Open source industry should also be closed. Can opensource continue to be borderless

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open source industry closed. closed


Well known cloud service provider HashiCorp Announced on the official website : It is not allowed to use in China 、 Deploy and install the enterprise's “ Enterprise Edition ” Products and software . Fortunately, open source software is not mentioned in the statement , And because of the protocols that open source software uses , It should not be completely unusable .


We know HashiCorp It still has a lot of very powerful cloud infrastructure software . such as

Terraform The goal is "Write, Plan, and create Infrastructure as Code", Infrastructure is code ,Terraform also Provides Kubernetes Full lifecycle management of applications , contain Pod The creation of 、 Delete, copy control, etc . Many public clouds in China support it Terraform.

Consul It is a service software supporting distributed and highly available service discovery and configuration sharing in multiple data centers , Use Go Language development , At present, there are a large number of use and landing cases in China .

Vagrant be Is a more popular virtual machine management software .

I believe HashiCorp There must have been a lot of pressure , Otherwise, we will not give up the Chinese market completely , It can be said that this incident started a relatively bad beginning , This marks that open source is also beginning to compromise with politics , It is likely that more companies will make similar decisions in the future . But the whole industry should be prepared for such an event , At the end of last year, the well-known open source network GitLab Two positions of ( Website reliability engineer and technical support ), The recruitment of engineers living in China and Russia has been banned . Regarding this GitLab call ,“ This is the concern expressed by some corporate customers , It is also a common practice in the current geopolitical environment .”


Self reflection on complying with open source rules

Although the protagonist of this incident HashiCorp There was no active mention of the open source agreement , But China's science and technology companies have always paid little attention to intellectual property , Even less attention is paid to the protocol rules of open source software , This is indeed worthy of reflection .

The video we're familiar with 、 Audio processing project FFMPEG and Linux all Is adopted GPL. and GPL The protocol and BSD, Apache Licence And the licenses that encourage code reuse are very different .GPL The starting point is the open source of the code / Free use and reference / modify / Open source of derivative code / Free use , But modified and derived generations are not allowed Code as a closed source commercial software distribution and sales . That's why we can use all kinds of free linux reason .

But there is still A lot of commercial software uses it FFMPEG But it doesn't follow LGPL/GPL License requirements , therefore FFMPEG The organizer uses “ Stigma (Hall of Shame)” To publicize the violations GPL License to use FFMPEG The company of the code , A large part of them are well-known enterprises in China , To this end, the whole industry has also been excited by the uproar .

Recently, the author found the earliest open source operating system project in China MiniGUI Also released a list of exceptions , For some non-compliance GPL The company of the agreement made an exception .

Although this open source project ban event has nothing to do with copyright issues , But I still want to appeal to the industry , In the use of open source software, we must pay attention to abide by the relevant rules .

Why open source is so important

stay 2019 China open source annual meeting (COSCon’19) On ,CSDN The founder of Jiang Tao and GitHub Vice President, Dohmke an 《 Fireside talk 》, It can be said that open source is IT The future of industry , At present, no company can be separated from the software , It's not possible to break away from open source . From a deeper level, open source is now swallowing the closed source and even , Gradually assimilate the world .

The open source debate is about standards : The current leader of open source projects is equivalent to 20 The standard setter years ago . For example, Google's deep learning framework Tensorflow Why it can become the industry standard of artificial intelligence , It depends on the word of mouth of open source users , It can be said that who has mastered the most popular open source projects , Who has the right to speak , So as to lead the development direction of the industry .

The open source battle is the entrance battle : At present each big IT The reason why manufacturers launch their own operating system 、AI Framework open source project , In fact, the essence of business logic is to compete for the user's entrance traffic , It can be said that whoever controls the flow entrance will take the initiative in the future competition .

Open source is the whole stack : At present, it is similar to Tencent 、 Most of the enterprises like Baidu open source their entire technology stack from the front end to the back end , This strategy is to consolidate its leadership advantage in the whole technology stack , For other industry references to imitate , Build momentum for brand value and technical ability .

Open source and the mutual achievements of China's technology giants


Currently in GitHub The global 4000 Million registered users , The number and contribution of developers from China are second , More and more domestic enterprises are playing an important role in the international cooperation of open source projects . Active open source project contributors in China , Yes 40% All of the above are in 2019 Joined in the year , Most of them are 90 Young people after , Participate in open source projects out of interest .

2019 In, a foreigner wrote a piece called “ China's open source projects are destroying GitHub The discovery page of ” The blog of , Make complaints about the Chinese language project GitHub Trend charts , The top 10 There is... In the project 9 Chinese projects , I think the scene of such a hot is exactly 2019 A profile of the development of China's open source projects in .

Champion of the open source list - Alibaba

Alibaba has done the best open source work among domestic enterprises , Its presence Github Our company's contribution ranking is No 12 position , The contribution of Chinese enterprises ranks No 1, Its open source projects have surpassed 1700 individual ,star Numerical supernumerary 75 ten thousand , The number of contributors is a breakthrough 2 ten thousand people , Such achievements are almost times higher than the enterprises ranking second in our country .


At the beginning of the year, the person in charge of Alibaba's open source Committee 、Caffe His father Jia Yangqing also issued a personal letter , Pay tribute to All open source developers .2010 In the summer , Ali just opened the first project ,10 Years later, big data 、 Cloud native 、AI、 database 、 middleware 、 Open source projects in hardware and other fields have taken root in Alibaba , There are two characteristics of Alibaba's open source projects , First, it is groundbreaking , Leading the industry ; The second is the complete coverage of the basic platform , Avoid making wheels again , It is definitely the leader in open source in China .

Tencent, a rising force

Since this year, Tencent has changed its strategy , Open the crazy open source mode . In the recent Tencent Techo Open source technology sub forum of Developer Conference , Tencent said publicly for the first time that its open source plan has now entered “ Deep Water ”, Change the past “ Bottom up ” The open source model of , towards “ Bottom up ” And “ From top to bottom ” Combined collaborative development evolution . Tencent open source will be built on the basis of internal collaboration , Push to the bottom 、 Heavier technology is open to the outside world , Closely participate in the construction of open source community , We will continue to improve open source governance , Create an ecosystem built by developers .

Tencent has joined Linux、Apache etc. 9 Big open source foundation , In depth cooperation to become the highest level member , And donate to the open source foundation 3 Great open source projects .2018 year 6 month , Tencent will have high performance RPC Development framework TARS, And lightweight name services TSeer Donate to Linux The foundation ;2018 year 8 month , Tencent will be the industry-leading in-depth learning framework Angel Donate to Linux It focuses on artificial intelligence LF AI The foundation ;2019 year 9 month , Tencent's trillion level distributed message middleware TubeMQ Official open source , It has also been donated to Apache The foundation , Become officially recognized Incubator project . Tencent has strong technology accumulation in streaming message queuing and operating system , More output from open source projects .



If you want to ask what was China's largest cultural output two years ago , Then this may be Liu's science fiction , It may also be Mo Yan's novel ; And if you want to ask this question now , The answer is open source . Ten years ago, it spread in the industry “ The code is engulfing the world ” Point of view , Now? IT It is generally accepted that “ Everything in the Internet world comes from open source ”, Here I appeal to the industry again , Follow the open source rules , Make good use of open source software .



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