Lesson 02: what factors should be considered in choosing a technical direction (1)

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lesson factors considered choosing technical

Hello everyone , I'm an Xiaohui . Today, let's look at the determinants that may be taken into account in choosing a technology , I can sum up the following nine points :

1. Job opportunities

First of all, we should consider which technology is more employable , This is the need to combine specific areas 、 From a specific industry point of view , Because you're looking for a job that's regional and industry oriented .

There are two typical strategies , Hot and cold . such as Java and JavaScript It's a typical hot language , You can choose to learn them ; Assembly language 、R Language 、Scala Language 、Qt Frames are not that popular .

Hot and cold are relative , According to how many developers 、 It depends on market demand .

About the choice of regions and industries , The pros and cons of hot technology and cool technology , We will read it in detail in the following article .

2. How easy it is

The difficulty varies from person to person , So the best way , It's the language you're interested in , Learn to try , It could take a week or two for each language , You can make a judgment .

For example, I was in Java and C The choice of language is C Language , because 《The C Programming Language》 Than 《Java 2 The core technology 》 Much thinner , Process oriented languages are also easier to get started with than object-oriented languages ( For me ).

3. Personal interests

A lot of people do development out of some kind of interest , For example, if you are interested in the game, you can do game development , If you're interested in smartphones, do it APP Development , If you are interested in e-commerce, do front-end development .

When you like a certain kind of product , Such products can often be associated with a certain technology . For example, you like to play mobile games , Then you may choose Unity 3D perhaps Cocos 2d-x; If you like fan Deng's book club APP, May choose Java、Android、Objective-C、Swift etc. .

4. wages

Most people choose technical jobs based on their jobs and future prospects , And when you choose a job, you must take salary as a reference factor , And it's a very important factor . So when we choose technology , You can also consider the salary level of the corresponding position for a certain skill .

To understand this , You can go to various salary reports , Such as 100 offer There are similar reports coming out every quarter , Lagoux will also release a white paper on Internet workplace ecology , Do you use “ Internet talent flow report ”“ Developer compensation report ” perhaps “ Internet pay survey ” Search for keywords , You can find a lot of these reports .

Through the report , You can see the pay difference between developers using different languages . chart 1-2 It's me. 100 offer 2016 It was intercepted from the report on the flow of high-end talents on the Internet in the spring of 2008 .

enter image description here

From the picture 1-2 You can see the difference in the average annual salary of the positions associated with different programming languages .

5. Prospects for development

You certainly don't want to see this happen : Chose a technology , It turned out to be useless a year later 、 There's no market . So we have to consider this when we choose , Make some predictions .

There are two considerations when choosing technology : One is to choose stable 、 Classic technology ; One is the market gap in the future , Choose the technology you may need in the future .

The former considers the Lindy effect , namely : For things that don't die out naturally , Every day you add life , It could mean longer life expectancy . Look at development technology in terms of Lindy effect , The longer a technology survives , The longer the expected remaining life . such as C Language (1967 The year was born ), Survived for decades , It could be decades away . So you can choose things like C、C++、Java These classic programming languages , They've been popular for decades , It's going to be popular for decades .

Review of history , Classic technologies are all developed from new technologies , Looking forward to the future , There must be some new technologies that will develop into classic technologies in the future . If you can catch it , You can enjoy the technology dividend it brings .

To capture new technologies that may become classic or hot technologies , We're going to apply the blocking strategy .

The card strategy is to see that a certain technology will be scarce in the future , Very valuable , Choose early intervention , Make yourself competitive in the future . such as 2007 year Google Released Android Beta Operating system SDK, Someone foresaw Android Development requirements will explode , Learn decisively Android Development ; Such as now VR、AR、 machine learning 、 Deep learning , In fact, there is no universal application yet , But there is bound to be , Now learn the relevant technology , The future is bound to take the lead ; Another example 2009 The concept of big data rose in , If you choose Hadoop、Scala Technology , You may be worth a lot now .

When using the card strategy , There are two ways .

One way of getting stuck is based on market demand and future expectations , Like a picture 1-3 Shown , The bottom left is where we see it now , Some demand is in its infancy , But it could explode in the future . This demand corresponds to the product 、 Services may use some technology , Even the requirement itself is driven by technology . Now , You can analyze the technologies that may be needed from now to the future , Prepare ahead of time .

enter image description here

chart 1-3

There's also a way to get stuck , According to the development of technology itself . Using the gaudner curve ( Reference resources http://www.gartner.com/technology/research/methodologies/hype-cycle.jsp), Pictured 1-4 Shown .

enter image description here

chart 1-4

chart 1-4( come from https://stateofdev.com/) Three technologies related to machine learning are shown :OpenAI、TensorFlow、Watson. As can be seen from the curve ,OpenAI Growing up ,TensorFlow In maturity , and Watson Is being challenged . If you choose a machine learning framework now ,TensorFlow、OpenAI It's a better choice .

6. Others recommend

Whether we choose a technology , It has a lot to do with the possibilities we see . Only to see it , It will come into your choice , If you can't see it , It's a cow , It doesn't make sense to you .

For example, I 2005 Self taught programming , There are two options :C perhaps Java. That's true. Java Because of the recommendation of graduate students , and C Language , At that time, Datang Telecom did the development of colleagues recommended . I didn't think about other programming languages , Because I don't know what programming languages to choose from .

The possibilities you see , Limit or determine your choice .

7. The principle of proximity

When we've got some technology , When it comes to learning new technology , You can judge whether a new technology is close to what you already have . Similar technology , It's easier to learn .

8. The principle of complementarity

Similar to similarity , Complementarity is also commonly used in the context of expanding our technological capabilities . It refers to , There are technologies that complement what you already have , Put together , Form more complete 、 More systematic technology map , Bring you greater competitiveness . On the principle of proximity and complementarity , We will also interpret it in the following article .

9. Team technology map

The technology map of your development team , It may also affect your choice . For example, we are based on CEF Developing browsers , The team with C++ For the main development language , If I would have C++, To learn JavaScript, You can go to JavaScript And C++ This part of convergence plays a key role , So it has a special status .

These are some of the basic factors we should consider when choosing a technology direction , In the next article, we'll look at the different stages of the workplace , There are also those things that need special attention .

Thinking questions

After reading this article , You can think about it when you choose your technology direction , Which factors do you value more ? Welcome to communicate with me .


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