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Summary of front-end knowledge points ——JS Basics

1.javascript summary ( understand )

1. What is? javascript

javascript Referred to as js, Is a kind of operation in js Interpreter / The scripting language in the engine
js Operating environment :
1. Independently installed js Interpreter (node)
2. Embedded in the browser kernel js Interpreter

2.js History of development

1.1992 year Nombas The company has developed a scripting language for itself SciptEase
2.1995 year Netscape( netscape ) Developed a script language LiveScrpt, Later it changed its name javascript
3.1996 year Microsoft stay IE3.0 Clone in version javascript,JScript
4.1997 year ,javascript Submit to ECMA( European Federation of computer manufacturers ). Definition ECMAScript, abbreviation ES5,ES6

3.js Part of the

1. The core (ECMAScript)
2.DOM (Document object model) Document object model
3.BOM (Browser object model) Browser object model

4.js Characteristics

1. The syntax is similar to c,java
2. No need to compile , from js The interpreter runs directly
3. Weak type language
4. Object oriented

2.JavaScript Basic grammar of

1. Use javascript

1. Build an operating environment
1. Independently installed JS Interpreter -NodeJS
1. In the command line interface : Input node
console.log(" Hello , The world ");
In the console printout
explain :js Can be independent in js Run in interpreter
2. Use the embedded in the browser kernel js Interpreter
The browser kernel is responsible for rendering the content of the page , It's made up of two parts :
Content typesetting engine - analysis :HTML/CSS
Script interpretation engine - analysis :javascript
1. Directly in Console( Console ) Enter the script in and run
2. take js The script is embedded in HTML Page execution
1.html Element is executed in the event of the js Script
event -onclick- What to do when the mouse clicks
2. stay <script> Script and execute
Anywhere on the web page , Embed a pair of <script> Mark , And write the script in <script> In the mark .
3. Using external script files (.js For the suffix )
1. Create script file (.js) And write scripts in the file
2. Reference script files in the web page you are using
<script src=" Script file url"></script>
3.js debugging ,F12 Error checking , Errors do not affect other code blocks , The subsequent code continues to execute .
/* This script is wrong */
document.writ("<h3> Zhou Zhiruo </h3>");
/* Carry on */
console.log(" Mother in law of Jinhua ");
3. By grammatical norms
1. sentence : The smallest unit that can be executed
Must be ; end
Strictly size sensitive
All symbols must be in English
2. notes :
// : Single-line comments
/**/: Multiline comment

3. Variables and constants

1. Variable declarations

1. Declare variables
var Variable name ;
2. Assign values to variables
Variable name = value ;
3. Declared variables are assigned directly
var Variable name = value ;
var uname=" zhang wuji ";
var age=20;
Be careful :
1. Multiple statements are allowed in a statement , Separate variable names with commas .
var uname=" Han Meimei ",uage=20;
2. If you declare a variable , But not assigned , The default value is undefined
3. When you declare a variable, it doesn't apply var, But it is not recommended.

2. Specification of variable names

1. It's not allowed to start with a number
2. Keywords and reserved keywords are not allowed
3. It's better to see the name and the meaning
var uname; var uage;
4. Allow letters , Numbers , Underline (_),$
var $name="Tom";
5. Try to use the little hump nomenclature
var userName;
var uname;
var _uname;// Underline
var user_name;// Underline
var UserName;// The name of the great hump

4. Use of variables

1. Declared variable not assigned , The value is defaults to undefined
2. Using undeclared variables Report errors
3. Assignment operation
The variable name appears in = Left side , They are all assignment operations
var uname=" Sister Lin ";
4. Value operation
As long as the variable doesn't appear in = Left side , They are all value operations
var uage=30;
var num1=uage;

5. Constant

1. What is constant
In the program , Data that cannot be modified once declared is a constant .
2. grammar
const Constant names = value ;
Constant names are in the program , Usually in capitals .
const PI=3.1415926;

5.1 data type

1. The role of data types

 Specifies the space occupied by data in memory
10.1 64 position 8 Bytes
bit: position
8bit=1byte byte

