It's time you thought about leaving

Li gulare 2020-11-12 23:46:27
time thought leaving

Recently, a few friends asked me to recommend front-end jobs .

Ask him why he left , Less money 、 Things more , If you can talk more about the hopelessness of promotion 、 I usually have a little more talk about technical bottlenecks , Just because of the salary , Sorry, I can't help you .

Because the salary is relative , You can't rush to leave because you see someone else's salary is higher than you , Although the work may be the same , But there are levels of ability , such as 100 You have done the test question of the score 98 branch , Another did it 100 branch , You can say that your ability gap is only 2 Points ? Maybe not , because 98 Points are your limit , Did 100 Classmate , Strength may be 110 branch , Who knows .

Someone is here. 996 Growing up , Someone is here. 996 In consumption . Calm down first , Calm down and think about it , Is the daily work really too much to finish , Don't scold the leaders as soon as you come up. You give me so many jobs every time . However, it is not ruled out that there is a kind of catch-up schedule in order to speed up the construction period , A big job 100 It's a cool day all year , This is another dimension .

Let's just talk about normal work , since 996 After the fire , I asked many of my colleagues about their current work situation . It's all going through 996, Some are even more serious , however , Attention, I'm going to say, but , Some companies don't add to their work , Or the usual workload , There are even fewer . But we are busy late every day . Many of them are in BAT Friends at work . This is a very strange El Nino like phenomenon , The more the company's business volume drops, the more serious the overtime of employees .

ha-ha , I'm going to work hard again , Since the workload has not increased , But the working hours have inevitably increased , Can you use this time to grow up at work ? For example, think more about whether the company's business can be streamlined , Where else can be optimized in the current product , Can we make an adjustment in the product architecture . Or whether my program can be refactored . All in all, don't let go of the time for your rapid growth .

So usually because of the lack of money 、 There are many reasons to leave , First put a question mark in your heart , Are you ready for the ability to get a high salary ?

Anyone who is experiencing the following points , I think it's time you thought about leaving , Don't wait a few years to understand , By then, the warm water will be boiling, and you will be ripe .

The following exhortation index is also the index you should strive for , I'm writing this to make you understand , If you want to get out of the current situation, you should start to double your efforts now .

1. Low end repetitive work

Just graduated, just started friends have no choice , Most of them go to companies that don't have much technology , There are also some star internet companies . The usual job is to simply repeat low-level labor , Modify the style , Do some web layout , Writing point js effect . This time, because of the limited range of technology mastered , Many basic knowledge reserves are insufficient, self-study is very slow , Ideally, enter a company or department with strong technical capability , The ability to learn at work will improve very quickly , If you're in this state of consumption right now, it's hard to change , I advise you to be bold .

Exhortation index :*****

2. I'm stable at the moment

Good company , Good colleagues , Good job, too . If you're new to the workplace , There is such a state at present , From my years of experience, maybe you need to change your state , Mencius said that he was born in trouble and died in ease , Zeng Guofan said that half of the world is “ There's excitement, there's pressure ” And become , Give yourself a little bit of crisis awareness , You can do better . There is no technical difficulty in work , The assigned tasks are easily accomplished , Sometimes it can help colleagues solve some technical difficulties , Watch the video after work , The cat with the cat 、 No cat play a few games . On the weekend, I'd like to invite some good friends to visit the mountains and play with water , It's very pleasant . It's very slow to grow up in a company where no one is forced or stimulated . Except for age, others may not change .

Exhortation index :*****

3. Less money, less work, closer to home

I want to work overtime in this kind of company , There is no the . Daily workload 1-2 Decimals are enough to complete , The rest of the time is to paddle fish or chat with colleagues , Waiting for work . Every day only rely on strong self-control to insist on learning to improve their programming ability . There are not many people in the company , Colleagues get along well , There are not too many rules and regulations , The boss is kind , Relatively free . It's not too much to think of this atmosphere as a greenhouse , It's really numbing and addictive over time . It will be more difficult to leave for a long time , Because there is still a big gap between this kind of company and the real workplace . Working for a few years in this cottage company ( The premise is that the company can survive ), Basically, your career is over .

Exhortation index :*****

4. As a small leader in the Technology Department of a small company

To be able to sit in a leadership position , Ability must be recognized in the current company , I have a lot of friends like this , Head of the technology department in a company of dozens of people , It's usually graduation 3,4 year , This stage is very embarrassing , I can't do better than I can , In a small company, it's the head that goes to the big company , At present, in the company to say a sentence can count, another company has to start from the basic staff , Psychologically, it's hard to accept , Let alone adapt to the current comfortable environment .

At this time, if the current company business is not competitive , There is no prospect for the development of the company , It's still a sunset industry , If you want to make a breakthrough , I want to go further in my ability , I suggest getting rid of the current environment , Try to be a company with strong technology .

Exhortation index :*****

5. Tradition + Internet company

General tradition + The Internet will be stable , There is a fixed customer base , The company can't hold on to , But I can't die of hunger , With not high or low wages , As long as you are diligent, you don't have to worry about unemployment for a short time , The most important content of daily work is to sort out the business logic of the company 、 Processing data , In terms of technology, it's ok if it's not energy efficient , The number of customers is limited , It's not about big data , There will be no high concurrency and cache applications . If you're in front of this kind of company , Technical choice jQuery+bootstrap, For project management, use a svn, The last one that's a little bit better git, Be steady , To mend , Run the project 3,5 It's not a problem at all .3,5 I may be mixed up with a little leader after two years , But it may also be abandoned by the times , Your skills are far from meeting the needs of Internet companies . How to choose at this time , You decide for yourself .

Exhortation index :*****


The above examples are from a few of my friends , Some of them have left , Some are considering leaving , Some don't want to leave yet .

Leaving a job is a difficult decision for anyone , Because you have to adapt to the new environment , New habits .

I'm not here to advise you to leave , I'm just reminding my friends who are still motivated , From another point of view, I advise you not to waste your energy in worthless companies , After all, the prime time of technicians is only a few years , If you miss it, you can't make up for it .

Come on! , To meet your future that will be dressed up .


I'm Li gulare , Today's headlines, front-end architects , Welcome to pay attention to , Technological life is so interesting .


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