What is front end engineering?

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end engineering

Front end engineering is a necessary skill of modern front end

Web The speed of evolution of the front end in recent years is amazing . Many front engineers make complaints about it “ I can't learn. ”. Now it's not HTML、CSS、JS It's time for the front-end three swordsmen to walk the world with their swords .

Take the author's personal experience as an example . The author is in 2011 Enter the front-end industry in about two years . The main content of the work at that time was , Turn the design sketch into a static page , And then use jQuery Plug in to achieve some pages of the rotation map 、 Interactive effects such as the Lantern . Finally, we use the back-end template language such as smart、velocity Add page logic to the static page , The code is handed over to the server to finish the online . The whole process ,JS Frame to jQuery Mainly ,CSS Use it at most Less.

Let's take a look at the way the front end works today , In my opinion Take a taxi Take the front-end team as an example . The development framework of the front end is to Vue Mainly , Use Webpack Solution interface mock、 Code checking 、 The code to compile 、 structure 、 Compress 、 Add version number 、 Deployment and other whole process work . The technical points involved are Vue、Vuex、ESlint、stylelint、mock、Webpack、Sass、PostCSS etc. . The requirements for the front end have changed from simple JS、CSS The problem has become more engineering oriented .

Front end engineering is a big topic , Even now, there is no exact definition . The author's understanding of front-end engineering is : Everything can improve the efficiency of front-end development , The means and tools to improve the quality of front-end applications are front-end engineering .

The benefits of front-end engineering

More and more prosperous in the front end , More and more complex today , What benefits can learning front-end engineering bring to us

1. Greatly improve development efficiency

The evolution of front end engineering can greatly improve the development efficiency . The front end is now , There are a lot of good frameworks and tools coming out of the community , To free front-end engineers from heavy work .

for instance , Give one again dom The element binds a click event , Use pure JS It could be done :

document.getElementById('myDom').addEventListener('click', function(e){
// do some thing

We introduce jQuery Under the circumstances , It's a lot easier :

// do some thing

If in Vue in , Simple and clear :

<div @click="doSomething">
// ...
methods: {
doSomething: function () {
// do some thing

If there are a lot of event bindings , Without the support of development tools , There will be a lot of duplicate code to write , Think about it and have a headache . The inefficiency is evident .

To reduce the number of requests , Front end developers usually put a lot of smaller sizes 、 The tiny images are merged into a large, transparent sprite , stay CSS By setting the element background-position To use pictures . If it's a complete manual jigsaw 、 ranging , It will take a lot of time . But in the sprite map plug-in webpack-spriteSmith With the help of the , Small pictures can be automatically assembled into sprite pictures , And generate the corresponding CSS style , Plug ins can help us deal with this kind of unskilled physical work , Double the efficiency .

Another example , Without a front-end scaffold , If you develop a project from scratch , It takes a lot of time to initialize the project , For example, install all kinds of npm package 、 Configure all kinds of Webpack Of loader、 Configure hot load . If the environment is not built smoothly , It's going to take a long time to sort out the problem , A project initialization action alone can take a day or two . With scaffolding tools , Just a simple initialization command ,2 The project can be initialized in minutes . The front end just needs to focus on the business development itself , The efficiency has been greatly improved .

2. Reduce the development difficulty of large projects

First of all, modularization is advocated in front-end engineering 、 Componentization . Decompose the idea of large-scale project into modules , Split into separate modules . The development difficulty of each module has dropped sharply . Also based on version control tools Git, Multiple developers can develop in parallel , Improve development efficiency . When the project iterates later , Because each module is relatively independent , Very low coupling , The adjustment of a function often only needs to modify one of the modules , Risk controllable . There's no need to change a code , A situation that raises a global problem .

secondly , Front end engineering advocates to use perfect process specification and code specification to ensure the quality and maintainability of large-scale applications . Such as through ESlint、stylelint Automatic verification of code , Pass the review 、 Detailed design 、 Development 、 Joint tune 、 test 、 Control of every link such as online , Ensure high quality and timely delivery of the project . Merging code to the main branch must go through code review. Process specification ensures the quality and maintainability of large-scale projects while delivering on time .

It's easier to win the favor of interviewers

I vaguely remember going to an interview six or seven years ago , The interview question is about this style :“ How to achieve horizontal and vertical center ”,“js What is the principle of event delegation ”,“ common css hack What's the way ?”,“$(function(){}) And window.onload What's the difference? ?”

Today's interview questions are about this style :“ Can you talk about it Vue How to implement the principle of bidirectional data binding ?”,“Webpack How to configure Babel?”,“promise and await/async What's the difference ?”