2. Data type details

1. There are two types of data
The original type ( Basic types )
Reference type
1. The original type
1.Number type
Numeric type
effect : Can be said 32 An integer , It can also express 64 Floating point number of bits ( decimal )
Integers :
1. Decimal system
2. octal
from 0-7 Eight figures make up , Every eight enters one.
In octal, it takes 0 Start
var num=010;
3. Hexadecimal
from 0-9 and A-f form , Every 16 to one
In hexadecimal, it is in 0X Start
Floating point numbers : Also known as decimal
Decimal point counting :12.58
Exponential counting :3.4e3(3.4*10 Of 3 Power )
2.String type
String type
effect : Represents a series of text character data , Such as : full name , Gender , address ...
Every character in the string , It's all by Unicode Code characters , Punctuation and numbers make up .
Unicode code : Each character has a unique code in the computer to represent the character ,
The code is unicode code ( He's hexadecimal )
1. Look for a character unicode code :
" Li ".charCodeAt();
//10 Binary output
" Li ".charCodeAt().toString(2);
// Binary output
" Li ".charCodeAt().toString(16);
// Hexadecimal
Li's unicode Code is :674e
2. How to integrate 674e Convert to Chinese characters ?
use \u
var str="\u674e";
console.log(str);// The result is “ Li ”
Chinese characters Unicode Code range :
3. Special characters need escape characters
\n: Line break
\t: tabs ( Indent )
\": "
\': '
\\: \
3.Boolean type
Boolean type
effect : To represent a true or false result in a program
Value :
true or false
var isBig=true;
var isRun=false;
When you're involved in mathematical operations ,true Can be taken as 1 Do calculations ,false Can be regarded as 0 Do calculations .
var res=25+true; // The result is 26
4.Undefined type
effect : Indicates that the data used does not exist
Undefined Type has only one value , namely undefined When the declared variable is not assigned a value ( uninitialized ) when ,
The default value of this variable is undefined.
5.Null type
null Used to represent nonexistent objects .
Null Type has only one value , namely null, If the function or method is to return an object ,
The object was not found , Back to you null.

5.2 Conversion of data types

1. Implicit ( Automatically ) transformation
Different types of data are automatically converted in the calculation process
1. Numbers + character string : The number is converted to a string
var num=15;
var str="Hello";
var res=num+str; // result :15Hello
2. Numbers + Boolean : Convert Boolean to number true=1,false=0
var num1=10;
var isSun=true;
var res1=num1+isSun;// result :11
3. character string + Boolean : Convert Boolean to string
var str1="Hello";
var isSun1=true;
var res2=str1+isSun1;// result :Hellotrue
4. Boolean + Boolean : Convert Boolean to number
var isSun2=true;
var isSun3=flase;
var res=isSun2+isSun3;// result 1
2. Coercive transformation - Conversion function
Convert any type of data to a string
grammar :
var num= Variable .toString();
var num=15;
var str=num.toString();
Convert any type of data to an integer
If the conversion is not successful , The result is NaN(Not a Number)
grammar :var result=parseInt( data );
Convert any type of data to decimal
If the conversion is not successful , The result is NaN
grammar :var result=parseFloat( data );
Convert any type of data to Number type
Be careful : If it contains illegal characters , Then return to NaN
grammar :var result=Number( data );

6. Operators and expressions

1. What is an expression

 An expression made up of operators connecting operands is an expression .
var x=y=40
Any expression will have results .

