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Summary of front-end knowledge points ——HTML

HTML:HTML4.01 It means web technology
HTML5:HTML4.01 Updated version of

1.web Basic knowledge of

web And Internet
1.Internet: A global computer network , The Internet , Internet , Interactive network
2. Provide services

 Visit website :www(world wide web) service
Email: Email service
BBS: Bulletin boards , Commonly known as Forum
FTP: File upload and download
telenet: Remote login

3.Internet On the application

1.C/S Program
C:Client client
S:Server Server side
representative :QQ, WeChat , Network game
2.B/S Program
B:Browser browser
S:server The server
representative : Website


web: Running on the Internet One of the above B/S Structured applications , Commonly known as the website .
w3c:( World wide web consortium )
w3c: To develop web The technical specification
web How it works :
Based on browser and server and communication protocol to achieve information transmission and display .
1. Communication protocol
It standardizes how data is delivered and packaged
2. The server
1. function
1. Storage web Information , And provide the program running environment
2. Receive and respond to user requests
3. It has certain safety functions
2. Server products
3. Server technology
3. browser
function :
1. Proxy user (UA:user agent) Submit a request
2. Display web pages graphically
3. As HTML and JS Interpreter
Browser products :
Browser technology :

2.HTML Quick start

1. What is? HTML?

HTML:Hyper Text Markup Language
Hypertext markup language
Plain text a: English first character
Hypertext a: Hyperlinks
Plain text b: The second character in English
Hypertext b: In bold
language: Language , It has its own grammatical structure
characteristic :
1. With .html or .htm For the suffix
2. Executed by browser resolution
3. You can nest scripting languages (javascript)
4. Mark with angle brackets

2.HTML Basic grammar of

1. Mark
The mark is also known as " Elements ", or " label ", In the web page , It mainly shows some functions .
Mark when used , Must use <> Cover up
Mark categories :
1. Closed type
It's also called double labeling
grammar :
< Mark > Content </ Mark >
ex:<a> Baidu </a>
<b> In bold </b>
Be careful : There must be a beginning and an end .
2. Open type
Also known as single marker
grammar :< Mark > or < Mark />
ex:<img> or <img/>
<br> or <br/>
2. Tag nesting
1. What is nesting ?
There is another pair of... In one pair of markers ( individual ) Mark , So as to form a layer of functions .
2. grammar
< Mark >
< Mark >
< Mark />
</ Mark >
</ Mark >
<b> This is the demo text </b>
<a><b> This is the demo text </b></a> correct , Not recommended
<a><b>dfdsfsdfs</a></b> error
Be careful :
1. Wrap indent , If it is a double marker, it must appear in pairs
3. Elements ( Mark ) attribute
effect : Decorating elements
grammar :
1. Must be declared in the start tag
< Mark Property name ></ Mark >
2. Use... Between the property name and the value "=" Connect
< Mark Property name = value ></ Mark >
3. Elements allow multiple attributes , Each attribute is separated by a space
< Mark Property name 1= value 1 Property name 2= value 2 ...></ Mark >
p Of the tag align The value of the property is center,title The value of the property is " This is the passage "
<p align=center title=" This is the passage "></p>
Standard attribute ( General properties ):
id: Define the unique identity of the element ( name )
title: Defines the text that is prompted when the mouse hovers over an element
style:css in , Define in line styles
class:css in , Reference class selector
4. notes
grammar :<!-- The comment -->
Be careful :
1. Comments themselves cannot be nested
2. Cannot be nested in tags
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3.HTML Document structure

