Is it hard to be a high paid web front-end programmer? It's not right. It's all in vain

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hard high paid web front-end

There are two kinds of front-end programmers I meet :

The first is always asking : How to learn the front end ?

The second kind always says : The front end is simple , It's just a little bit .

I've never heard anyone ask : How to be an excellent 、 Even excellent WEB Front end engineer .

Today, let's talk about how to be good web The front-end development , And how to get a high salary ?

What is a front end Engineer ?

Front end engineer , Also called Web Front-end development engineer . He is following web Development , A segmented industry .Web Front end development technology mainly includes three elements :HTML、CSS and JavaScript! The threshold of front-end development is very low , Compared with the slow learning curve of server-side language , The learning curve of front-end development is fast first and then slow .
HTML Not even a language , He's just a simple markup language !

CSS It's just a typeless style modifier . Of course, it can be regarded as a weak type language .

Javascript The basic part of is relatively easy , It's quick to get started .

That's why , There are many self-taught in front-end development field “ only ” My colleagues , But most people stay at the stage where they can use it , Because the learning curve behind is more and more steep , It's hard to go any further .

Web The front-end technology has some Jianghu spirit , Knowledge is too trivial , The game of technological values is also inseparable , That is, the knowledge structure of the overall system is not systematic , These factors also objectively affect “ The orthodox “ Precipitation of front-end technology ! And all kinds of “ Exotic curiosity-a solution looking ” Be abused , The inheritance of front-end technology knowledge is too general , It's hard for new people to see the situation clearly and grasp the primary and secondary . therefore , Front end technology , Find a reliable senior brother for yourself , It's more important than the project 、 The team 、 company 、 Even the salary .

On the other hand , As mentioned earlier , Front end development is a very new profession , Research into some of the norms and best practices is at the exploratory stage . There's always new inspiration and technology coming out from time to time , for example CSS sprite、 Negative margin layout 、 Grid layout, etc ; Various JavaScript Frameworks emerge in endlessly , For the entire front-end development field into a huge vitality ; Browser wars are getting hotter , Cross browser compatibility is still a myriad of options . In order to satisfy the “ High maintainability ” The need for , Need to go deeper 、 To master the front-end knowledge more systematically , In this way, it is possible to create a good front-end Architecture , Guarantee the quality of the code .

With the rapid development of handheld devices , Driven HTML5 The rapid development of industry standards .web Technology in the field , There are about 10 There's no big update in !

Now the market needs excellent 、 Senior front end Engineer .

On the one hand, it is a relatively new industry segment , And the front-end programmers are mostly self-taught , The structure of knowledge is not systematic ; On the other hand , There is no such course in the University , At this time, you can choose to go to training institutions for further study .

Wu Liang is in 《JavaScript Return of the king 》 The preface of the first one says : Most programmers think Javascript Too simple , It is only suitable for the fancy performance of some web pages , So I don't want to spend energy to study , Or think you can master it without learning .

actually , Is a language a scripting language , It's often her design goals that determine , Simplicity and complexity are not the criteria to distinguish between scripting and non scripting languages .

in fact , In scripting language ,Javascript A language of considerable complexity , His complexity is measured even in non script languages , It's also a very complicated language !Javascript The complexity of Perl and Python!

How to learn front-end knowledge

We live in a universe full of rules . Social order operates according to rules , Computer language is almost a collection of rules . Computer forerunners define rules , The rules bind us , We use rules to control data . Most of the time , Reasonable control of data , From your mastery of the rules .

Study HTML,CSS You should follow the book carefully first 、 Learn it well . And then a lot of practice , Do all kinds of routine 、 strange 、 Lots of layout exercises to tie up 、 Understand your knowledge .

And learning Javascript First of all, know what this language can do , Nothing to do , What good do , Not good at what !

If you just want to be a normal front-end programmer , You just need to remember most of Javascript function , Just do some exercises .

If you want to know more about Javascript, You need to understand Javascript Principle , Mechanism . Need to know their origin , Need a deep understanding of Javascript Based on the nature of the object 、 Behavior 、 characteristic .

For historical reasons ,Javascript Never been valued , It's kind of like being adopted ! So he has a lot of shortcomings , The behavior of each host environment is not uniform 、 Memory overflow problem 、 Problems such as inefficient implementation .

As a good front-end engineer, we need to know more about 、 And learn to deal with Javascript These defects of .

What conditions do high salary front-end development need to have ?

First , first-class Web Front end development engineers should have both breadth and depth in knowledge system ! Do these two things , It's hard . So it's hard for many big companies to recruit ideal front-end development engineers even if they pay high salaries . Technology is not black or white , Only right and wrong , And the skill is different .

In the past , A little bit Photoshop and Dreamweaver The operation of , You can make web pages . Now? , It's not enough to master these . No matter how difficult it is to develop , Or the way of development , Now the web page production is closer to the traditional website background development , So now it's no longer called webpage making , But is called Web The front-end development .

Web The role of front-end development in product development is becoming more and more important , And it needs professional front-end engineers to do well .

Web Front end development is a very special job , It covers a wide range of knowledge , There are specific technologies , There are abstract ideas . In short , Its main function is to better present the interface of the website to users .

secondly , first-class Web Front end development engineers should be able to learn quickly .Web It's developing very fast , It can even be said that these technologies are changing almost every day ! If you don't have the ability to learn quickly , Can't keep up with Web The pace of development . Front end engineers have to constantly improve themselves , Keep learning new technology 、 A new model ; It's impossible to adapt to the future just by relying on today's knowledge .Web Tomorrow and today will be very different , The job of front-end engineers is to figure out how to get through their own Web Applications to reflect this earth shaking change .

Speaking of this , I think of a master saying : For starters , New technology is new technology . For a master , New technology is just an extension of technology .
first-class web The front end meets the needs of four types of customers

1、 The product manager .

These are the people responsible for planning the application . They'll come up with a lot of fresh 、 strange 、 It's not even a practical application . Generally speaking , Product managers are all after rich functions .

2、UI The designer .

These people are responsible for visual design and interactive simulation of applications . They are concerned about what users are sensitive to 、 The consistency of interaction and the overall usability . Generally speaking ,UI The designer is fluent and beautiful 、 But it's not easy to implement the user interface , And they are often dissatisfied with front-end engineers 1px The error of the .

3、 project manager .**

These people are responsible for actually running and maintaining the application . The main focus of project management , No more than normal operation time 、 The time that the application is always available 、 Performance and deadlines . The goal of project managers is to keep things as simple as possible , And don't introduce new problems when upgrading updates .

4、 end user .

The main consumer of the app . Although front end engineers don't often deal with end users , But their feedback is crucial . What end users demand most is the functions that are useful to individuals , And the functions of competitive products .

Alibaba senior web The front end thinks that :

Front end engineer is one of the most complicated jobs in the field of computer science . Most traditional programming ideas are no longer applicable , In order to use in multiple platforms , A variety of technologies draw on a lot of soft science knowledge and ideas . To be an excellent front-end engineer, we need to have the professional technology , It involves a wide and complex field , These areas will become more complex as a result of the involvement of the parties you ultimately have to serve . Expertise may lead you into the door to becoming a front-end Engineer , But only the applications that you create with this technology and the ability to work with others , Will really make you good .

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