2. Operator

1. Arithmetic operator
++: Self increasing operation , Only do +1 operation
++ before : First of all, increase by yourself , Re operation ;
++ After : Calculate first , Since the increase again ;
var num=5;
console.log(num++);// Print 5, Turn into 6
console.log(++num);// Turn into 7, Print 7
var num=5;
5 (6)6 6(7) (8)8
var res=num+ ++num +num++ + ++num +num++ +num;
8(9) 9
result :42
2. Relational operator ( Compare )
>,<,>=,<=,==,===( Congruence ),!=,!==( Incongruence )
The result of relational operations :boolean type (true,false)
problem :
1. 5 > "10" result :false
Both ends of a relational operator , As long as one is number Words , The other is implicitly converted to number type , Then compare .
2."5">"1 0" result :true
"5".charCodeAt(); //53
"1".charCodeAt(); //49
" Zhang Sanfeng " > " zhang wuji " result :false
19977 > 26080
3."3a" > 10 result :false
Be careful :
NaN When comparing with any data , The result is false.
console.log("3a">10); false
console.log("3a"==10); false
console.log("3a"<10); false
isNaN() function :
grammar :isNaN( data );
effect : Determine whether the specified data is non numeric , If it's not a number , The return value is true, If it is a number, the returned value is false
console.log(isNaN("3")); //false
console.log(isNaN("3a")); //ture
3. Logical operators
!: Take the opposite
&&: also , The two conditions of association are true, The result of the entire expression is true
||: perhaps , Two conditions of Association , As long as there is a condition for true, The result of the whole expression is true
Short-circuit logic :
Short-circuit logic &&:
When the first condition is false when , The result of the whole expression is false, There's no need to judge the second condition
If the first condition is true, Will continue to judge or execute the second condition
Short-circuit logic ||:
When the first condition is true when , No subsequent expressions are executed , The overall result is true.
When the first condition is false when , Continue with the second condition or operation .
4. An operator
To move right is to make the number smaller , To move left is to increase the number
&: Bitwise AND , Judge parity
Any number and 1 Do bit by bit with , The result is 1, Then it is an odd number , The result is 0, It's an even number .
var num=323;
var result=num & 1
console.log(result); // The result is 1
|: Press bit or , Rounding decimals
Combine any decimal with 0 Do bit by bit or , The result is the integral part .
^: Bitwise XOR , Used to exchange two numbers
Binary digits , Compare bit by bit , The difference is 1, For the same 0
5. Assignment operator and extended assignment operator
1. The assignment operation =
var uname="TOM";
2. Extended assignment operators
a=a+1 a+=1;a++;++a
6. Conditions ( Three orders ) Operator
Monocular ( An order ) Operator , Only one operand or expression is required
ex: a++,b--,!isRun
Binocular ( binary ) Operator , Two operands or expressions are required
Three orders ( Three yuan ) Operator , Three operands or expressions are required
Conditional expression ? expression 1: expression 2;
First determine the value of the conditional expression ,
If the condition is true, Then execute the expression 1 The operation of
If the condition is false, Then execute the expression 2 The operation of
ex: Results are greater than 60 pass , otherwise , Output failed
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7. function -function

1. What is a function

 function ,function, Also known as method (method)
Function is a pre-defined section , And code blocks that can be repeatedly executed .
predefined : Define in advance , Not immediately .
Code block : Can contain multiple executable statements
Repeat : Allow to be called multiple times
function - function

2. Define and use functions

1. Declaration and call of ordinary functions ( No parameter, no return value )
1. Statement
function Function name (){
// The body of the function
Several executable statements
2. Call function
In any javascript Pass through in legal place Function name (); Call function .
2. Declaration and call of function with parameters
1. Statement
function Function name ( parameter list ){
// The body of the function
parameter list : It can be stated that 0 Or multiple parameters , Multiple parameters are separated by commas
When you declare a function , Declared parameters , be called “ Shape parameter ”
2. call
Function name ( Parameter value list );
Be careful : When you call a function , The value of the parameter passed , be called “ Actual parameters ”.
Try to call the function in the form of declaration
3. Function declaration and call with return value
1. Statement
function Function name ( Parameters ){
// The body of the function
return value ;
//return keyword , The program encountered return key word , And immediately jump out and take the value out
Be careful : Only one value can be returned at most
2. call
Allows you to use a variable to receive the return value of a function
var result= Function name ( Actual parameters );

8. Scope

1. What is scope
A scope represents the accessible range of a variable or function .
JS There are two kinds of scopes in :
1. Function scope
Only valid within the scope of a function
2. Global scope
Any location of the code is valid

2. Variables in the scope of a function

 Also known as local variables , Only valid in declared functions
function test(){
var num=10;

3. Variables in the global scope

 Also known as global variables , Once declared , It can be used anywhere
1. be not in function Variables declared in , Is a global variable
2. Declare variables without using var, No matter where it is declared , It's all global variables ( Not recommended )
Be careful :
When global and local variables conflict , Local variables are preferred .
3. Variable declaration ahead of time
1. What is declaration ahead of time
stay JS Before the formal implementation of the procedure ,function Declared function ,
Will bring all var Declared variables , All Preview ( Statement ) To the top of the scope , But the assignment remains in place .

9. Pass by value

1. What is passing by value

 original ( basic ) Data of type (number,string,bool), In parameter passing ,
This is the “ Value passed ” The way to pass the reference .
Value passed : When actually passing parameters , It's actually passing a copy of the value ( Copy out a value ),
Instead of the original value .

2. The scope of the function

1. Divided into two
1. Local function
In a certain function Function declared in .
2. Global function
In the outermost layer (<script> in ) The defined function is a global function , Once a global function is defined ,
It can be called anywhere .