1.HTML Document structure

1. Document type declaration
effect : Tell the browser HTML Version type of
grammar :<!doctype html>
Write at the top of the page
2.HTML page
Write a pair of root tags under the document type declaration
There are two parts in the root tag :
The file header :<head></head>
Define the global information of a web page
The body of the document :<body></body>
Define what is displayed in a web page
2. Build a web page structure
1. Declaration of document type
2.HTML Page structure
In the main content (body) The position shows “ My first web page ”
3.head Elements
head It's a container for other head elements
1.<meta> Define basic information : Coding format , key word , Describe the content, etc
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="keywords" content=" key word ">
<meta name="description" content=" Describe the content ">
2.<title></title> Define the title of a web page
3.<style></style> Define internal styles
4.<script></script> To define or refer to javascript file
5.<link> Introducing external styles
4.body Elements
Show the main content of the web page
1. Special characters
&nbsp; Said the blank space
&lt; It means a <
&gt; It means a >
&copy; Copyright
&yen; ¥
2. Text mark
1. Text style
<b></b>: In bold
<i></i>: Italics
<u></u>: Underline
<s></s>: Delete line
<sup></sup>: Superscript
<sub></sub>: Subscript
2. Title element
grammar : Display text in a striking way on a web page
grammar :
<hn> Content </hn> n:1-6
<h1> Content </h1> First level title
<h6> Content </h6> Six level title
characteristic :
1. Variable font size
2. In bold
3. There is a vertical space between the contexts
attribute :align
effect : Horizontal alignment of tag content
Value :left/center/right
3. Paragraph elements
effect : Express a paragraph of text in prominent form
grammar :<p></p>
attribute :align
Value :left/center/right
4. Line feed elements
grammar :<br> or <br/>
5. Separator element
grammar :<hr> or <hr/>
attribute :
1.size Represents the size of the horizontal line ( Height ), The value is px or % The number of
2.width Width , The value is px or % The number of
3.align Horizontal alignment left/center/right
4.color The color of the horizontal line , The value is the legal color value
6. Pre format
effect : Retain html Carriage returns and spaces in the code
grammar :<pre> Content </pre>
7. Partition elements
1. Block partition elements
effect : Used for layout of elements in the page
grammar :<div></div>
2. Row partition elements
effect : Dealing with different styles in the same line of text
grammar :<span></span>
8. In line elements and block level elements
1. Block-level elements
A single line element in a web page is a block level element
Common block level elements :
1. Title element h1-h6
2. Paragraph elements p
4. Structural markings (header...)
2. Inline elements
Multiple elements are displayed on the same line , From left to right
Common in line :
3. Block in row
The display mode is as follows , But it has the characteristics of block level elements
4.table ...

4. Images and links


1. Directory structure
File directory : Folder nesting structure
URL:Uniform Resource Locator Uniform resource locator , Commonly known as path .
effect : Used to indicate the location of any resource in the network .
3. The manifestation of the path
1. Absolute path
The absolute path is the complete path , You can definitely find the resources you are looking for .
1. Network resources
Communication protocol + Server host + File directory structure + File name
2. Local resources
Search from the highest drive letter
2. Relative paths
1. What is the relative path
Find the path of the resource file from the location of the current file , It's the relative path .
1. At the same directory
Direct reference
2. Subdirectories
Enter the first , To quote
3. Parent directory
Back first , To quote
3. Root relative path
Start at the root of the server
performance :/

5. Images

1. Image format
1.jpg The compression ratio is high
2.png The background is transparent
3.gif Moving graph
2. Image markers
Mark :<img> or <img/>
attribute :
1.src Source , Of the image to be displayed url
2.width Width , Take the value of px or % A number in units
3.height Height , Take the value of px or % A number in units
4.alt The prompt text displayed when the picture is wrong

6. link

1. grammar
<a> Content </a>
2. attribute
1.href Of the link url The goal is , Specify how to open the web page
Value :
_blank Open... In a new tab
_self The default value is , Open a new page in the current page
2. Set a hyperlink to an image , open Tmooc Website (
3. Other forms of expression
1. Download resources
Let the linked URL, link to rar/zip File can
2. Email links
href="mailto: Legal email address "
3. Back to the top of the page
4. link to javascript
href="javascript:js Script "

