Heart piercing! Working for 10 years, less than 30% of those who earn more than 10000 a month laugh

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heart piercing working years earn

In recent days, , Issued by Tencent wealth management 《2019 Chinese salary report 》 Show , National work 10 Among the respondents over years , Less than 30% of the people with a monthly salary of over 10000 , Only for 22.44%.

Netizens shout “ The heart ”! I thought the salary would increase with the working experience year by year , To work 10 Year of “ old hand ” Level should be to the top of life , I didn't expect it was a small earth slope !

But the programmers laughed at the report , Fortunately, the salary of the Internet still ranks first .

Before that 26 Million programmers in the big survey report , Data show work Nearly ten years of programmers 40% The annual salary of 25-50 Between ten thousand .

These two reports have one thing in common that deserves attention : More than half are dissatisfied with their salaries .

50% Annual salary 200 Ten thousand dollar Apple employees are dissatisfied with their pay

Many programmers pay for themselves 10 ten thousand 、20 Wan's salary expressed dissatisfaction , But what you don't know , Annual salary 200 Ten thousand Apple employees are also dissatisfied with their salaries .

stay 2017 year , One is based on the U.S. listing 20 Statistics of employees' income of technology companies , Among them, apples 、Facebook、 Google's parent company is in the top three , The annual salary of the employees working in these three companies is more than 100 Thousands of dollars , Apple's per capita annual income is nearly 200 Thousands of dollars .

Do Apple employees go to work every day Happy? If according to one year 5*52 = 260 Working days calculation , Apple's daily salary reaches 7 Over a thousand dollars . Do many people think , If I go to a company like this , May not want to leave for a lifetime !

But Apple people don't think so .

In an anonymous report based on a salary satisfaction survey, it revealed that more than half of Apple people are dissatisfied with their current salary , Want to change jobs .

Why annual salary 10 Ten thousand people complain about their wages , Millions of people are complaining about their salaries ? There have been two major reasons why people are dissatisfied with their wages :

  • Pay more than gain , Feel like you're doing more and taking less ;

  • My ability is higher than the current salary value , Many people feel that they are in the current company “ Small talents make great use ” 了 .

Based on these two “ sin ”, How do we do that ?

The nature of pay

Many people are dissatisfied with the gap between their ability and their current salary , It is idealized to think that the salary and ability are a straight and direct diagonal line .

actually , It's a folded line : The ability you have is sometimes paid more than the market , Sometimes lower than the market , Rarely equal .

So as an ordinary professional , Can't we just sit and wait for the pay to go up ?

For us , You might as well set yourself a “ Limited and infinite games ”: James, Professor of New York University . Cass put forward a concept ,“ There are at least two kinds of games in the world , One is limited game , To win ; The other is infinite game , To continue the game .”

Classical in 《 transition 》 One book explains : Success is a limited game , Growth is infinite game ; Projects are limited games , Career is infinite game .

We need to realize , There are infinite games besides the limited games in front of us , Don't just focus on the immediate benefits , I want to increase my salary through short-term and rapid job hopping . Today, I saw that the salary of my former colleagues doubled after they jumped to a big company , Tomorrow, I will see the annual salary of the former leaders to start a business , I want to start my own business . So I just worked for a few years , resume “ Enrich ” We have to let go HR Look straight frown .

so to speak , Limited games are short-term benefits , And infinite games are the long-term benefits of sustainable development .

In the search for their own career development path , How should we pay attention to our “ Infinite game ” Well ?

Set goals , Make a little progress every day

Yu Minhong once joked :“ I'm most bothered by the fact that young people have no foundation at all , Set a goal for yourself , To be the next Ma Yun , He is not even as good-looking as Ma Yun .”

And he said :“ Even me , It's hard to see where it's going in the future, even five years from now , And the reason why I was able to get there , It has something to do with my willingness to make a little progress every day .

A lot of programmers have a common problem : Can add a lot of classes , But I seldom think about how to develop in the future ; Would be right “35 Elimination at the age of ” Some anxiety , But rarely pave the road . Worry about it today , After that, we should play games , The tiktok of the brush is tiktok. .

We are not willing to be ordinary and afraid to work hard . Nakajima Dun once said ,“ I dare not work hard to think about myself , I'm afraid I finally know that I'm not a pearl ; But there is a hope in my heart , He would not be willing to be with the rubble .”

And full of complaints seems to be the easiest , Blame the company for the problem , Blame the cold winter , Blame on “35 year ”, Simply come to “ My salary does not match my ability , Want to change jobs ”.

I still fall into this strange circle after job hopping .

When we need to look up at the road , We should also keep our heads down to make our way . Confirm your ideal goal , Split size target , Implement to the target of month and Sunday , More discipline , Less indulgence . As Yu Minhong said “ Make a little progress every day ”, To extend our career and salary “ Infinite game ”.

Finally, I'd like to send you a message :“ Life is a huge project , And each phase is a subproject lifecycle . At the next stage , Need to find the boot by 、 plan 、 perform 、 Monitor and close out to complete iterations and incremental fixes . Some people increase in belly wrinkles and age , Some people's increment is embodied in knowledge 、 Skills and talents .”

May you be the one behind you .

Mutual encouragement .

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