10.ECMAScript Provides a set of global functions


URL:uniform resource locator route
URI:uniform resource Identifier
effect : Code the uniform resource identifier , And returns the encoded string
So called coding , It is to make the multi byte text in the address into single byte text
( English numbers : Single byte , Chinese characters 2-3 Byte ranges )


 effect : For coded URI decode , And return the decoded string .


 stay encodeURI On the basis of , Allows encoding of special symbols .


 Decoding special symbols


 effect : Execute... As a string js Code
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11. Recursively call

recursive : Call yourself again inside a function
problem :

seek 5!(5*4*3*2*1) 4!(4*3*2*1) 3!(3*2*1)
2!(2*1) 1!(1*1)
Through a function , Ask for numbers n The factorial
efficiency :
Before the end of this call , Start the next call , This call will be suspended ,
Until all calls are completed , Will return in turn , The more times it's called , The less efficient .

12. Branching structure

1.if structure

if( Conditions ){
Sentence block ;
Be careful :
The conditions are as follows boolean Of , If not boolean, The following situations will be regarded as false Handle
Be careful :if After {} It can be omitted , But not recommended , Just control if The first sentence after .

2.if…else… structure

 grammar :
if( Conditions ){
Sentence block
Sentence block

3.if…else if…else…

 grammar :
if( Conditions 1){
Sentence block 1
}else if( Conditions 2){
Sentence block 2
}else if( Conditions 3){
Sentence block 3
Sentence block n


1. effect :( Use occasion )
Equivalent judgment
2. grammar
1.switch( value / expression ){
case value 1:
Sentence block 1;
break;// end switch structure , Optional
case value 2:
Sentence block 2;
Sentence block n;
2. Special Usage
When performing the same operation :
switch( value / expression ){
case value 1:
case value 2:
case value 3:
Sentence block ;

12. Loop structure

1. characteristic

1. The loop condition : The beginning and end of the cycle
2. Cyclic operation : The same or similar statement to execute

2. loop -while

 grammar :
while( Conditions ){
// The loop body - Cyclic operation
// Update loop conditions

3. Loop flow control

effect : Terminate the entire cycle
effect : Terminate the operation of this cycle , Continue with next cycle
Loop to enter information from the pop-up box , And print , Until input exit until .

4. loop -do…while

1. grammar
// The loop body
}while( Conditions );
Execute the process :
1. Execute the loop first
2. And then judge the cyclic condition
If the condition is true , Then continue to execute the loop body
If the condition is false , Then jump out of the loop operation

5. loop -for

 grammar :
for( expression 1; expression 2; expression 3){
// Cyclic operation
expression 1: Statement of loop conditions
expression 2: Judgment of cyclic conditions
expression 3: Update loop variables
Execute the process :
1. Execute expression first 1
2. Judging expressions 2 Result (boolean type )
3. If 2 Condition is true , Then execute the loop body , Otherwise quit
4. After executing the loop body , Then execute the expression 3
5. Judging expressions 2 Result
ex: for(var i=1;i<=10;i++){
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13.for Special use of

1.for( expression 1; expression 2; expression 3;){}

1. Omit expression
Three expressions can be omitted at will , Semicolons can't save
But be sure to complete the expression inside or outside the loop
2. expression 1 And expressions 3 Allow multiple expressions to be written , Separate expressions with commas

14. A nested loop

1. A nested loop

 Inside a loop , There's another cycle
for(var i=1;i<100;i++){ // The outer loop
for(var j=1;j<=10;j++){
// Inner circulation
Go through the outer circle once , The inner circle goes round

15. Array

1. What is an array

 Save multiple data in a variable .
Arrays are arranged in line order - Linear structure
Array : Except for the first element , Each element has a direct " Precursor elements ".
Array : Except for the last element , Each element has one that will be direct " Subsequent elements ".

2. Declaration array

1. grammar
1.var Array name =[];
var names=[];
2.var Array name =[ Elements 1, Elements 2, Elements 3...];
var names=[" The Monkey King "," Pig eight quit "," The sand monk "];
3.var Array name =new Array();
var names=new Array();
4.var Array name =new Array( Elements 1, Elements 2...);
var names=new Array(" Lin daiyu "," Jia Baoyu "," Wang Xifeng ");

3. Use of arrays

1. Value and assignment operations
Value :
Array name [ Subscript ]
var newArr=["tom","lilei"];
assignment :
Array name [ Subscript ]= value ;
newArr[2]=" Han Meimei ";
2. Gets the length of the array
The length of the array : The number of elements in the array
attribute :length
grammar : Array name .length
3. With the cycle , Traversal of each element in an array
for(var i=0;i<names.length;i++){
i: Represents the subscript of each element in the array
names[i]: Every element
length Indicates the subscript of the element to be inserted in the array
var names=["tom","lili","lucy"];

