From nginx to pandowload, how can programmers avoid prison oriented programming

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nginx pandowload programmers avoid prison


According to Yangzhou network police patrol law enforcement official news , Baidu network disk cracking version Pandownload Developers have been caught , At the same time, Baidu network disk official in the early morning of this matter made a response . Baidu official said it has been actively cooperating with the police , Severely crack down on the criminal acts of infringing the data privacy of Baidu online disk users . meanwhile , Baidu network disk will continue to improve the user experience through technology .

And as far as I can see Pandownload The author to achieve non member rights to break through the official Baidu disk settings , The function of high-speed download, frankly speaking, this function is actually good , Because from Github Look at the implementation of similar functions APP Some more , But there is another important message from the official announcement that “ establish QQ Group , Collect from group members 1 to 10 Group entrance fee of different yuan , Provide more stable “Pandownload” Internal test version . As of the crime , The criminal suspect gains illegally 30 More than RMB .

Recently, there have been a lot of legal incidents about programmers . For example, at the end of last year Nignx The father of Igor Sysoev My former employer Rambler The group is right Nginx A lawsuit for copyright infringement was brought , claim Igor Sysoe All development achievements during the term of office belong to Rambler Owned by the group , So it also causes Igor Sysoev Taken by the police .

And about two weeks ago Many netizens claim that their microblog information is suspected of data leakage , Some netizens have even sent out a screenshot of suspected microblog personal data package sales . In response to this, Weibo said , Data leaks are true , At present, Weibo has strengthened its security strategy in time , Microblog has always provided a service to query the nickname of microblog friends according to the phone number of the address book , Users can use the service after authorization . However, micro-blog does not provide information such as user gender and ID number , either “ Check the phone number according to the user's nickname ” Service for . So this data leak doesn't involve ID card 、 password , It has no impact on microblog service .

The above events are actually caused by programmers when they are making their own software , In short, it's made up of APP The murder that started . of APP In particular, there are too many right and wrong reptiles , According to my observation 2019 Almost all of the big data, that is, crawler companies, were checked in , Including Xinyan technology and Scorpio technology CEO Checked 、 Gongxinbao was sealed 、 Juxinli also announced that it would suspend its crawler service 、 Tongdun technology, the leader of domestic big data risk control platform, has also been exposed to disband the crawler department , One of the most interesting events , Or the one from The programmer of Qiao Da Technology , Because I wrote a crawler program , Illegal download resume information from a recruitment website and be prosecuted , Triggered the whole network about programmers facing “ prison ” The big discussion of programming .

From the author's point of view , Disputes about crawlers and information leakage protection need to be viewed from the perspective of data holders and data crawlers .

    The programmer The way to avoid prison oriented programming

According to the latest traffic analysis , Internet 40% The traffic on the left and right is robot, which is similar to Pandownload It's started by a reptile , From the angle of data crawling , We have to focus on the legal boundaries of crawler technology ,“ Technical innocence ” The number of is often unable to protect the majority of programmers . And the legal issues about reptiles , The author specially consulted colleagues from the legal department of the unit , According to our 《 The criminal law 》、《 Network security law 》 The provisions of the , The following are some of the crimes that reptiles may be involved in :

1. First of all, invade the affairs of the state 、 National defense construction 、 Computer information system in the field of advanced science and technology , Whether the plot is serious or not , Constitute the crime of illegal intrusion into computer information system .

2. Violation of relevant state regulations , Selling or providing citizens' personal information to others , constitute Crime of infringing personal information of citizens . That is to say, it is a crime to profit from selling personal information or to intrude into a system containing state secrets , But neither of them is unintentional , But the following rules need special attention .

3. Violation of state regulations , Delete the function of computer information system 、 modify 、 increase 、 interfere , Causes the computer information system to be unable to operate normally , With serious consequences , accomplish a crime . That is, if you use a crawler to grab too much , Cause the website that be seized cannot run normally , And cause serious consequences will also constitute a crime . The programmers of Qiaoda technology mentioned above are also due to the large amount of crawler traffic , Causing the target network to be nearly paralyzed , And arrested for violating this article .

In other words, the three principles to avoid prison oriented programming are

  1. Don't touch state affairs 、 The system of national defense construction
  2. Don't touch personal information , Not to sell personal information , And this time Pandownload Because the author of the breakthrough user's privacy rights , Enable paying members to download other people's files , It's also the point where he broke the law .
  3. Don't make money by cracking software , Because of our country's 《 Network security law 》 For cases involving non-state units , The main basis of judgment is whether it is profitable , That is to say Github Open source can , But there may be trouble with charging .
  4. Reasonable setting of crawling flow , avoid DDOS Aggressive reptiles

In addition, in order to avoid other civil disputes , Try to abide by Robots agreement .Robots The protocol is stored in the root directory of the website ASCII Encoded text file , It usually tells the web search engine's rover, or crawler , What content in this site should not be accessed by crawlers , What can be obtained by reptiles . Strictly in accordance with Robots agreement Crawling website related information generally does not appear too big a problem .

Because the general norms of the industry will also be considered in judicial practice , Therefore, it is generally observed that Robots The information obtained by the agreement will not be considered as trade secrets or personal privacy data . In other words, even if the information obtained by complying with the agreement is classified, its responsibility for leakage will not be borne by the crawling party .

    What to do in the event of an actual information leak

In all the information leakage, the most troublesome is the password or ID card information leakage , In this regard, the author has the following suggestions :

  1. Check your credit history : If there is any abnormality in the credit record , Especially when you have an unexplained loan , So the probability is that there is a serious information leakage situation . At this time, if you can't contact the loan platform , You can report it as soon as possible , In order to protect their legitimate rights and interests .
  2. Release the binding relationship between the three platforms : Generally speaking, the bank's protection for the customer's bank card is greater than that of the three-party payment company , So in case of information leakage , You can first release the binding relationship with the three-party payment platform and turn off the automatic deduction service , Change the bank card if necessary .

    The programmer's response


And summarize the programmer's response , The following points need to be noted :

1) Don't use your working hours to create your own products

2) Don't use the company's money 、 Equipment and unpublished information

3) Whether or not to leave the job 、 After a year's transfer, I will start to create

4) Don't use the company's computer to program , Especially don't use the company's WIFI Check your project in Github Of ISSUE Or submit PR. These inadvertent actions may give the company an excuse to dispute .

5) Don't sell information , And don't make money through information



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