need Click here to get the title for free + analysis PDF

If you need this full version of the interview question + analysis ,【 Click on the I 】 That's all right. .

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