Program debugging / function / event / operation BOM object of JavaScript series

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program debugging function event operation

JavaScript Program debugging of series / function / event / operation BOM object

01 Program debugging

JavaScript Can be debugged directly in the web page , The method steps are as follows :

  • Open the web page —> Right click to check —>sources—> Breaking point —> Refresh web page —> Start debugging

Chrome Developer tools provide a variety of debugging methods :

  • Stop breakpoint debugging
  • Step by step debugging
  • step out
  • Remove breakpoint

In addition to using developer tools , You can also use alert() Method step by step debugging .

02 function

  • The concept of function

    Be similar to Java The method in , Is a block of code statements to complete a specific task . When the code repeats regularly , You need to abstract the code into functions , The function itself only needs to be written once , But it can be called multiple times .JavaScript Not only “ First-class citizen ”, And it can be used like a variable , Very powerful abstract ability .

    JavaScript The use of functions in is very simple , You do not need to define a class , You can use it directly .

  • Classification of functions

    Functions can be divided into system functions and custom functions

    • Common system functions are :
      • parseInt(“ character string ”);// Convert string to integer
      • parseFloat(“ character string ”);// Convert string to floating point number
      • isNaN();// Used to check whether its parameter is a number

  • How to define a function
// How to define a function ( One )
function method( Parameters ){
// Method body ;
//return; not essential
// How to define a function ( Two )
var Variable name = function ( Parameters ) {
// Method body ;
//return; not essential
// matters needing attention : Two definitions are completely equivalent , The second way is to add one at the end of the function body according to the complete syntax ;, End of assignment statement .

  • Call function

    • When calling a function, you can pass in parameters in order .
    // matters needing attention :JavaScript Allow any parameter to be passed in without affecting the call , So there is no problem that there are more parameters passed in than defined , Even though these arguments are not required inside the function ; There are fewer parameters passed in than defined and no error will be reported , Returns the NaN.

  • Variable scope

    • If a variable is declared inside the function body , Then the scope of the variable is the whole function body , The variable cannot be referenced outside the function .
    • If two different functions declare the same variable , So this variable only works in its own function body .
    • JavaScript Functions of can be nested , here , Internal functions can access variables defined by external functions , Not vice versa .
    • JavaScript Functions of start from their own function definitions when looking for variables , from “ Inside ” towards “ Outside ” lookup . If the internal function defines a variable with the same name as the external function , The variables of the inner function will “ shielding ” Variables of external functions .
    • Variables that are not defined within any function have global scope .
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <body onload="second( )">
    var i=20;// Global variables
    function first( ){
    var i=5;
    for(var j=0;j<i;j++){
    function second( ){
    var t=prompt(" Enter a number ", "")
    //second() Using global variables in i=20
    first( );
  • Variable promotion mechanism

    JavaScript There is a feature of function definition of , It will scan the statements of the whole function body first , Put all declared variables “ promote ” To top of function , however JavaScript The engine only automatically promotes the declaration of variables , But it does not promote the assignment of variables . If the variable is called before a variable assignment statement , When the variable is executed, it is undefined type . So when we define variables within a function , To declare all variables inside a function first .

03 event

  • stay HTML Events can be added to tags , Events can be assigned , Call the function or method after the event is triggered. :
<input name="btn" type="button" value="button_name" onclick="method( )" />
  • There are several types of common events :
    • onload A page or an image is loaded
    • onlick Mouse click an object
    • onmouseover Mouse guide over an element
    • onkeydown A keyboard key is pressed
    • onchange Content of domain changed

04 operation BOM object

  • BOM: Browser object model ( Browser Object Model )

    • BOM Provides content independent , Object structure that can interact with browser windows .

    • window As a whole BOM At the heart of ,window Objects not only act as global scopes , And represents the browser window .

      window Objects have innerWidth and innerHeight attribute , You can get the inside width and height of the browser window . Inside width and height means removing the menu bar 、 The toolbar 、 After occupation elements such as border , Clear width and height used to display web pages .

