What do web front-end development engineers need to master in 3 minutes?

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web front-end end development engineers

Enter a The new industry must be optimistic about the development prospects of this industry , that web What is the future of front-end development ?

It is reported that , at present web The average annual salary of front-end engineers is 10 All the above , senior HTML The front-end engineer gets an annual salary of 30—50 ten thousand , A lot of enterprises are interested in web The front-end related technical positions are more eager for talents .

Take the current Internet enterprises as an example , They all pay great attention to the design of the front end . because , Only do a good job in front-end technology 、 It's possible to do a good job of customer experience . User experience is good , Only when someone visits , More people visited , To optimize the back end , To do customer analysis , The company went public , Only from a large number of data analysis , Get more valuable data . therefore , So are some Internet startups , The first thing to do after getting the first round of financing is to recruit at no cost Web Front end developers , That is to do the front end first , The customer experience starts with , That's why the front end is so hot , The reason why front-end engineers are paid so much .

Have to say ,web Front end development engineer “ The golden age ” Coming .

web What is the main purpose of front-end development ?

Enter an industry , If you don't know exactly what it is , That's bullshit !

Web Front end development engineer is a new profession , At home and abroad, the time when people really start to get attention is not more than 5 year .Web Front end development evolved from web page production , The name has obvious characteristics of the times . In the evolution of Internet , Web page production is Web 1.0 The product of the times , At that time, the main content of the website was static , The user's behavior of using the website is mainly browsing .2005 Years later , Internet access Web 2.0 Time , All kinds of desktop like software Web Applications are springing up , The front end of the website has changed dramatically . Web pages are no longer just carrying a single text and picture , Various kinds of rich media make the content of webpage more vivid , The form of software interaction on Web page provides users with better experience , These are based on the front-end technology .

web Front end development covers a wide range , There are many things to learn . To put it simply web Front end development is software development 、 Wechat applet 、 Web Design 、 Website construction 、APP Development 、 Game development .

web What technologies are included in the front end ?

Web Front end development technology includes three elements :HTML、CSS and JavaScript, But as the RIA The popularity of ,Flash/Flex、Silverlight、XML And server-side language is also the front-end development engineer should master . With the development of the times , The three elements of front-end development technology have evolved into the present :html5,css3,jquery.

Web The front-end development engineer should not only interact with the upstream designers 、 Visual designer communicates with product manager , And communicate with the downstream server engineer , There are so many skills to master . This is right from the breadth of knowledge Web The front-end development engineer put forward the requirements . If you want to be good at front-end development , Maybe you need to refine ten lines first . However , All rounders are always rare . therefore , For less important knowledge , We just need " through " that will do . but " through " To what extent is it enough ? For many junior front-end development engineers , The question is very confusing .

The threshold of front-end development is very low , Compared with the slow learning curve of server-side language , The learning curve of front-end development is fast first and then slow . therefore , For those engaged in IT For those who work , Front end development is a good entry point . That's why , There are many self-taught in front-end development field " only " My colleagues , But most people stay at the stage where they can use it , Because the learning curve behind is more and more steep , It's hard to go any further . On the other hand , As mentioned earlier , Front end development is a very new profession , Research into some of the norms and best practices is at the exploratory stage . There's always new inspiration and technology coming out from time to time , for example CSS sprite、 Negative margin layout 、 Grid layout, etc ; Various JavaScript Frameworks emerge in endlessly , For the entire front-end development field into a huge vitality ; Browser wars are getting hotter , Cross browser compatibility is still a myriad of options . In order to satisfy the " High maintainability " The need for , Need to go deeper 、 To master the front-end knowledge more systematically , In this way, it is possible to create a good front-end Architecture , Guarantee the quality of the code .

What kind of crowd is suitable for web The front end ?

Is it possible for anyone to do web The front-end development , The answer must be No .web Front end development is different from traditional industry technology , There are hard requirements for education and computer operation .

As long as you meet the following points , Under the guidance of a professional teacher, become web The front-end development engineer is the problem of time .

Fit to do web Front end developers :

(1) High school degree or above ,18-30 One year old , studious , Basic computer operation ;

(2) Interested in computer technology , I want to learn a promising technology ;

(3) Can bear hardships , Have a certain logical thinking ability ;

(4) Strong will , Be able to keep on learning as long as you have ;

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