Why is front-end development so unstable?

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front-end end development unstable

We all have this experience : It's time to learn technology , At the same time, there will be several new front-end technologies . also , The kind of front-end technology you choose , Maybe it's out of date . However, we never seem to pay attention to why .

The typical explanation seems to be web Developers are naturally impatient , Always pursue the most cutting-edge technology , Follow the fashion . in general : It's unwise for the entire developer community to change front-end technology so fast ( And your unwise behavior depends entirely on factors beyond your control ).

Whether or not the real reason is this , Front end development does have such problems .

How unstable front-end development is ?

Before exploring the cause , It is necessary to verify whether the problem is true . Whether the front-end technology really changes so fast ?

Think about it Github The one with the most asterisks JavaScript Front end technology list :

| Library | Stars | Released | Age |
| React | 96986 | March 2015 | 3 years |
| Vue | 95727 | October 2015 | 2.5 years |
| Angular (1) | 58531 | October 2010 | 7.5 years |
| jQuery | 49061 | August 2006 | 11 years |
| Angular (2+) | 36665 | December 2015 | 2.5 years |
| Backbone | 27194 | October 2010 | 7.5 years |
| Polymer | 19668 | May 2015 | 3 years |
| Ember | 19003 | December 2011 | 6.5 years |
| Aurelia | 10506 | June 2016 | 2 years |
| Knockout | 8894 | July 2010 | 8 years |

Shortest 2.5 It's not that long - Less than half the iteration cycle of a traditional desktop system , That's enough to say . So what's the reason for this rapid , Even unsustainable change ?


The cause of this problem may be React. As a powerful tool , It needs a lot of auxiliary modules and support libraries , And that's where the problem arises .React The community is a big micro library architecture organization , The application consists of many independent single functions JavaScript Library composition , The architecture is a tribute to Unix philosophy .

The advantage of this architecture is that , With the emergence of new practices , It's easy to adjust , This is for fast innovation ( As in the past few years ) It makes sense . The disadvantage is that it increases the scope of the change , And it requires a lot of scrutiny .

That's my central point :JavaScript The problem is not language , The Internet or any other specific technology , It's that the chosen architecture doesn't keep developers up to date .

NPM problem

modern JavaScript The biggest asset is NPM. It provides a lot of modules , Can meet the specific needs of anyone , But it's hard to filter and make decisions . Which libraries are really supported ? Which libraries function correctly ? Which are not malicious Libraries ? JavaScript The only real reference standard for developers is popularity - Number of downloads and star Number - This accelerates the spread of the library .

Of course , There are other ways to validate Libraries : Can pass Github Question read and search StackOverflow. You can do some tests , Even check the source code yourself . But it takes a lot of time .

This is a JavaScript The weakness of developers . As an interviewer , I often ask the interviewer how to choose the technology , But answers often disappoint me , Because popularity is almost always the only criterion for choosing a library . Software engineering is, at least in part, research work , We need to develop the research ability of junior programmers . But even if it did , These possibilities will still be with them .

Imagine being a junior developer

Think of yourself as a junior to intermediate JavaScript developer , Write a new application for the first time .

From completely blank , It makes things simple . You are very Buddhist , So start by choosing a simple framework . That sounds good ( It's also your only choice ).

As a quasi system, it doesn't work , So the task of choosing a secondary library falls on your shoulders . If you're doing front-end work , It may be Redux And API Requested Library . If it's the back end , It may be Express Middleware .

And then you start searching for , One of the search results came from Medium( Translation notes : Bokee.com ) The blog recommends X.js. The author of this blog is X, But she never made it clear that this particular conflict of interest .Medium It's the same for all blogs on , So we can never use popularity as our reference standard .

You missed and pointed out X.js In response to some important deficiencies in , because Medium In deliberately ignoring . And then continue to search , Found out Y.js.

This time you're in Twitter Find a link on - Over a hundred likes ! This should be trustworthy , After all, so many people are themselves " Check " 了 . You've got a "like" in your thanks , And then it jumps to Github Link to .

But not so fast . This link is too old - The library is now obsolete . You can see that ,DEPRECATED The word is everywhere , It's very eye-catching .

Y.js yes “ object-oriented ” Of . You think it's a good thing , A faint recollection of ComSci The first year was about Smalltalk And something about messaging . But obviously it's very bad .

Another article Medium The blog on is trying to explain why , Although the reasoning is a little fuzzy , And packaging in terms you don't know . Later it turned out that , The term was invented by the author of the blog , The authoritative reference links in this article are also from his own blog .

What's worse is , The post says , Even in JavaScript It was mentioned in the interview that OOP It's going to make you totally unemployed ! You're lost now . thankfully - There's him $ 50 The dollar JavaScript web Development courses . You're glad to find such a good resource , Wrote down the link , And I like it .

therefore , You will turn to Z.js, This library has more star, The documentation doesn't seem to be very useful . Although it lists a lot of ways , But how to actually use ? At least see that it uses a type called “ standard JS” Things that are , You think it's related to ECMA The standards committee is concerned with ? Not really .

But how to avoid these holes ? Who's going to help you avoid the pit ? Senior developers are also learning . We're all involved in the pursuit of the latest technology , In the whirlpool of catching up with the tide , Just to keep up to date and keep jobs .

therefore , You've taken what seems to be the most reliable standard :Github project star most . That's why JavaScript Development is affected by the drift .

A good Web Front end development engineers should have breadth in knowledge system , There's also depth , So it's hard for many big companies to recruit ideal front-end development engineers even if they pay high salaries . So how to systematically learn the practical web Front end technology , For this purpose, a web Front live class learning buckle skirt ,web The front number is 491 ,web The number in the middle of the front end is four ,web The front end is 389 , Just connect the numbers . Those who really want to learn can enter , Don't waste your time on soy sauce makers . Now the point is not to explain technology , It's more about explaining the skills . Technology is not black or white , Only right and wrong , And the skill is different .

What to do ?

Like most complainants , I just want to express my dissatisfaction , Instead of solving them . But I have some ideas :

alert Medium

Medium It's a little difficult to distinguish authoritative content on . Blogs used to allow good writers to create their own visual themes , Help visitors identify sources that have helped them before .

Beware of self promotion

In the past few years ,JavaScript There's radical self marketing in the world , This may be due to the rise of paid online training materials and as Github Celebrity jobs 、 Consulting advantages .

I don't have any problems with good content , But there are also a lot of dishonesty : Self quoting , Invention terms ( for example ’Standard.js’)

Consider a non microlibrary Architecture

Try to provide a large area of functionality , And you don't need a lot of plug-ins to improve productivity frameworks to start your project - This will immediately reduce the scope of the change . This is my right to Vue.js One of the reasons for great interest . You can also change React As part of a starter kit or larger framework , Such as Next.

Don't over satisfy unreasonable needs

The only person who needs to know the details of the entire company's technology stack is the freelance contractor , They get a decent salary to complete the project . otherwise , Most employers don't need you to be up to date React The details of the . therefore , Avoid the requirement to learn everything : Most of them are useless .

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