7. Anchor point

 1. What is anchor point ?
It's a mark in the web page , It can be adjusted to the position of the mark through the super connection .
2. Use anchors
1. Define anchors
1. Use a Of the tag name Attributes define anchors
<a name=" Anchor name "></a>
2. Using arbitrary tags id Attributes define anchors
<ANY id=" Anchor name "></ANY>
2. Link to anchor
<a href="# Anchor name "></a>
<a href="url# Anchor name "></a>

8. form

1. The syntax of the form

1. form
2. That's ok
<tr></tr> --->table row
3. Cell / Column
<td></td> --->table data
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2. Properties of the table

1.table attribute
width: Width
height: Height
border: Set table borders
align: Set the horizontal alignment of the table
Value :left/center/right
cellpadding: Set the inner margin of cells ( Content and td The gap between )
cellspacing: Set the outer margin of the cell (td The distance outside the border )
bgcolor: The background color attribute
align Set the horizontal alignment of the current line
Value :left/center/right
valign Set the vertical alignment of the current line
Value :top/middle/bottom
bgcolor Set the background color of the current line attribute
width: Width
height: Height
align: Horizontal alignment
valign: The vertical alignment
bgcolor: The background color of the column
colspan: Cross column
rowspan: enjambment

3. Optional markings

1. Table title
Mark :<caption></caption>
If you set the table title , Must be located in <table> At the position of the first child element below
2. That's ok / Column headings
Mark :<th></th>
be-all td Both can be used. <th> replace

4. Complex application of forms

 You can combine several consecutive lines , Divide into groups , Unified management .
1. Row grouping
1. Header row
If the top row of the table is grouped , Can be placed in the header row
2. Table body row
Allow several lines to be placed in tbody Unified management in
3. End of table row
If the last row in the table is grouped , It can be placed in the last row of the table
2. Irregular forms
1. enjambment
Start at the location of the specified cell , Merge several cells vertically down ( Include yourself ), The merged cells should be deleted .
2. Cross column
Start at the location of the specified cell , Merge cells horizontally to the right ( Include yourself ), The merged cells should be deleted .

9. list

1. The function of the list

 From top to bottom ( From left to right ) To display all the data , And you can add a logo in front of the data .

2. The composition of the list

 The list is made up of " List the type " and " List item " To form a
1. List the type
Ordered list :<ol></ol> order list
Unordered list :<ul></ul> unorder list
2. List item
Used to represent data in a list ( Nested in a list )
<li></li> list item
3. Ordered list
1.type effect : Specifies the sort type of the list
Value :
1 The default value is , In numerical order
a Lowercase letters
A Capital
i Small Roman numerals
I Capital Roman numeral
2.start effect : Specifies that the starting number is from A few Start
Value : Numbers

4. Unordered list

 1.type effect : Specifies the identity type of the list
Value :
disc: Solid round
circle: The hollow circle
square: Solid block
none: Don't show logo

5. List nesting

 Another list appears in one list
Nested lists can only appear in li in
This is the content of the sequence table
<li> Content </li>

10. Definition list

1. What is a definition list
Definition list is often used to give a class of things or explanations of nouns .
2. grammar
1.<dl></dl> Represents a list of definitions
2.<dt></dt> Denotes the noun to be explained in the definition list
3.<dd></dd> Represents the content of the definition list that explains a noun
<dt> Noun </dt>
<dd> Explain the details </dd>
Use occasion : Use... When mixing pictures and texts

11. Structural markings

1. The function of structure

 Used to describe the structure of an entire web page ( replace div Layout )
Enhance the semantics of tags

2. Common structural markers

effect : Define the header of a web page or area
effect : Define navigation links for web pages
effect : Main content
effect : Define sidebar information in the page , Close to the edge .
effect : Define the information at the bottom of the page , such as : The record number of the website , interpretative statement , Copyright .
effect : Define what is relevant to the text description , such as : Forum post , Microblog entry , User comments, etc

