Before learning the web front end, you must understand the basic concepts

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learning web end understand basic

With the development of the Internet , The more systems the Internet has, the more , More and more messy , The user is not satisfied with the basic function demand , There is a growing demand for Internet experience , The interaction between the client and the server is not the interaction between the simple page and the page , And into pages and pages + Program + Data interaction , During this process, the program of interaction and experience with customers is Web The front end engineer did , At this time Web The front-end engineer is born , The more experience and interaction the user requires , The more disorderly the functions of the system ,Web The more important the role of front-end engineer is .

1 Front end jobs are saturated ?

With the popularity of the Internet and mobile terminals , The development of mushrooming Internet projects , The user's demand for user experience is increasing , The front-end engineer gradually becomes an indispensable role between the visual engineer and the back-end engineer , It is highly sought after and concerned by everyone .

With the development of front-end engineer position , In the near future , On the Internet, there are many comments about the job saturation of front-end engineers . Someone on the Internet complained that , There are too many front-end Engineers , Salary is too low , It's hard to find a job .

Are front-end jobs really saturated ? The answer, of course, is No .

in recent years , The heat of front-end posts has been in a steady and rising state . Through Baidu search index trend chart we can see , With HTML5 and ES6 Promotion of , from 2014 Since the beginning of , The front end has been on the rise 、 A state of normal fluctuation , There is no trend to drop the temperature .

Data sources : baidu index

Through the major recruitment websites, we can see , There is a large demand for front-end jobs , Pay is also rising , In particular, there is a large gap in senior front-end positions , There is no front-end job saturation .



Data sources : Pull hook net

2 Front end jobs are just needed

With the increasing demand of users for user experience , The complexity of the front end is also increasing . Traditional artists + The back-end engineer's working mode can't adapt to the increasingly complex front-end requirements . under these circumstances , The position of front-end engineer came into being , And gradually grow .

After the birth of front-end posts , Visual engineer 、 Front end engineer 、 The post division of back-end engineer is more clear , Post coordination can complete larger and more complex projects . The general form of division and cooperation among posts is shown in the figure below .

Visual engineer is liberated from the traditional art post page cutting work , More focus on the design of the visual part of the page , Make a lot of website color match reasonable now 、 The structure is clear 、 The other 、 The user experience has been greatly improved .

Back end engineers will be freed from the front end , More or complete focus on the implementation of business logic and data operations at the back end , Improve the efficiency of work, etc .

Front end engineer , It fills in the gap between visual engineers and back-end engineers , Work with both , Complete the implementation of the front-end part .

As the complexity of the front end increases , The position of front-end engineer will be just what the market needs , The demand is bound to increase . A good Web Front end development engineers should have breadth in knowledge system , There's also depth , So it's hard for many big companies to recruit ideal front-end development engineers even if they pay high salaries . So how to systematically learn the practical web Front end technology , For this purpose, a web Front end live learning button skirt ,web The front number is 767,web The number in the middle of the front end is 273,web The front end is 012, Just connect the numbers . Those who really want to learn can enter , Don't waste your time on soy sauce makers . Now the point is not to explain technology , It's more about explaining the skills . Technology is not black or white , Only right and wrong , And the skill is different .

3 The current situation of front-end engineers

The heat of the front end rises steadily 、 There is a great demand for jobs 、 Just need again , Why would anyone complain that front-end jobs are saturated ?

Front end entry is relatively easy , Many people read some tutorials on the Internet , Read a few books , Will use HTML and CSS Cut the picture and use the plug-in to achieve some similar effects , I think I'm a good front-end engineer . But , A lot of people may just be in a quasi junior front-end development engineer , Even the level of entry-level front-end development engineer , It's normal that it's hard to find a job .

For rookies , The market is always saturated .

The opposite of the cold job search for entry-level front-end development engineers is , Excellent front-end engineer with solid basic knowledge and perfect architecture , Especially the senior front-end engineer , It's relatively easy to find a job , The market gap is large , Pay is also relatively high .

4. The knowledge system of front-end Engineers

Excellent front-end engineers only have solid basic knowledge and perfect architecture , In order to be flexible in practical work to solve practical problems , Write high quality code .

With the rapid development of front-end technology , More and more knowledge is involved in the front-end field . Basic knowledge of 、 Engineering knowledge 、 Knowledge such as the use of frameworks and tools is scattered on the Internet , The flowers are getting more and more attractive . Actually , For front end Engineers ,HTML、CSS、JavaScript It is the most basic and important knowledge system .

The front-end job responsibilities mainly include two parts: page making and interactive implementation .

  • Page making , Mainly from HTML and CSS Technology to achieve the static display effect of the page .

  • Interactive implementation , Mainly from JavaScript Technology to achieve page interaction . The interaction mainly includes the interaction between the user and the page ( from DOM Technical realization ) And browser and server data interaction ( Usually by Ajax And so on ).

On the basis of mastering the basic modules , Front end engineers also have to keep learning 、 Understand the advanced knowledge and skills of the front end , Keep improving your ability . for example , Page structure 、 Mobile page development 、 Single page system 、 Front-end engineering 、 Knowledge of various frameworks and tools .

5 Advanced learning for front end Engineers

A joke : A front-end engineer and a back-end engineer , They worked together to develop a project . After the project , Back end engineers boast to their friends . His friend looked at it and asked him , What do you do on the page . Back end engineer helplessly said , I didn't do anything you saw .

After reading this joke, do you think the front-end posts have a sense of achievement ? Of course , Our front-end is also very grateful to the back-end for providing strong data support for the front-end .

If you're interested in the front end , Want to get to the front end , Or you've stumbled off the front road for a while , In fact, the most important thing is to find the right guide , Can learn systematically from the beginning , No detours , This is the most efficient 、 The quickest shortcut !

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