The front-end frame is tens of millions, grasping two main lines into half

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front-end end frame tens millions

author : The desert is poor in autumn

The front-end frame with a hundred flowers in bloom

2007 I just graduated in , At that time, the most popular front-end framework was jQuery and Ext JS, At that time, the problem that people were struggling with was : I'm using it jQuery Or use Ext JS Well ?

And then it came :Adobe Flex、Microsoft SilverLight、Dojo、Ember、Backbone、RequireJS… A lot of frames .

from 2008 Year to now , The front-end framework that you can see on the market is no less than 10 Kind of , It's really overwhelming .
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In the course of this development , The size and size of the framework is also increasing , The most ancient prototype.js and mootools, Only a few thousand lines JS Code , The volume after compression is only 10 K about . To 2006 year jQuery When it appears , The volume has expanded 10 Times to 100 K about , The biggest 、 The most perfect is Ext JS, current 6.x In the version , light JS The code is as high as 24 Ten thousand lines of code ( With comments )!

Word God ! I really can't learn !

friend , You're still too young , It's not as complicated as you think , Behind the myriad appearances , There is a simple law behind it . actually , All the front-end frameworks on the market are solving two big problems : Componentization and modularization .

Common question one : How to realize componentization

There are two benefits of componentization :

  • Functional encapsulation
  • Reuse across projects

All frames , No matter what language is used to achieve , There are some basic problems that need to be solved .

  • How to design the life cycle of a component ?

As you know , The front end features UI Interface , It's something that needs to interact directly with users .

therefore , You have to do this for UI Complete life cycle of component design , From the ancient Java Swing To QT, Until jQueryUI、Angular、React, Everyone has designed their own life cycle mechanism . Although the technical details are different , But the basic structure is similar , All need to go through several basic stages : initialization 、 Rendering 、 Survival period 、 The destruction . Look at the diagram :
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Please note that , all UI Components are almost designed like this , What about? , Do you still need to memorize those contents ? Ha ha ha .

  • How the components communicate ?

OK, Whatever UI frame , With UI After component , Then we need to solve the problem of communication between components .
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As long as you can solve the following 3 This will solve most of the problems : How to communicate between father and son ? How do brothers communicate ? How to communicate with distant relatives ?

Whatever frame , Typical solutions are 3 Kind of : Communication between parents and children through events or direct calls ; brother 、 Distant relatives use event bus for communication ; utilize cookie、localstorage、 Even the server session To communicate .

  • How to manage the state of components ?

UI Components don't just have appearance , The appearance is just a picture , It needs data , Now that there's data , It's about state management .
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In state management , These questions need to be carefully designed : Do you need two-way binding ? How to cooperate with routing to keep component state ?

  • How to do the component style ?

Because it's the front-end framework , So the problem of beauty should not be relaxed . fortunately , In the era of mobile Internet , Users are used to “ flat ”、“ minimalism ” These design styles , We can make use of the existing CSS Style library for our components “ Make up ”, These are commonly used :
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Common question two : How to achieve modularity

As you know , stay Java Inside , We have perfect Class/Package/Jar/ClassLoader The support of these mechanisms . When JVM Find what you need .class When the file is not loaded , It can use ClassLoader To load the , No need for programmers to worry about .

But in JS Not in it , because JavaScript The flaw of the language itself , It doesn't provide complete Modularity Support , This leads to the fact that all front-end frameworks have to solve the problem of modularity by themselves .
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however , thankfully , We have it. Node.js, With Webpack, I don't have to do it myself like I did a few years ago RequireJS 了 ! That's why the mainstream front-end frameworks on the market use Webpack To make your own CLI Why .
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summary : No matter what front-end framework you are currently using , No matter what front-end framework you want to learn later , Just fasten “ Componentization ” and “ modularization ” These two main lines , There will be a general direction in my heart , Never get lost in the vast number of technical details .

The above describes the two main lines of learning front-end framework , But how to learn it ? With Angular For example , I share my experience with you , I hope you will finish this course , You can avoid common development mistakes 、 Get on the ground fast .

Why should I watch this course

Some friends may ask :Angular Relevant articles are everywhere , Why do I come to study this course ?

This is a very good question , Explain that you have quality requirements for the content you read .

If I were , I also have such doubts .

On the whole , The content of this course has the following features .

lately 5 I've been in “ play ” Front end things , such as jQuery、SVG、Ext JS、Adobe Flex、Angular; Especially in 2016 year , This whole year I represent Angular The project team promotes technology in China . therefore , I will Follow the general learning process of beginners , In my own language Step by step .

Here 5 In the year , I'm overtaking 50 companies 、 Open source organization 、 There was a lot of talk in the University , A lot of videos and articles have been published on the Internet . In the process of running around , Got to know a lot of people , Experienced back-end developers 、 There are also new beginners , They told me a lot about their own confusion , I will Some common questions are incorporated into the content .

I will, too Clean up the common pits in daily development , Most of these holes are feedback from developers , Or I make complaints about it . Take a few typical examples :

  • A lot of developers come to me and complain about , stay Windows On the platform @angular/cli There will be a lot of error, That's because @angular/cli stay Windows The platform depends on Python and Visual Studio Environmental Science , And many developers don't have these things installed on their machines . Why rely on these environments ? Because of some npm The package needs to be compiled locally .
  • node-sass Module by wall problem , Highly recommended cnpm Installation ( Click here to jump to the installation address ), It's very effective to avoid hitting the wall .
  • Some developers came to complain that @angular/cli Add it when you pack it –prod The parameter will report an error , Can't compile . This is a very common problem , because @angular/cli The latest version often has bug, Just in the project of package.json Reduce a small version number in it OK 了 . in addition , Add –prod After the parameters , The compiler will do more stringent checks , If there are useless components or configuration errors , It's hard to compile .
  • @angular/cli Default generated karma.conf.js In the configuration file, a file with bug Of HTML Report generator , Lead to ng test Operation error reporting , We need to take this reporter Change to mocha( mocha ), For specific configuration and examples, please refer to “ The first 10 course : automated testing ” Explanation in .
  • Other developers say , It works very well in local development , All requests after online 404. This is also a common pit , Because you need to give Web The container is configured to handle HTTP The rules of the request , Throw the front-end route back to Angular Handle , You can click here to see the details .