12. Forms ( a key & difficulty )

1. What forms do

1. Provide a visual interface to interact with users
2. Collect user information and submit it to the server

2. Part of the form

1. The front end
The form controls , Visual controls that interact with users
2. Server side part
Processing of submitted data ,***.php

3. Form tags

attribute :
effect : Define the actions that occur when a form is submitted , It is usually defined for the handler on the server url Address ,
effect : Specify how to submit the form data
Value :
1.get( The default value is )
1. Submit in clear text , The data to be submitted will be displayed in the address bar
2. Low security
3. There is a size limit for submitting data , Limit to 2KB
4. When you ask the server for data , Use get The way
1. Implicitly submit , The submitted data will not show
2. High security
3. There is no limit to the size of the submitted data
4. When you want to pass data to the server , Use post The way
effect : Specify how the form data is encoded , What kind of data is allowed to be submitted to the server
The default value is , Allow arbitrary characters to be submitted to the server ( The document cannot be submitted )
Allow files to be submitted to the server
Only normal characters can be submitted to the server

4. The form controls

 Visual elements that interact with users
1. classification :
1.input Elements
2.textarea Multiline text field elements and option Option box elements
4. Other elements
2.input Elements
1. effect : Provides a variety of input controls in the page , Such as : The text box , Password box , Radio button , Check boxes, etc .
2. grammar
Mark :<input> or <input/>
attribute :
1.type Specifies the type of input control to create Define a name for the control , Submit to the server for use ( must )
3.value Control value , Submit to the server for use
4.disabled Disable control , Unable to operate cannot be submitted to the server for use
The attribute has no value , As long as it appears in the tag , It's forbidden .
3.input Detailed explanation of elements
1. Text box and password box
The text box :<input type="text">
Password box :<input type="password">
attribute :
1.maxlength Specifies the number of characters to be entered
2.readonly read-only , You can only see , Can't change , But it's allowed to submit .
3.placeholder Place holder , That is, the text displayed on the control by default .

13. Button

 1. Submit button
effect : Submit the data of the form to the specified program on the server
2. Reset button
effect : Restore the contents of the form to the initial state
3. General button
No function
attribute :
value: The text displayed on the button
3. Radio buttons and checkboxes
Radio button :type="radio"
Check box :type="checkbox"
attribute :
name In addition to defining the control name , It can also be grouped
checked Set the default selection , No value attribute
4. Hide fields and file selection boxes
1. Hidden fields
Want to submit to the server , But data that you don't want to show to users can be placed in hidden fields .
2. File selection box
Be careful :
1.method The value of must be post
2.enctype The value of must be multipart/form-data
3.textarea Elements
1. effect
Allow multiple lines of text to be entered
2. grammar
Mark :<textarea></textarea>
attribute : Define control name , For the server to use
2.readonly read-only
3.cols Specifies the number of columns in the text field , How many English characters can be displayed on a line ( Halve Chinese )
4.rows Specifies the number of lines in the text field , That is, how many rows of data are displayed by default , beyond rows The scroll bar will appear .
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14. Option box

 1. grammar
effect : Represent an option box in the page
effect : Show the content items in the option box
2. attribute attribute Define the name of the option box
2.size Define the number of display options , The default value is 1
3.multiple Set multiple selection , Valueless properties
Be careful : Only the scrolling list supports multiple selection
2.option attribute
1.value Define the value of the option
2.selected Set the default selection , No value attribute
5. Other elements
1.label Elements
effect : Associated text field form control
grammar :<label></label>
attribute :for To be associated with the form control id value
2. Group controls
<fieldset></fieldset> Define groups for controls
<legend></legend> Assign a title to the group
3. Floating frame
effect : Allow in a web page , And introduce another page .
grammar :<iframe></iframe>
attribute :
1.src To introduce the page url route
2.width Width
3.height Height
4.frameborder The border of the floating frame , The default value is 1
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