99% of people misunderstood the difference between get and post in http

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people misunderstood difference post http

GET and POST yes HTTP Two basic methods of requesting , The difference between them , Come into contact with WEB Developers can say one or two .

The most intuitive difference is GET Include the parameter in URL in ,POST adopt request body Pass parameters .

You may have written countless GET and POST request , Or have seen many authoritative websites summarize their differences , You know exactly when and what to use .

When you are asked this question in an interview , Your heart is full of confidence and joy .

You give me a “ The standard answer ”:

  • GET It is harmless when the browser is backout , and POST The request will be submitted again .

  • GET Produced URL The address can be Bookmark, and POST Can not be .

  • GET The request will be initiated by the browser cache, and POST Can't , Unless manually set .

  • GET Request can only proceed url code , and POST Supports a variety of coding methods .

  • GET The request parameters are fully preserved in the browser history , and POST The parameters in are not retained .

  • GET Request in URL There is a length limit on the parameters passed in , and POST It has a .

  • The data type for the parameter ,GET We only accept ASCII character , and POST There is no limit to .

  • GET Than POST It's not safe , Because the parameters are directly exposed to URL On , So it can't be used to convey sensitive information .

  • GET Parameters through URL Pass on ,POST Put it in Request body in .

( The answers to this standard are from w3schools)


“ unfortunately , This is not the answer we want !”


Please tell me the truth ...

If I told you GET and POST Is there no difference in essence between you and me ? 
Let's peel off GET and POST The appearance of , Let's be honest !

GET and POST What is it? ?HTTP Two ways to send requests in the protocol .

HTTP What is it? ?HTTP Is based on TCP/IP Protocol for how data is communicated on the world wide web .

HTTP The bottom is TCP/IP. therefore GET and POST The bottom layer is also TCP/IP, in other words ,GET/POST All are TCP link .GET and POST You can do the same thing . Do you want to GET add request body, to POST close url Parameters , Technically, it works perfectly . 

that ,“ The standard answer ” What are the differences in ?

In my world of the World Wide Web ,TCP It's like a car , We use it TCP To transport data , It is very reliable , It never happens that fewer pieces are lost . But if we run as like as two peas, we'll run the same cars. , So the world looks like a mess , An urgent car may be blocked by a car full of goods ahead , The whole transportation system will be paralyzed . To avoid that , traffic rules HTTP The birth of .HTTP There are several service categories for car transportation , Yes GET, POST, PUT, DELETE wait ,HTTP Regulations , When executed GET On request , To put a sticker on the car GET The label of ( Set up method by GET), And we need to put the transmitted data on the roof (url in ) To facilitate recording . If it is POST request , It's going to be pasted on the car POST The label of , And put the goods in the carriage . Of course , You can also be in GET Sneak some goods into the car , But it was disgraceful ; It can also be in POST Put some data on the roof of the car , It feels silly .HTTP It's just a code of conduct , and TCP It's just GET and POST How to achieve the basic .

however , We only see HTTP Yes GET and POST Parameter transmission channel (url still requrest body) Put forward a request .“ The standard answer ” Where does the parameter size limit come from ?


In my world of the World Wide Web , There is another important role : Transportation company . Different browsers ( launch http request ) And the server ( Accept http request ) Just different shipping companies . Although theoretically , You can pile unlimited loads on the roof (url And an infinite number of arguments ). But transportation companies are not stupid , Loading and unloading are also very costly , They will limit the number of shipments to limit the risk , Too much data is a burden on both the browser and the server . The unwritten rule in the industry is ,( majority ) Browsers often restrict url The length is in 2K Bytes , and ( majority ) Maximum server processing 64K The size of url. More than , We will not deal with it . If you use GET service , stay request body Hiding the data , Different servers do different things , Some servers will unload for you , Read the data , Some servers just ignore it , therefore , although GET You can take request body, There is no guarantee that it will be received .

Okay , Now you know ,GET and POST It's essentially TCP link , There is no difference . But because of HTTP The rules and browsers / Server limitations , As a result, they show some differences in the application process . 

You think this is the end of the article ?

Our big BOSS Still waiting to show up ...

the BOSS How mysterious ? When you try to find “GET and POST The difference between ” When , In the search results you'll see , Never mentioned him . What on earth is he ...

GET and POST There is another important difference , To put it simply :

GET Produce a TCP Data packets ;POST Produce two TCP Data packets .

Long talk :

about GET Method request , The browser will http header and data Send along , Server response 200( Return the data );

And for POST, Browser sends first header, Server response 100 continue, The browser sends data, Server response 200 ok( Return the data ).

in other words ,GET It only takes a car trip to get the goods to , and POST Have to run two , The first trip , Go and say hello to the server first “ hi , I have to deliver a shipment later , You open the door to meet me ”, Then go back and deliver the goods .

because POST Two steps are needed. , It takes a little more time , look GET Than POST More effective . therefore Yahoo The team has recommended GET Replace POST To optimize website performance . But this is a pit ! Jump in with caution . Why? ?

1. GET And POST Each has its own semantics , You can't mix them .

2. According to research , In a good network environment , The difference between the time to send a packet and the time to send two packets is negligible . And in the case of bad network environment , The two packages TCP On verifying packet integrity , It has great advantages .

3. Not all browsers will be there POST Send two packets in ,Firefox Just send it once .

Now? , When the interviewer asks you “GET And POST The difference between ” When , Is that the way you are inside ?


Source of the article :http://t.cn/RjLq41J


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