What is a web front end? The efficient learning route recommended by Daniel reduces the time by 2 times

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web end efficient learning route

at present , In the mobile Internet industry, it is hot 、 The momentum is strong Web The front-end development . And in 2019 In the recruitment season of ,Web Front end developers are in short supply , about 0 Foundation wants to be partners in the Internet industry ,Web The front end will be the most appropriate entry programming language . And according to the later career development plan , Just get started Web front end , Three to five years in the workplace , Basically, they can be at the director level .

therefore , There are a lot of partners who either want to get into Web Front end development industry , Or the job is not ideal , I want to change my career Web The front-end development . that , Why do so many people want to learn Web Front end development ?

What is? web front end ?

Web front end , It is mainly used to develop the user can browse and use through the browser Web Page . generally speaking , The contents involved mainly include W3C Medium HTML、CSS and JavaScript These three aspects .

HTML+CSS: That is the skeleton and appearance of the website , Including the interface of Zhihu that you see , A piece of writing , A picture , It's all one HTML Elements , As for the size of the font , What color , Where to put it , This is called CSS, stay HTML5 in ,CSS It also makes the elements move , rotate , jumping , As long as you want to ;

Javascript: Simply put, it's the brain of the page , Add the data from the back end to the web page , Or let the elements move , Or change the page CSS, Or operation HTML Elements and so on . Of course , These are the most basic practices , As a front end , Also need to consider JS Performance of , Maintainable , The degree of scalability and so on ;

But with the development of the front end , The content involved in front-end development is certainly not limited to these three aspects . By analyzing the essence of these three levels, we can see that , These three levels respectively involve Web The structure of the page 、Web The appearance of visual performance as well as Web Level of interaction .

thus , in the final analysis ,Web Front end and Web Front end development can be said to be aimed at Web Structure 、 Behavior and performance to develop accordingly , It can also be said that , Front end development is mainly to do Web End structure 、 Behavior and performance .

Web What does the front end learn ?

web Front end learning is a process from easy to difficult , There are three main elements :HTML、CSS and JavaScript, This requires the front-end development engineer not only to master the basic Web Front end development technology , Website performance optimization 、SEO And server-side Fundamentals , In addition, we should learn to use various tools for auxiliary development and theoretical knowledge , Include code maintainability 、 Ease of use of components 、 Hierarchical semantic template and browser hierarchical support .

Web In the later stage of front-end development, you should understand some front-end frameworks , Such as nodejs、Angualrjs、 also bootstrap etc. , as well as ued User experience , Background development also need to understand some .

See here , Find out web The front end has to learn too much , Want to join web The students in the front-end industry should grasp the pace and start , Whether you have some basic knowledge , Or zero basis Xiaobai , It doesn't matter , As long as you want to learn , Just waiting for you , Just believe in yourself , I'm sure I can learn !

About learning web Front end misunderstandings and learning suggestions :

1. Just look at the tutorial , No fighting

This can be said to be the biggest taboo of learning , It is also one of the most frequently reminded notes ! There are a lot of online tutorials , Every language , Each knowledge point , It's all about ,javascript,html5,css3 Wait a little bit , A random search is a bunch of , After all, one of the biggest advantages of the Internet is resource sharing ! But a lot of people just look at the tutorial , Don't do it . Even if the blog tutorial , Video tutorial is better , Don't do it yourself , Write code , This way of learning , The memory is not deep at all , Easy to forget , In the end , Maybe I didn't learn anything ! And there are some tutorials , If you don't follow the practice , It could be covered in circles .

Personal advice : Choose the course that suits you , We also need to practice , Write code . Even if you don't read the tutorial and write code ! After reading the tutorial , Be sure to do it yourself ! In the process , There may be some problems , But only in this way can we learn more , Memory is also stronger !

2. Just learn frames or libraries

This situation , in the light of javascript It's not as serious as it used to be , In the past, it was still jquery When you are proud of others . A lot of people will say : With jquery, Why do you have to learn js? With vue, Why do you have to learn js? In the face of such questions , I didn't answer back then , In mind :jquery perhaps vue Just use js Realized , Can't js, learn jquery perhaps vue First, it's hard to learn , Second learning jquery perhaps vue It's not going to be very deep . and , In case sometimes , Projects are not allowed to use jquery perhaps vue, Then you can't write code . Now , If you learn other frameworks or libraries , It's almost like learning a language again .

