Vue cli strongest Guide

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vue cli strongest guide

notes : This is the official website connection : , It is suggested that we should not only look but also think more about , The introduction here is the most complete and accurate .

①.vue-cli What is it? ?

vue-cli Also known as vue The scaffold ,( I find that the front end has never lost in naming ) The name is easy to understand . Baidu Encyclopedia's explanation of scaffolding is : Scaffolding is a work platform built to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process . In fact, infrastructure engineering and software engineering have many things in common , Many development ideas and management methods in software engineering are also introduced from infrastructure construction . On the front end vue I think it's very good to introduce the term scaffold into the frame . In addition, from Baidu Encyclopedia's explanation , You can guess roughly vue-cli What is used in the project .vue-cli It's a working platform , The development of this platform can be controlled efficiently , Make project development more up to standard , Even if many people develop at the same time, it can ensure that the code specification requirements are the same . stay vue-cli In this working platform , Multi person collaborative development is more efficient , The product manager doesn't have to worry about the incompatibility between the code I wrote and my partner . Because of these excellent frameworks, the front end also has the opportunity to experience engineering programming . In fact, I feel that the best part is project migration and backup . There is now a vue-cli Only one configuration file is required (package.json) and vue-cli You can build the same scaffold with a few commands in ( Work platform ) come out .

The premise is that you have to install vue-cli.

②.vue-cli install

Run the command :cnpm install -g vue-cli

vue-cli Before installing, make sure that you have installed it in your computer nodejs, as for nodejs And how to install it can refer to my last article : Walk into vue2.0 Grand View Garden .

If it's already installed nodejs, Enter your working directory ‘E:\WorkSpace\vue2.0-tutorial’, Open command window

Run the command :cnpm install –g vue-cli

cnpm Installation command :npm install -g cnpm --registry=

notes :cnpm It's the installation image of Taobao , It's going to be a lot faster in terms of speed

-g Global installation

vue-cli After installation , You can use vue Command to build a project platform .

③.vue-cli Build the project

Run the command :vue init webpack your-project

There's a strange thing mixed into this order :webpack,webpack What is it? ? Why is it vue It's going to appear in the order of webpack This instruction ?

Take a look at the official website :

It can be seen from the picture that , Script on the left 、 style 、 picture 、 surface 、 Resources and other documents go through webpack After that, it became a simple three categories of four files : style 、 Script 、 picture .

so,webpack The function of the project is to package the static resource files in the project , Sum up by category . after webpack After packaging, the file structure is clearer , Most importantly, it can be run directly in the browser . because webpack Has been integrated into vue-cli It's in , No need to install separately , however webpack4.X Later versions need to be installed webpack rely on ,

Run the command :cnpm install webpack webpack-cli -g

Enter the command :vue init -h

As you can see, there are two ways to build a project , The first one is the kind of , This built project is built using official templates , The second kind vue init username/repo my-porject It's using github On the template to build . Here we choose the first one .

The details of configuration information during project construction are as follows :

Project name : Project name , You can customize , Direct carriage return defaults to the item name specified in the instruction

Project description : Project description , You can also click enter directly , Use the default name

Author: author , You can specify that , You can also go straight back

Runtime + Compiler: recommended for most users

Run and compile , Now that I have said the recommendation , Just choose it

Runtime-only: about 6KB lighter min+gzip, but templates (or any Vue-specificHTML) are ONLY allowed in .vue files - render functions are required elsewhere

Run time only , If you already have a recommendation, choose the first one

Install vue-router? (Y/n)

Whether to install vue-router, This is the official route , Use... In most cases , Enter here “y” Back to the car .

Use ESLint to lint your code? (Y/n)

Whether to use ESLint Management code ,ESLint It's a code style management tool , The standard style and style used to unify , Here I have chosen “n” Not to install .

Setup unit tests with Karma + Mocha? (Y/n)

Unit test installed or not . I chose “n” Not to install .

Setup e2e tests with Nightwatch(Y/n)?

Whether to install e2e test . I chose “n” Not to install .


After the command is run , Enter the project directory and you will see many more files , The next step is to develop the project on this basis . It's much easier than creating folders and creating new files directly .

④.vue-cli Configuration explanation

After the completion of project construction, there is no need for additional configuration , Entering commands on the command line :cnpm run dev Start the project , Then you can open it in the browser .

But I also want to introduce some basic configuration here , In this way, we can have a preliminary understanding of the built project, such as configurable and operational .

use IDE Import the project you just built , What I'm using here is visual studio code, The function can meet the needs of daily development , The most important thing is free , Don't worry about the software expiration date. The whole network is searching for the registration code , This kind of pain used to crack the version will understand .

The project directory structure is shown in the figure below :

I've highlighted a few key points in the screenshot with red boxes , Look at what it's all about ?

config: This is the configuration center of the whole project , It's all global configuration .

dev.env.js: Variables used by the development environment

index.js: Configuration information of project operation , Like ports 、 File generation path 、 The directory where the resources are stored

prod.env.js: Variables used in the production environment


// index.js file

'use strict' // Enable strict mode
// Template version: 1.3.1
// see for documentation.
const path = require('path')
module.exports = {
dev: {
// Resource path
assetsSubDirectory: 'static', // Static resource file subdirectory
assetsPublicPath: '/', // Public static resource file
proxyTable: {}, // List of agents , When making cross domain requests
// Development environment configuration item
host: 'localhost', // The host address can be set to :localhost/*.*.*.*( This machine IP)
port: 8080, // You can customize , If the port is occupied, a new port will be enabled
autoOpenBrowser: false, // Whether to allow automatic browser opening
errorOverlay: true,
notifyOnErrors: true,
poll: false, //
* Source Maps
devtool: 'cheap-module-eval-source-map',
// If you have problems debugging vue-files in devtools,
// set this to false - it *may* help
cacheBusting: true,
cssSourceMap: true
build: {
// Home page address of production environment
index: path.resolve(__dirname, '../dist/index.html'),
// Production environment path
assetsRoot: path.resolve(__dirname, '../dist'),
assetsSubDirectory: 'static',
assetsPublicPath: '/',
* Source Maps
productionSourceMap: true, // Whether to generate map file
devtool: '#source-map',
// Gzip off by default as many popular static hosts such as
// Surge or Netlify already gzip all static assets for you.
// Before setting to `true`, make sure to:
// npm install --save-dev compression-webpack-plugin
productionGzip: false, // Whether to turn on file compression
productionGzipExtensions: ['js', 'css'], // Compressed file filtering
// Run the build command with an extra argument to
// View the bundle analyzer report after build finishes:
// `npm run build --report`
// Set to `true` or `false` to always turn it on or off
bundleAnalyzerReport: process.env.npm_config_report

⑤. Project compilation and packaging

Project installation completed , And it works , How to upload the project to the server next ? Can access our project files on the server , Is it to upload our entire project ? So I added a file , It's a bit of a crash to put the whole project on the server . If so ,vue There's no reason for a framework to exist .

How to do that ?

Next, I'll introduce another function , Project package , This is the installation webpack Why .

Run the command :cnpm run build

After running, a new folder will be generated :dist , The files in this are the static files that we need to upload to the service .

open dist Catalog , See if the file and directory structure inside is much cleaner , Here's a document that goes through webpack It is generated after packing , And above webpack Is it corresponding to each other .

⑥.vue-cli Use summary

The following is a summary of the scaffold functions used :

ask : In the use of vue-cli We used a couple of commands when ?

answer : Three .

1.cnpm install -g vue-cli (vue-cli install )

2.vue init webpack your-project ( The project build )

3.cnpm run build ( Project compilation and packaging )

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