Explain HTTP message in detail

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explain http message


As a web developer , Every day users Http agreement , But I always know a little . See Http RFC7230 standard , Combed http Message part .

http Message composition

start-line: Start line , Basic information describing the request or response
*( header-field CRLF ): head
[ message-body ]: news body, Data actually transmitted


Start line

The format of the starting line is
start-line = request-line( Request start line )/( Response start line )status-line

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header head  Insert picture description here

These formats are rules , Used to parse

The order
In theory, the key Order doesn't matter , But the best practice is to put the control field first , For example, when requesting Host, Responsive Date, In this way, we can find out whether we need to deal with it as soon as possible .

except Set-Cookie This key, Nothing else , If the sender sends a duplicate key, The receiver will merge it , Values are separated by commas .

Field restrictions
The protocol itself has no restrictions on each header field , But in the engineering practice, we have got some practices , There are no general restrictions , Related to the specific semantics of the field . Holistic header The size limit does not define a standard value , There are some 4K, There are some 8K.server End check to header Head over limit , On safety grounds , Don't ignore . But will throw 4XX error .

Only Host Fields are required in the request header , Nothing else .

Field Request header Response head explain
Host 1 0 Tell the server which host should handle
User-Agent 1 0 Identify browser type , Although it has been used up , Not very believable , But sometimes it can be used to customize the type
Accept 1 0 Acceptable body type mime type, such as text/html
Accept-Charset 1 0 Character set that can be received
Accept-Encoding 1 0 Acceptable encoding format
Accept-Language 1 0 Multiple languages that can be received
Content-Type 1 1 Sent body type mime type
Content-Encoding 1 1 Code sent
Content-Language 1 1 Sending language

There is a complete classification here


header It's necessary , however body You don't have to use .

body It's the content of the transmission . because Http It's the application layer protocol , So in addition to transmitting data , You also need to define the data format of the transfer . These formats are defined in header It is specified in .Content-Length Requesting or responding to body length , You have to bring this field , So that the other side can easily distinguish the message boundary , That is to say Body When does the data end . If Body Too big , Need to calculate while transmitting , You can't know the whole thing until the end of the final calculation Body The size of , It can be used at this time chunk transmission , adopt Transfer-Encoding Appoint , these two items. header key They are mutually exclusive. , Only one... Can be specified , If two are specified , The receiver takes priority Transfer-Encoding Field . Usually body When there are more data , All use chunk To transmit , High efficiency . period length, How to know that the data transmission is over , Through a length of 0 Of chunk, The corresponding block data has no content , To express body End of content .
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jetty What did you do

jetty yes web Containers , Need analysis Http Request, send out Http Response. What did you do next time

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