What is a good resume of a front-end development engineer?

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good resume front-end end development

A resume is more than a resume , It's important to show the ability !!!

In Ali all year round recruitment , Sift through all kinds of resumes , Every recruitment season , Screen resume 、 The interview process is very energy consuming , Of course , One of the reasons is that I want to recruit very good people , I'd rather spend more time , On the other hand , Except for those unqualified resumes , There are many resumes that are vague , I have to confirm it again and again in the electrical plane , At the same time, in order to balance the feelings of the candidates , I want to act professional and interact with him , Often there are a lot of people screened out of this section , It took up a lot of my time . In order to improve the resume of this part of the people through ( interview ) The efficiency of , Make a few suggestions :

First of all , You must sign your resume

After the recruitment information of the recruitment season is sent out , Email will receive a lot of resumes , Most of the email titles and attachments are not signed . Resume evaluation + After the electric plane , Not every resume will write a complete evaluation input system , Especially some uncertain resume , Want to Hold once , Wait until you're done with it all before you look at it , But when review These resumes are , What you see from the mailing list is often like this :

I don't remember whose resume was put in the email , Go through the attachments one by one ( There are plenty of them PDF, There are plenty of them Word, There are plenty of them HTML, Some are simply a zip, There is a website , Some simply paste their resume in the body of the email ...) To comment on the original writing , Very time consuming , It's very inefficient . Even if you finally turn to the resume you're looking for , It's been greatly reduced . therefore , If you recommend your resume , Be sure to put it in the email header 、 Write clearly in the name of the file attached to your resume , who 、 What position to apply for 、 Suggested hierarchy ( primary 、 Senior 、 Experts ), Anyway, I don't have to rename it after I download the attachment .

second , There must be word or pdf The resume of the document

Now a lot of people's resumes go online , Or is it HTML Of , It's hard for me to handle this kind of resume . Ali's internal recruitment system supports word and pdf The format supports the best , When I entered the system , After uploading the attachment, many fields are directly read out by the system ,HTML Your resume is the worst , After passing the attachment, I have to fill in the attachment by hand one by one , There's no point in spending energy on it , And from my experience , One page HTML Resume source code can show the thing is really limited , After all, we don't recruit junior students now (P5 And the following ) The front end , therefore word and pdf The carrier of the format is enough , Focus on the content of your resume .

Third , The resume should show the bright spot , There is the best work

Front end technology is also very differentiated now , If not strictly divided , Yes NodeJS、H5、Hybrid、 Architecture and business research and development , Now there are a lot of libraries and specifications , But the difficulty of each branch 、 The technical baseline is similar to ( For example, it takes almost the same time to reach senior level ), So it's good to be a generalist , It's a little too hard to be human in every direction , But at least one direction needs to be very precise and deep . So you should highlight this advantage in your resume . In fact, 90% of the resumes have “ Skill ” It's almost the same part , They almost list the technologies used in the front end , Meaningless occupation of the golden section of your resume .

therefore , Since the whole stack is not easy , It's better to highlight and thicken the language or technology that you are good at , During the interview, I just bypass the others , From this “ Highlight bold ” Part to do some technical research , To guide the interviewer to ask what you are good at , It's better for you to develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses .

How to do it in general ? Look at the work ! If you are good at Node, Just look at it. NPM Module submitted on ,install Come down and demonstrate , Talk about the core code . If it's a component , Just look directly Demo, Talk about design and packaging ideas . If it's a set of scaffolding tools , Draw the architecture directly , Talk about principles and scenarios . If it's a project , It would be show I'll take you as PM The hair Release mail ! The work is more than that , It can also be technology patents 、 design scheme 、 A successful case study 、 Successful League building cases, etc , As long as the content is substantial and grounded , Brief pulse ( Can be code 、 It can also be one thing ) Clear ,show In the process of the two eyes shining, spitting, stars flying , It's right to have this feeling . therefore , The resume should include these reserved works properly , Prepare for an interview .