There are still many pits like this , I stepped on it one by one . Of course , I believe readers can step on it , But in terms of saving time , Isn't it faster to follow my train of thought ?

This course is all about usage , Covering the most frequently used features in daily development , Unless you have to , Try not to talk about the principle . For a long time , I find that there are many misunderstandings in the way readers learn , such as , Some people come up and study “ Change detection ” Principle , also RxJS Principle , It doesn't do you any good except to undermine your own self-confidence . Because sooner or later you will find out , In the field of computer , Everything that goes to the bottom is like “ Algorithm ”、“ data structure ”、“ Design patterns ” of .

as far as I am concerned , Many readers don't usually study the basic knowledge of these contents , therefore , I recommend A more pragmatic approach , First learn how to use , I'm familiar with it , Have the time 、 When you have leisure, you can study the underlying principles . It's hard to design an engine , But it's not hard to learn how to drive , Right ? So my goal in writing this course is very simple , It's about learning how to drive , Instead of teaching you to design engines .

This course is very important “ conceptual model ”(Mental Model) The construction of . I find , A lot of developers have done a lot of projects , But when you talk to him , It will soon be found that he did not grasp the essence of the door frame . For example :

  • When someone mentions Spring When , The first thing in your brain must be DI、IoC、AOP Wait for these core concepts ;
  • When someone mentions Hibernate、MyBatis、JPA When , Your brain will immediately come up with ORM And so on ;
  • When someone mentions React When , What you think of should be VDOM、JSX;
  • When someone mentions jQuery When , Your first thought should be $, Right ?

therefore , You can see , Any successful framework has its own unique “ conceptual model ”, Or call it “ The core value of ” It's fine too , This is the value of the framework itself , These core concepts are the main thread to grasp the framework , Instead of getting caught up in the vast technical details .

The course involves The total number of examples is about 300 individual , There are a few examples from official documents ( about 5 individual ), Other examples are all manually typed out by myself . I divide these examples into 10 Open source projects , They are independent of each other , Convenient for readers to refer to and practice .

Reader feedback

For a year , Received a lot of feedback from readers , thank you all . Here are some excerpts , For the reference of other readers . In order not to disturb these friends , Part of it is anonymous .
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This course is Angular Basic course , The goal is to lead the readers to the actual combat quickly . Courses to 3 Three core concepts as the main line ( Components 、 Routing and modules ) And features that must be used in the business development process ( Tools 、 Instructions 、 Forms 、RxJS、i18n、 test ) Let's talk about it .

In addition to this 3 The core concepts have strong relevance , Everything else is completely independent , You can read it at any time when you use it . The syringe part is a little more complicated , Not much is used in the daily development process .

After studying this course carefully , Will have a deep understanding of the new version Angular Conceptual model of , With the use of Angular The basic ability to start development .

The detailed outline is as follows :
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What are the contents of the upgrade

Angular This talent course has been released for a whole year ,2018 year 10 month ,Angular 7.0 As promised .

It took me some time to upgrade all the graphic content and instance code of the course to the latest version , Include :

  • proofreading 、 Supplement the picture and text course
  • Hundreds of small examples associated with the tutorial
  • 3 A comprehensive project ,1 individual To C A portal project of type 、1 individual To B Type of backstage management project 、1 Mobile terminals PWA project

This time I deliberately recorded , upgrade 、 There are two main ways to modify all the code :

  • Check each one Node.js Version compatibility of modules ( It's a little cumbersome to do by hand )
  • RxJS Some writing changes caused by the upgrade

The whole upgrade process is very smooth , You don't have to worry .

  • After the revision, there are 46 An article .
  • The code of all related projects has been upgraded to the latest Angular 7.0 edition ,NiceFish、OpenWMS、learn-* series , Keep the text content synchronized with the instance code .
  • Integrate the latest version 5.0、6.0、7.0, The revision 、 Added some text , such as Angular 5.0 Newly added 8 Routing events, etc .
  • Modified some data and charts , Use the most current data (2018 year 10 month 30 Japan ).
  • Some drawings have been modified .
  • increase 3 Appendices , explain 5.0、6.0、7.0 What has been updated .

The authors introduce

The desert is poor in autumn ,10 Years of development experience , among 5 Back end of the year 、5 Year front end . be familiar with Java Relevant technical system :Spring MVC、MyBatis、Ehcache、ELK、MySQL etc. . Especially in the front-end technology , Has been used and studied successively Flex、jQuery、Ext JS、Backbone、Bootstrap、Angular And other common front-end technology systems .

2016 ~ 2017 During the year , As a Angular Developer PM, Specifically to help Google Angular Team promotion in China Angular frame .

Published 《Ext Rivers and lakes 》 A Book , Translated and published 《ActionScript 3.0 Game Design Basics ( The second edition )》《 use AngularJS Develop the next generation Web application 》《 March towards Angular 2》 Three books .

In the past, including Taiwan 50 Many state-owned enterprises 、 private enterprise 、 foreign enterprise 、 Open source organizations and others have made a lot of speeches , Well received by the community .2016 ~ 2017 year , I used to be Google Angular Full time promotion of the framework in China ,Title yes Angular Developer PM.

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