16. Associative array

1. Associative array
An array with a string as the subscript of an element , It's an associative array .
An array with numbers as subscripts , It's an index array .
2.js The associative array in the
var array=[];
array[" String subscript "]= value ;
Be careful :
1. In the associative array , The contents of the string subscript are not recorded length Medium
2. Only through character string Do the subscript value
Iterate through the string subscripts in any array as well as Index subscript
grammar :for(var Variable in Array name ){
// Variable : String subscript or Index subscript

17. Bubble sort

1. What is bubbling
One of the sorting algorithms , Sort a set of data , Small numbers go forward , Big numbers go to the back .
Comparing the two , The small one is at the front .
var arr=[9,23,6,78,45]; 5 Number Than 4 round
The first round : Comparison of the 4 Time
The second round : Comparison of the 3 Time
The third round : Comparison of the 2 Time
The fourth round : Comparison of the 1 Time
1.n A digital , Then compare n-1 round
for(var i=1;i<arr.length;i++)
2. The number of rounds increased , There are fewer comparisons
for(var j=0;j<arr.length-i;j++)
The first round 5 -1=4 Time
The second round 5 -2=3 Time
The third round 5 -3=2 Time
The fourth round 5 -4=1 Time
Comparing the two The small one is at the front

18. A common method for arrays


 effect : Convert an array to a string , And return the converted result .
grammar : var str= Array objects .toString();


 effect : Connect the elements of an array together with the specified characters , And return the connected string
grammar :var str= Array objects .join(" character ");


 effect : Splicing two or more arrays , And return the result after splicing
grammar :var res= Array objects .concat( Array 1, Array 2,...);
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19. Array functions


 effect : Truncation subarray , From the specified array , Cut several consecutive elements to form a new array
grammar :var arr= Array name .slice(start,[end]);
start: From which subscript position to start to intercept , The value is positive , From front to back ;
The value is negative , From back to front 0 1 2
var arr=[" China "," The United States "," Russia "];
-3 -2 -1
end: Specifies the subscript at the end position ( Don't include yourself ), This parameter can be omitted ,
If omitted , It's from strat It's been intercepted all the way to the end .


 effect : Allow from specified array , Delete some elements , At the same time, add some elements
grammar :arr.splice(start,count,e1,e2...);
start: Specifies the starting subscript for adding or deleting elements
count: Specify the number of elements to delete , The value is 0 Means not to delete
e1: New elements to add , Can be more
Return value : Returns an array of deleted elements


 effect : Invert an array
grammar : Array name .reverse();
Be careful : This function changes the contents of the current array


 effect : Sort , By default, it is based on the array elements of Unicode Code in ascending order .
grammar : Array name .sort();
special :
Allow custom sort functions , So as to realize the ascending or descending order of numbers
var arr=[12,6,4,115,78];
// Sorting function ( Ascending )
function sortAsc(a,b){
return a-b;
principle :
1. Specify the number of sorting rows sortAsc, Define two parameters a and b, Represents two adjacent numbers in the array
2. Assign a sort function to an array sort() function , Array will automatically pass data to sortAsc() in ,
If sortAsc() The return value of >0, The position of the two numbers is interactive , Otherwise unchanged .
Use the function to complete the ascending sort :
function(a,b){ // Anonymous functions
return a-b;

20. In and out of stack operations

JS According to the standard “ Stack operation ” To access the array
be-all “ Stack operation ” The characteristics of “ Last in, first out ”

 Push , Add the specified element to the top of the stack , And return the length of the new array
var arr=[10,20,30];
// Add new data to the top of the stack 40
var len=arr.push(40); //4


 Out of the stack , Delete ( Delete top of stack data ) And return to delete element
Be careful : Change the original array


 Delete array header ( first ) And return to delete element
grammar : Array name .shift();


 At the head of the array ( first ) The location of the element , Add elements , It returns the length of the array .
grammar : Array name .unshift( Added data );

3. Two dimensional array
1. What is a two-dimensional array

 An element in an array is an array again , It can also be called : Array of arrays .
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2. The use of two-dimensional arrays

var names=[
[" The Monkey King "," Pig eight quit "," The sand monk "],
[" Big Joe "," Little Joe "," Cao Cao "],
[" Lin daiyu "," Jia Baoyu "," Xue Baochai "]
// Printout “ Little Joe ”
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