Personal advice : Let's start with the basics (html+css+js) Hold fast , Learn about other frameworks or libraries . Although in the meeting js Under the circumstances , I don't dare say to learn js The framework or library is to look up documents , check API. But at least learn js Frameworks or libraries can be less demanding !

3. Just write code

This is my previous habit , Just write code , I do not know! : coupling , Instantiation , Inheritance and so on , Communicate with others , Infinite cover ! I don't know what people are talking about ! The speed of Internet technology update is very fast , Release a framework every three to five , A library , A tool . Not every new technology needs to be learned . But if you just write code , Don't understand the new technology . It's easy to stop yourself , Losing competitiveness .

Personal advice : In addition to writing code , Make sure you understand the code , Do you have an understanding of the code . And pay more attention to the news , See if there are any technical updates ! If you think the new technology is practical , Or you're interested in , We can learn more about ! After all, the Internet is an old one , Learn an old field , The technology is changing fast , If you can't keep up with the trend , Maybe I will be eliminated !

4. Too early on complex projects

This situation , Quite common , Whether it's in school or in training institutions now . A lot of people at the front end of learning , The foundation is not solid , That's where they threatened to do a big project , I hear that some people want to know , Some people want to be century Jiayuan and other great goals ! But all of us don't even know the business process and logic of the website , In the end, the more chaos , Gave up ! Before the great goal has become a unfinished building , At best, it's a code exercise ! It took a lot of time , Did something that didn't make a lot of practical sense !

Personal advice : From simple to complex , Complex websites , There are many simple modules . Start with simple functions , After finishing a function, add functions to it ! That's what I'm in right now , Developed background management system , It's been developing for months , From an employee only login function , Then add functions one by one , Until now, the project has been gradually improved !

5. reach for what is beyond one 's grasp , be anxious for success

This situation is often seen in the training institutions out of the people . I don't know if all cities are like this , But here in Guangzhou , That's how it feels to me . The goal is unrealistic , I don't know myself enough ! When I was chatting in groups before , During the period of Jin San Yin si , A lot of people are looking for jobs , When chatting, I also met many people from training institutions . The resume is all kinds of proficient , Just graduated and trained in a training institution for a few months , Or bring two or three years of work experience , Or it means that I have trained for a few months , The technical level is similar to that of the people in the market for two or three years . In short, it is to blow yourself into omnipotence ! But as soon as a question is raised , I don't know . Ask what closure is , I do not know! ; Ask what the prototype is , I do not know! . Ask what inheritance is , Still don't know .

Above mentioned , It's just a superficial phenomenon , More importantly , It's a situation where you're aiming too high , It's likely to make it hard for you to find a job ! Because some enterprises think that the highest can only give you 4000 Wages , But you think you have the strength to get 9000 The salary above . Such situation , It's hard to find a job ! It doesn't make a good impression either ! what's more , This may affect your career choice !

Personal advice : Proceed from reality , Evaluate yourself . Think about what you will , What can be brought to the enterprise ! You can also stop other people's suggestions , And compare other people's skills and wages , Or look for some interview questions online , See if you can complete those interview questions ! Finally, evaluate yourself , Where do you think you are ! One will be confused in learning , Running out of steam . Here I recommend my front-end learning exchange autumn skirt 767273012 , It's all learning front end , If you want to make cool web pages , Want to learn programming . I made a copy of it myself 2019 The most comprehensive front-end learning materials , From the most basic HTML+CSS+JS【 Cool special effects , game , Plug in encapsulation , Design patterns 】 To mobile HTML5 The learning materials of the project and actual combat have been sorted out , To every front-end partner , Want to learn web Front-end , Or change careers , Or college students , And those who want to improve their abilities at work , You are welcome to join us .

6. When you see the difficulty, you run away from it

This point , I believe many people have feelings , In terms of development , Meet one or several requirements or functions that you don't think you can achieve . Try every means to escape , such as : This function is not very important , You can't do it ? I've never done this before , It can't be done . Let's outsource this function to others , We can't ! A lot of evasive words . You can think about , If every time it's evasion , So for a long time , Is your technical level still at the basic stage ? How to improve your technical level in the future .

Personal advice : Grasped the nettle . stay web Front end development , If you have a problem, it's normal , If you don't have a problem, it's a ghost ! In the face of difficulties , We should be challenging the problem , Not to escape ! Everyone wants to improve their skills , The challenge is not a good opportunity to improve the level of technology ? If you complete a problem that was previously considered impossible , This is a witness to the improvement of technical level ! isn't it? ? I feel the same way , Write simple business code every day , Don't explore new knowledge , Don't challenge the problem , It doesn't mean much to develop in this way !

