After interviewing 100 front-end in 2019, you will know why you can only take 3K

Li gulare 2020-11-12 23:49:49
interviewing front-end end know 3k

What is an interview ? Interview is to save face for the interviewer , The interviewer will let you have a try .— Liguulare

Recently, the company's line of business has expanded , It needs to be supplemented 10 Several front-end developers , Middle and high-level ones all have , Before and after experience 1 More than a month , I interviewed Xiao 100 Front end developers , deep feeling , Now summarize the problems encountered . It's all a little problem , But it can have a big impact . By the way, remind the students who are still preparing for the interview , If you have something, you can change it. If you have nothing, you can encourage it .

I'm not targeting anyone , I mean, the following types of students may have some problems , Welcome to your seat .( Rank by severity )


Fake resume type

This is the most intolerable problem . Once I looked at a resume , There's a blog address on it , Follow the opening , Find the author's introduction

It's another person's blog . In this case , I can't see it's OK , I see it's direct pass, Never get into the interview .

The only way to solve this problem is to study hard , The ability comes up , Resume will enrich .

severity *****



When I interview, I usually start with the skills listed on my resume , Slowly deepen the difficulty . Some job seekers are just the opposite , The more questions you ask, the simpler , Finally, I started asking the website "2019 Front end interview book " There's a problem in , Still can't answer . It's all about the interview experience , The end result is that you have to go back and wait for the notice . If the strength is not good, it is also good to read the interview questions on the website several times before the interview .

severity *****


Arrogant attitude

I interviewed one with 8 Years of experience in front-end development , Hold your chest in your hands , Sit there with your legs up . Let me introduce myself , He said “ The resume says ”, Next, every time I ask a question, I build my mind for a few seconds , I'm really afraid that the master would beat the table on the spot and leave the table because of my low ability .

When interviewing, think of it as chatting with friends , If you think about it, it's likely to be a close colleague who gets together every day , It's longer than being with my wife , Be kind . Give the interviewer the impression of being easy to get along with , It's not bad for you .

severity *****


The doggerel type

The questions the interviewer asked , Nine out of ten know the answer . He said you were wrong , There's a good chance you're wrong , There's no need to emphasize that there's nothing wrong with it , I still insist on it “ I remember this ”. Do you want the interviewer to admit that he is wrong ?

At this point, you just need to answer “ Oh , Maybe I remember wrong , Go back and I'll check ” perhaps “ Please tell me the answer ”, Then it can be resolved smoothly .

severity *****


Self righteous

“ Have you studied any new technology recently ?”

“* Have you heard of it , Super easy to use , Big companies are using . You can study .”

“vue and react Which one uses more ?”

“ I only use vue,react It's impossible to get along with vue Than .”

“ Why? ?”

“ You can go back to the Internet and have a look , That's what they say .”

For this type of job seeker , I'll just give you one word “ Modesty benefits ”

severity *****


Don't dare to talk

There is only one sentence to answer the question .

Introduce yourself ?

My name is ***, Interview front end .

What technology has been used ?


What is the ?


anything else ?


Usually practice language expression ability , When you enter the workplace, you can't miss communication .

severity *****


Friend company type

Walk into the conference room , yo , There are two people . Only after confirmation did we know that one of them was a friend . Love, this friend who came to interview, you haven't grown up yet ? Of course, you can go to an interview with a friend , Ask your friend to wait downstairs during the interview , Go up by yourself . It's not a blind date , You also need your friends to help you to be brave or pass your eyes ?

severity *****


Dirty clothes

There's a stain on the sleeve , There's oil on the neckline , The hair is in locks and dandruff … Don't say the , Feel it for yourself , We all went through 9 Students in Compulsory Education , Didn't you learn to look neat at least ? As a technical student , Maybe I don't care too much about appearance , Usually take a bath , Change clothes frequently , Clean yourself up , I'm comfortable myself .

severity *****


Bad breath

I didn't want to ask this question , I'm afraid of personal attack . But there are so many interviews , Recognize that this is not a case in point , It's still necessary to make a reminder here .

The interview is usually in the conference room , It's very close to the interviewer . You open your mouth ! The interviewer is likely to want you to explode in situ , He lifted his ass and ran . Can he run ? He can't run ! He just wanted to finish the interview quickly , OK, go out and take a breath . You think the interviewer who's breathing hard , Are you still in the mood to introduce yourself ? The more you say , The more he wants you to leave .

so, Students with bad breath should have a gum when they start the interview , Or have a mouthwash . This is respect for yourself , It's also respect for others .

severity *****


Eloquent type

This type of job seeker is the opposite of the one who is afraid to speak . Let me introduce myself , I wish I could start with a few little red flowers in kindergarten . Let me introduce a question , To lead , be wide of the mark , give an irrelevant answer . Some may be really eloquent , But it's also important to say , Can extend , But the point is so far , Unless the interviewer wants to have a deep conversation with you .

Different people have different opinions on this issue , Wise men see wise men .

severity *****


Strange clothes type

I won't say much about it , Differ from man to man , But interviewing for technical positions …

It's better to dress simply and generously during the interview .

severity *****


These are the little details of life , Just a little snack before you come to the interview , It won't take a few minutes , Can give the interviewer a good first impression , Why not ?

Four years java Development , Four years of front end products . Today's headlines, front-end architects . Welcome to follow me , Technological life is so interesting .


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