    • BOM Realizable functions :

      • Pop up a new browser window
      • Move , Close and resize browser windows
      • Page forward , back off
        … …

  • Window object

    • Common properties :

      • history About the URL Information about
      //history Object holds the browser's history ,JavaScript You can call history Object's back() or forward (), It's equivalent to that the user clicks the browser's “ back off ” or “ Forward ” Button .
      // Be careful : This object belongs to the legacy object , For now , In any case , Neither should be used history This object .
      • location About the current URL Information about
      // Can pass location.href Get a complete URL
      // To get URL Value of each part , You can do this by
      location.protocol; // agreement; // The host address
      location.port; // Port number
      location.pathname; // Path name;
      // To load a new page , You can call location.assign(). If you want to reload the current page , call location.reload() The method is very convenient .
    • Common methods :

      prompt( );// Displays a dialog box that prompts for user input , Two parameters , Input Dialog , Used to prompt the user to enter some information , single
      blow “ Cancel ” Button to return null, single click “ determine ” Button to return the value entered by the user . Often used to gather user feedback on specific issues .
      alert( );// Display a warning box with a prompt and a OK button , One parameter , Show messages for warning dialog only , No return value , No changes can be made to the script
      confirm( );// Display a prompt message 、 Dialog for OK and Cancel buttons . One parameter , Confirmation dialog , Show message for prompt dialog 、“ determine ” Button and “ Cancel ” Button , single click “ determine ” Button back true, single click “ Cancel ” Button back false, Therefore, if-else Statement collocation .
      close( );// Close the browser window
      open( );// Open a new browser window , Load given URL Specified document
      setTimeout( );// Call the function or computing expression after the specified millisecond count.
      setInterval( );// According to the specified period ( In milliseconds ) To call a function or expression

  • Document object

    • Common properties :

      • referrer Returns the URL. Can pass document.referrer Returns the link from which to jump to the current page .

      • URL Returns the URL

    • Common methods :

      getElementById();// Return to have specified id Reference to the first object of
      getElementsByName() ;// Returns a collection of objects with the specified name
      getElementsByTagName();// Returns a collection of objects with the specified label name
      write();// Write text to document 、HTML Expression or JavaScript Code
    • Dynamic change layer / Content in Tags

      • We can go through document Provided get Related methods get a node or a group of nodes , And dynamically modify the contents of this node .
      document.getElementById("id_name").innerHTML=" Replaced text ";

  • Date object :

    stay JavaScript in ,Date Object to represent date and time .

    // Get the current time of the system
    var now = new Date();
    document.write(now); // Wed Jun 24 2015 19:49:22 GMT+0800 (CST)
    document.write(now.getFullYear()); // year
    document.write(now.getMonth()); // month , Note that the month range is 0~11
    document.write(now.getDate()); // Japan , What's the number
    document.write(now.getDay()); // week , Day of the week
    document.write(now.getHours()); // when , 24 hourly
    document.write(now.getMinutes()); // minute
    document.write(now.getSeconds()); // second
    document.write(now.getMilliseconds()); // Number of milliseconds
    document.write(now.getTime()); // With number Time stamp of formal representation
    • Case study : Making clock effect in web page
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    font-family: Microsoft YaHei ;
    font-size: 50px;
    <div id="time"></div>
    <input type="button" value="start" οnclick="startTime()">
    <input type="button" value="stop" οnclick="stopTime()">
    var myTime;
    function clock() {
    // Get system current time
    var now = new Date();
    var hh = now.getHours();
    var mm = now.getMinutes();
    var ss = now.getSeconds();
    document.getElementById("time").innerHTML =" The time is now :" + hh + ":" + mm + ":" + ss;
    function startTime() {
    myTime = setInterval("clock()",1000);
    function stopTime() {
    clearInterval(myTime);// clear setInterval() Back to ID value , Cancel now setInterval Implementation

  • Math object

    • Common methods :

      ceil();// Round up logarithm Such as Math.ceil(25.5); return 26
      floor();// The logarithm is rounded down Such as Math.floor(25.5); return 25
      round();// Round a number to the nearest number
      random();// return 0~1 Random number between contain 0 It doesn't contain 1
    • Example : The integer range returned by the implementation is 1~100

      var num = Math.floor(Math.random()*99+1)// random Include obtained 0 It doesn't contain 1 The random number


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