Front end development novice, these books must not read!

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end development novice books read

Many front-end people want to find a learning plan , Then learn to , Be a big bull ; They are eager to know what they should learn , Then read some books , What resources are available !

What I'm going to tell you today is , Don't read any books , Don't do anything ! Because if you don't have the right stage , Look at those looks “ Quite right ” A golden book , In addition to dispelling your interest in learning , Waste your time , Increase your chances of giving up , It won't do any good .

And these books and things are just a lot of “ Buffalo ”, They don't have to have done it themselves , I can't do it , Even they don't know that beginners can't do , Because tell “ Adorable new ” Some rookies can't do things to show their strength , A lot “ Buffalo ” The usual modus operandi . Learning costs , You need to be careful when you invest .

First , You don't need to read these books .


《JavaScript Authoritative guide ( The sixth edition )》

Translated by Taobao front-end team , Look at the list of translators. They are all gods . This book is also called rhinoceros book , It's called “javascript The developer's Bible ”. There are many comments on this book on the Internet .

《JavaScript Authoritative guide ( The sixth edition )》 yes JavaScript Documentation manual , If you haven't read this book completely, you can't be a qualified front-end engineer .

This is an online comment , Many people see that sentence ,“ If you haven't read this book completely, you can't be a qualified front-end engineer ”, Very excited , So I'll fight at night , Decided to die with it , And then didn't last a week , Gave up .

I want to say , This book is very authoritative 、 very nice , It's very informative , The number of pages is as high as 1004 page , It 's a Book thrown on the track that can derail a train ; Throw it at your house , If you learn it all day long, you're going crazy ,……

It's really a front-end must have book , Every time I look against the head of the bed , All praise , Then in a short time, I entered dreamland . It's really a good medicine for home and travel . But it's better not to put it at the head of the bed , Because in case it falls down thicker than a brick , May hit you .

Conclusion :

As Mengxin , Never look at it . Why? ? In a word, I understand , If you are a primary school student who has never learned Chinese characters , You want to write a composition , The first thing you have to do is to look up the dictionary ? I am an old coder who has been developing software for several years , If you're interested in front end development , Our front-end development learning buckle qun:767-273-102 From the most basic HTML+CSS+JavaScript.jQuery,Ajax,node,angular Wait until the mobile end HTML5 The actual combat information of the project has been sorted out , To every learning front-end partner


《JavaScript Advanced programming ( The third edition )》

The second recommended book is classic ! Medium ! classic ! I feel that all friends who do front-end development should have this book , Don't think the title of the book says advanced , It's hard , It's not suitable for novices . As long as you master the method of reading , This book can take you from the beginning to the advanced stage .

This is an online comment , I just want to use one word to evaluate ,“No”.

I want to say if I can - Seriously - Look at the book and come out to comment , The other authors have made it clear that it is not for “ Adorable new ” The book I read , Book reviewers are better than authors , What the author can't do 、 Say that it's not suitable , Book reviewers dare to say that they are suitable for . Objectively speaking 《 Gaocheng 3 》 perhaps “ Red Treasure Book ” It's a good book , Can also take you from the entry to the advanced , But only if you can - introduction . How can it take you if you don't even enter the door ?

It's suitable for beginners , Later, it's a book from introduction to advanced level , I just want to ask , No contradiction ? Who will take you into the door ? To be clear , Red book can't do ! You don't know what to say ,“ I just read the dictionary and , Feel like learning to write , Very relaxed ”, I don't want to say anything , After all “ different people have different aspirations ”.

Conclusion :

Just like the first one , If you want to get started , You are a “24K Pure white ”, Don't listen to those buffaloes , Don't read this book .


《JavaScript DOM Programming art 》

《JavaScript Advanced programming 》 Can be said to be ES5 Classic works on the linguistic level , that 《JavaScript DOM Programming art 》 It's a beginner DOM A classic of . You can see that in the last book we skipped 10、11、12 Chapter , this 3 Chapter is about DOM, We can 《JavaScript DOM Programming art 》 In this book , Learn with a more comfortable learning curve and more elegant code DOM Knowledge about .

The user evaluation of this book is quite considerable , Why? ?

Because there are negative comments , Unlike the first two .

Some netizens commented that the content was too superficial ,“ disappointed , It feels like a bowl of porridge , There's not a lot of it ”.

Conclusion :

Compared with the first two books , This book goes to the other extreme , It's a great introduction , repeat 、 Too much wordiness , A little can cover hundreds of pages , Save time !


《JavaScript The essence of language 》

This book is based on JavaScript Analysis of language , Distinguish between good and bad characteristics , Therefore, it can extract better reliability than the whole language 、 Readable and maintainable JavaScript Subset , So that you can use it to create really scalable and efficient code .

Yahoo senior JavaScript Architects - Douglas Crockford, It's a great work . Introduce to the reader , How to use JavaScript Create really scalable and efficient code .

Conclusion :

Mengxin can't even realize its functions , It doesn't make much sense to consider efficiency and scalability .

The author is knowledgeable ( This is the fact. , Non derogatory ), Know a lot of things that the average programmer doesn't know .