Fourth , To the point , Show your ability

It's hard for a person who can't work now , It's hard to find someone who can solve the problem . Especially business research and development like Ali , We need to get the demand from the business side , We should also be alert to the demand trap , Identify rigid requirements accurately , Out plan , Push execution ,Release result . therefore , The skills needed to deal with each of these steps , It's better to show it in your resume . Specifically, when describing each project , It's not just about the background 、 The process , And the results you bring to this project . For example, describe a project like this :

What have I done XX Project to reconstruct , It was used XX Technical solution , Overcome XX The difficulty of , Finally let XX This kind of requirement change can be quickly digested , Rapid development 、 Fast on-line 、 And data collection has been standardized , R & D costs are greatly reduced , Data accumulation is growing rapidly , such as XX , Last in XX Start to promote in the product line .

During the interview , This kind of description can easily lead to targeted topics to talk about , And it's because of these things in your resume , You can save a lot of time in person , Make judgments faster . A good Web Front end development engineers should have breadth in knowledge system , There's also depth , So it's hard for many big companies to recruit ideal front-end development engineers even if they pay high salaries . So how to systematically learn the practical web Front end technology , For this purpose, a web Front live class learning buckle skirt ,web The front number is 491 ,web The number in the middle of the front end is four ,web The front end is 389 , Just connect the numbers . Those who really want to learn can enter , Don't waste your time on soy sauce makers . Now the point is not to explain technology , It's more about explaining the skills . Technology is not black or white , Only right and wrong , And the skill is different

by comparison , This is not a good description :

XX Front end research and development of the project , It was used AngluarJS, The whole project is done independently , Including the whole Boss System acceptance charges 、 retail 、 PHS group SMS 、 Cable TV charges 、 Sales Clerk / Office checkout module .

This description conveys only one message , You used it AngularJS. As for how many kinds of technology selection we were faced with , How to make a choice AngluarJS, How these system modules are based on AngularJS Coupling , Is there any front-end architecture involved ,AngularJS How deep is it used , What is the division of labor among project members , How to develop in parallel ? What problems do you think are valuable , And in view of this puts forward the solution , Code solution or organization solution ? This process depends on the interview time question and answer for most of the day to understand , I can't ask , Basically, I'm skipping . If it's expressed in your resume , There's a lot in my mind , Face to face talk will not be a drag , The evaluation of ability will be very high .

One more , Many people have the habit of blogging and summarizing , This habit is very good , If a summary can be combined with a project done in your resume , That's better. .

The fifth , All green Github Submit the record

Enclosed in your resume Github, It's better to submit the record. It's green , If you get into Github The home page just wants to open a list of items , Find projects to read , If you see the kind of long maintenance 、Readme It's clearly written 、 Seriously write “ Reprinted with reference to ”, Basically grab the phone and start talking , It's basically not bad .

The sixth , Other concerns and no concerns

Focus on : The reason for leaving each job change , Quantifiable results of work , Projects that represent your highest level should be written in detail , Red and bold underline , Emphasize it in your resume .

Don't focus on : certificate 、 Four or six levels 、 Understand the programming language ( Don't write if you are not proficient )、 What are you not good at 、 Personal profile .

The seventh , Typical problems

Some questions about technology are sure to be asked , In addition, everyone in the interview will ask :

  1. Which project makes you most satisfied 、 Represents your highest level ? How to do it ?

  2. The one that impresses you most ( technology ) difficulty , You've been doing this for a long time , How to solve the problem in the end , What do you have in mind ?

  3. One of the longest projects you've ever worked on ( Or products ), What problems do you see with this project , What can you do ?

  4. What can you bring to our team or product ?

These questions are not rigid , It mainly depends on whether you think about something else besides technology , Especially in Ali a lot of BU Based on the formation of the basic form of the product , Try and error 、 innovation 、 Efficiency improvement 、 Chch 、 Find a way , In this case , Only have ( Complete the rigid demand ) Technical capability is far from enough , And it needs dialectical execution .


Of course , These are suggestions , Whether you think it's useful or not , Stick to one principle , That's it “ A resume is more than a resume ( What have you done ), It's important to show the ability ( What can you do well )!!!”

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