Web front end learning begins

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web end learning begins

“ For programmers , If one day he stops studying , Then his career began to die .” It's not some kind of scaremongering , It's what a big bull told me a few years ago , His creed .

Five years have passed , I have also become a veteran from the chicken , I always keep the habit of learning , Daniel's words have been lingering in my mind , lingering . In my five-year career , Except for new year and golden week , Learn to program for three hours every day to ensure that you can fully improve yourself . On the one hand, because of the persistence and love of the front end , On the other hand, they are afraid of being left behind in the front-end ecosystem .

As a front-end programmer , In the short years when the front end was on fire, the technology update iteration was very fast , It's not just the new frameworks that are numerous ,Vue,React,Angular Take turns , Various tools , plug-in unit , There's a lot of Ku, too , Even the basic JavaScript Grammar is constantly updated every year . Facing the rapid development trend of the front end , Not learning is actually a kind of retrogression in disguise .

I was in the early stage of accumulation of knowledge to lay the foundation , Build your own front-end knowledge system , When the skill tree is almost lit up , I started to pay close attention to the frontier , If you come up with a new technology, you'll find out , It won't be in a hurry when you use it . For me, , Learning is a lesson that must be done every day just like eating and sleeping , I think , It's the same for other front-end programmers .

Is it anti human to learn this thing

So I want to emphasize the importance of learning , It's just because it's not easy for most people to learn actively . I'm so tired at work , Why don't you let go of yourself after work ? I'm good enough to , Why do you have to learn ?

I can only tell you that , Learning is good but not bad , You can feel the flow of code writing in a short time ,BUG less , It's also helpful for promotion in the long run , For job hopping , Prepare for a pay rise . For ordinary people , The way to keep yourself competitive is to keep learning .

It's a lucky thing to be in the Internet industry , It's not as conservative as any other industry , The degree of knowledge sharing among programmers is very high , The open source spirit is respected by countless programmers . Very lucky , We're part of it .

I mentioned above that I have been studying for a long time , Take this as my creed , From my personal experience , Hold on to it , It's not supposed to be forcing yourself to learn every day , But find a way to fit yourself . As a programmer , The way we usually think of is to read books , file , Source code , Watch the instructional video .

There are many ways , The key is to choose a way that suits you . Here's some experience :

Reading books
characteristic : Books and documents , In particular, most books need to be read word by word , If the explanation is more in-depth , Or cover every detail , Maybe I can't understand it for a long time .

Suits the crowd : I have a solid foundation in computer science , More free time , I like to be able to go deep into the underlying technical details to explore the mysteries when learning each technology .

recommend : Nicholas · Zekas wrote 《JavaScript Advanced programming 》, Yes JavaScript The concept of all aspects of the detailed description , Layers of depth , The details are as follows , It is a book worth studying in front of us .

But a lot of this book is very deep into the bottom , If for JavaScript Not skilled enough to use , Or you can't invest a lot of time studying it in detail , It's hard to master and understand these knowledge points . Therefore, I still suggest that after the accumulation of certain knowledge and skills , And eat these again “ Hard vegetable ”.

Watch Video
characteristic : Teaching video is usually a video or live broadcast recorded by a technology guru to explain the technology , It's more vivid than books , The expression is more straightforward and easy to understand , And in the process of explanation , By the way, you can learn how to understand programming .

Suits the crowd : The computer foundation is not very solid , There is little free time , If you want to master a skill you want to know quickly under the guidance of Daniel , Teaching video is definitely a good choice .

recommend : When choosing courses , I will focus on whether the theme of the course has enough depth , Is the style of the teacher's lecture interesting , Change numerous for brief , Can be very good to help me learn these challenging content .

The benefits of video learning are not just time saving , It can also help you quickly stand on a higher level , Can chew down obscure and difficult books faster , Get to know more of the underlying principles faster . A good Web Front end development engineers should have breadth in knowledge system , There's also depth , So it's hard for many big companies to recruit ideal front-end development engineers even if they pay high salaries . So how to systematically learn the practical web Front end technology , For this purpose, a web Front live class learning buckle skirt ,web The front number is 491 ,web The number in the middle of the front end is four ,web The front end is 389 , Just connect the numbers . Those who really want to learn can enter , Don't waste your time on soy sauce makers . Now the point is not to explain technology , It's more about explaining the skills . Technology is not black or white , Only right and wrong , And the skill is different .

Learn the source code

characteristic : Code is always boring to read , Especially the code written by others , It's easy to get lost in the sea of code by looking at the source code directly . The code written by the great God is even more difficult to read , There are too many advanced usages you can't understand ,hack Writing is more confusing .

Suits the crowd : This learning method is recommended to students with good code foundation

recommend : What I usually do is to GitHub Search for the name of the project to see , Clone it and go through the history of submission , Not only can you see the history of iterative evolution of projects , It is also a process of deepening along the evolution of the project . Reading the source code is a spiritual dialogue with the great God , Close to the code quality and level of God , I believe that in the long run, it will certainly be a subtle positive impact .

Why do we try our best to learn efficiently , The ultimate goal is to improve yourself , Apply what you have learned to your work , For life, for dream . Learn more about principles , Better encoding , Better coding skills , Can reduce BUG Number of , Improve work efficiency .

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