7. Just use it. , Don't want to optimize

This is also a very common situation , A lot of people think it's OK to write code that works , If you can meet the requirements ! It doesn't care about future optimization . On development projects or plug-ins , Although I also advocate : To achieve , And then optimize this way ! But it doesn't mean I'm finished with it , No more optimization ! If you don't try to optimize your code , Don't explore better ways to write code , Don't talk about writing high quality in the future , Simple code , Because I write high quality learning , An important way for concise code is blocked . The other one is , On the project , Some of the problems may be potentially , It's just that there's nothing wrong with the project now , But it doesn't mean that there will be no problems in the future . Instead, after the project is developed , Try to optimize your own code , Explore better ways to do it , Try to write high quality , Simple code . Isn't this a good learning process ? As for how to optimize the code , Numerous ( For example, it is often said that : The code is too repetitive , Whether to introduce design patterns ? Website performance is average , Can we optimize ?), Optimize this piece , It doesn't mean to optimize to the best in one step , It's not worse than before ! About optimization , I've also posted some resources before . Easy to find , There are a lot of resources on the Internet ! Let's take a look at it !

8. If you don't know, don't ask and ask immediately if you don't understand

Don't ask if you don't understand , Everybody knows that , It's a problem , Never ask colleagues or consult others in other ways . It's just that I'm there thinking about it , Try various solutions . The way , The worst thing is that you can't solve the problem in the end , Let colleagues ask about the development . The best result is that the problem is solved , But it will take a lot of time to solve the problem .

If you don't understand, ask immediately , This is the meaning of the word . If you have a problem, ask someone immediately . I don't think much or don't think at all . This will solve the problem , But this may lead to frequent questions from colleagues , Will make colleagues very impatient . If the patience of colleagues is worn out , Maybe the tone of the answer may not be very good . This not only affects the relationship between colleagues , I can't ask my colleagues again , There is a risk of putting yourself in the position of not knowing what is said above .

Personal advice : Ask for advice at the right time . I have problems that I don't understand , First of all, think about it with context , Think about whether you have encountered this problem before , You can't find a solution online , If it's not solved yet , Ask someone else at this time , Ask colleagues or ask others through other channels . In this way, I have my own thinking , I have a deep memory when I solve problems , I don't disturb my colleagues frequently !

9. Don't know, pretend to know

This one is similar to the one above , But it's not the same ! Pretending to understand is to ask others , In fact, other people's explanations are not fully understood , Maybe it's because of face or because I'm sorry to disturb others for so long , Or worry about disturbing people for too long , So pretend to understand . But this may be a trick for a while , It's going to show up soon . This will make you ask the same question every other time , This will make others more embarrassed , More difficult ! I will disturb others more time !

Personal advice : If you have a question, ask someone else , As long as the person you ask is not a very impatient person . He will answer your questions patiently ! therefore , When you ask people questions , Make sure you understand the cause of the problem , Colleagues didn't explain clearly again , I don't understand directly , I believe many people will explain it in detail again . If you are worried about your colleagues' busy work or other reasons , You can pick the right time ! Now I ask my colleagues that is , Or don't ask , If you want to ask, just cut the bottom ! Yes, of course , My colleagues are very patient , Every time I have a problem , They will all patiently answer , It's even expanded to say !

10. Write code without understanding the requirements

A lot of people, after receiving the demand , The first reaction is to write code , Write code even before you understand the requirements . Another situation is , A lot of people are writing code , Thinking about the need . This development method , In case you have a wrong understanding of the requirements ! May lead to your own code , A lot of it has to be changed , Even delete and rewrite all of them . Write code without understanding the requirements , The probability of occurrence should be quite high , But in general, it's hard to find out , After all, it's normal for programmers to add, delete, and modify code ! I don't know myself , It's in a technology sharing , The boss put forward , His advice is for slightly more complex requirements , First, make clear the needs , Just draw a flow chart , And then in the code , Let's start with a little note , Start writing code again ! For this point , I'm in the middle of execution right now ! Unless the requirements are really simple , Otherwise, I would simply draw a flow chart in the draft book . Like this one down here , This is a relatively simple one in my flow chart . According to the flow chart , Write notes , Write code again , It will be more organized , The code is clear, too , Future rework may also have , But not as much as before ! In terms of development time , Efficiency , Got a promotion !

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