If you want to work in a big company , Front end engineering is the basic quality that needs to have . The business of large companies is often very complex , And it requires a lot of stability . The corresponding front-end engineering degree is very high , Various supporting infrastructure is very mature . For example, meituan comments on the systematic engineering scheme 、 Move component library Vix、 Automated test tool Freekite、Hybrid Solutions for functional experience Titans etc. . To get the favor of these companies , Candidates need to have a deep accumulation in the field of front end Engineering .

The front-end job skills have changed profoundly . Some people even jokingly say that front-end engineers are front-end configuration engineers .

fouber( Zhang Yunlong ) I once said in my blog post :

" The front end is a kind of technical problem with less problems 、 Software development areas with more engineering problems .”

So front end engineering is a necessary skill for every modern front-end person .

Who needs front end Engineering ?

3. Junior and intermediate front end Engineer

For junior and intermediate front-end Engineers , Due to less work experience , The breadth and breadth of technology is not enough , In fact, the cognition of front-end engineering is not enough , First of all, it is difficult to master the front-end engineering as a whole . For these students , The first thing is to learn to " use ”, Step by step to understand the principle . For example, after development , A simple tool to learn how to use a scaffold , Find out how the scaffolding necessary for daily development is realized , Learn the technical points used in it from point to area .

Front end engineers looking forward to promotion

The ability of front-end engineering is also a necessary skill for a senior front-end . Working for many years , If you don't know much about front-end engineering , Even a basic scaffold can't be built by itself , This is a failure . If you take the team in the future , How to instruct the group students , How to lead the team to progress ? If you go to a company promotion , It's not convincing either . Because I want to be promoted T, It is necessary to have deep accumulation and contribution in efficiency and performance optimization .

therefore , No matter what stage you are in , It is very necessary to have a deep understanding of front-end engineering .

Front end applications are becoming more and more complex , The requirement of front-end engineering is higher and higher . Scaffold as an important part of the front-end engineering , Played a crucial role in the development process . Now almost all mainstream front-end frames have their own supporting scaffolding , Undoubtedly, it brings great convenience to developers . But as mentioned above , Many developers have a short career , Or many developers who have worked for many years because of the company's business , No access to front end Engineering .

It doesn't matter if you don't understand , It's important that you see this tutorial , It shows that we have realized the importance of front-end engineering , It's not too late .

The author has a front-end engineering practical course just launched ——《 Perspective front end Engineering 》.

Click to learn about 《 Perspective front end Engineering 》.

This course is based on Vue For example , Combined with the author's engineering practice in the team , Lead you to build a scaffold from scratch , Dismantle the technical points used in scaffold construction one by one , I hope you'll see , Everyone has a deep understanding of scaffolding and engineering ideas .

The course catalog

Opening words : What is front-end engineering

The first part : Formwork design

The first 01 course : Template function design
The first 02 course :Webpack Basic introduction
The first 03 course : Build project template framework
The first 04 course : Front end modular solutions
The first 05 course : Building local development environment
The first 06 course : Build local Mock service
The first 07 course : Introduce code checking tools
The first 08 course : Automatically generate sprite map
The first 09 course : Build from the browser
The first 10 course : Build on the environment
The first 11 course : Integrated mobile debugging tools
The first 12 course : Introduce unit testing
The first 13 course : introduce e2e test
The first 14 course :Webpack Build performance optimization
The first 15 course : Add deployment capabilities
The first 16 course : Aggregate project configuration and template

The second part : Command line design

The first 17 course :cli Functional design ( On )
The first 18 course :cli Functional design ( Next )

Conclusion : An open mind is a higher level of engineering

I believe that after finishing this course , We have at least the following gains :

  • Have a systematic understanding of front end engineering ;
  • Can independently design a set of front-end engineering solutions ;
  • The breadth of knowledge has been greatly improved ;
  • Into a better platform , Get better pay .

interested , I hope you will support me a lot !


I hope everyone can understand the engineering thought behind the scaffold , And you can build a scaffold by hand . I also hope that after you understand the idea of front-end engineering , Explore more ways , Empower your team , Jointly promote the development of front end engineering .

Click to learn about 《 Perspective front end Engineering 》.

Author's brief introduction :

Wang Chao , Now fast Dog Taxi ( primary 58 Express ) Head of front end .

I have worked in Renren 、 qihoo 360,8 Years of working experience in the Internet .

from 0 To 1 Set up a fastdog front-end team , Responsible for the construction of team technical system , In the order Webpack and Vue Based on 、 Node.js The middle layer is complementary , automation 、 engineering 、 Component based fastdog front end technology system .

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