Conclusion :

I don't need to know what I don't know , I just want to get started .

summary :

The five books above are 0 Basic Xiaobai must avoid the book , But notice , They are essential books , They are all classic books in the classics , It's just not recommended to start reading , After the introduction, you must read the above books repeatedly .

reason :

1. Don't always think of yourself as a junior programmer

2. Entry and work are two different things

The first 2 One reason is clear to all , attitude 、 desire .

Let's talk about it , Why not position yourself as a rookie ?

1. You position yourself as a rookie , Then I'll tell myself , I'm a rookie , I want to learn more . But don't forget , Your profession is not a student , It's programmers , What you have to do is work or study , Learning a skill is different from learning a skill for work , The result is naturally different .

2. If you position yourself as a rookie ,HR Also will find , You can't work on your own , Need someone to take him , In half a year's time, there should be some problems , Besides, since the ability is not good , So is the wage low !!! that , The content of your work is repetitive low value content , The salary will be very low , Growth will be slow , It's a vicious circle .

You need a year or even a few years , To change the company's first impression of you . Most of the comments are that you grow very fast when you come to the company , From junior to intermediate . Remember that companies let you make money , It's not for you to grow from junior to intermediate .

3. If you position yourself as an expert ( Intermediate programmer ), that HR Think about it , Where is the right place to put you , How to cooperate with others to maximize the results , You are more likely to reach out to better teams , Participate in more core projects , Grow faster , The company's evaluation of you will also be , You are a person who can stand on your own . I am an old coder who has been developing software for several years , If you're interested in front end development , Our front-end development learning buckle qun:767-273-102 From the most basic HTML+CSS+JavaScript.jQuery,Ajax,node,angular Wait until the mobile end HTML5 The actual combat information of the project has been sorted out , To every learning front-end partner

Ok, wait , I know what you're thinking ?

You're thinking , But I'm a junior programmer ! I don't have the ability to master ! Besides, I can't cheat HR ah ! That's not going to show ? Can't I join a company first to accumulate some experience ?

1. Answer the last question first , I've seen too many programmers , More than one year's work , Apart from a year's work experience in writing, I dare to be upright in time , There is no improvement in technology , Cut a picture for a year or two , There is no difference from the level of training class ( There is no derogatory sense here , It just means that there is no difference between no work experience and so-called work experience ).

The point is that even if the interviewer sees your work experience 1-2 year , The level is very similar to that of people who have no experience in training , Same meeting pass Off your . You're spending your life, not your work experience , What industry experience you have accumulated , Maybe the training course will reach in a week , Enter the company as a beginner , The probability of rapid growth to intermediate programmer is too small .

2. Don't cheat HR! Don't cheat HR! Don't cheat HR!

3. You lied to HR And technology !

Can't stay by cheating the recruits , There will also be a very bad mark in your career , The point is that the problem of character is very serious , Besides, we can find a good job in good faith , We shouldn't do anything for money .

It's very good , But what can I do ? How can I become an expert ?
In fact, familiar things are not complicated , A lot of questions about knowledge , And work experience can be learned .

Like I used to hire a programmer , He told me he didn't work , But he keeps learning 、 Practice taking private work ,github star The quantity is also very high . I still gave him offer, And the work is much better than those “ A person who has accumulated experience first ” Perform better , In fact, he only studied for a year .

1.Focus focus

Follow One Course Untile Success.

Be careful not to ! want ! Tun ! course ! It's no use , What you have to do is practice . If watching video can be a master , Then every fan should be Messi .

Now there are many tutorials and materials on the Internet , Study and learn a technology carefully , Insist on making industrial products , There will be a company for offer Of . What beginners fear most is not that they can't learn , It's eastern learning , Western Learning , At the end of the day, I'll taste everything , The interviewer doesn't know what you can do .

2. Find a mentor who can guide you

Be careful : Code is learned , It's not handed in , What you need is a teacher who can guide you at key points , It's not looking for a nursery aunt , Trust him with problems and hopes of his work , Let him solve . Finding a job is like losing weight , The coach can give you scientific guidance , But whether you can lose weight depends on yourself , But there was no coaching , You may not be in the right direction , The harder you work, the more embarrassed you are .

3. Overcome psychological obstacles

The rapid development of the front end , It's not just beginners , Even if you are familiar with it, you will feel anxious and a lot of things will not . But you think , Others will be more than themselves , Sometimes it's a fake . You're not going to be number one at the Olympics , What you have to do is to properly complete the tasks assigned to you by the leaders , That's enough .

quite a lot 12~15k I've been asked by many of our students for advice , The last job I found was 20K, They say I'm too good , I told them , I'm not that big a deal , You are worth so much money , You don't know the market , I don't know my ability , You dare not ask for , Don't HR Offer to ?

The learning front end is very simple

STEP1: Interest in

Think about it. , If you don't like a career , What a terrible thing it is to waste half of your life on it

STEP2 : The right way

The direction is wrong , Efforts in vain . No matter how hard you work, it's useless to learn the wrong way , I used to have students write code every day , Recite the code , Plus don't like , It turned out to be giving up .

STEP3 : diligence

The front end is recognized as the easiest industry to get started , But if you still can't do it well , If not for the first two reasons , Then one word ,“ lazy ”.

Good programmers = Interest in + The right way + diligence

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