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essential websites end developers

There are a lot of great tools on the Internet , Make our life easier as front-end developers . In this article , I'm going to give you a quick introduction to the 11 Tools .


Used to query the current Node Does the version have some features . for example , Object expander ( Rest/Spread Properties)


You can see in the Node v8.3.0 The following is not supported . Respectively in Node v8.5.0 and v8.2.1 Run the following code snippet

const a = { foo: 1};
console.log({...a, b: 2}); 


When you encounter the above errors , Most of them are Node Version problem .

Online address : https://node.green/


When you want to identify a Web API When , This online tool will be easy to handle .

Suppose we want to know which browsers and their versions will support Web Share API:navigator.share(...


View results . Browser and support navigator.share(…) The versions of are listed .

Online address : https://caniuse.com/


To reduce the package size of application code , When we release to the production environment , Need to minimize them . Minimize space elimination , Invalid code, etc . This can significantly reduce the size of the application package , This saves loading time on the browser .( Although in the present , Yes webpack uglifyJS Etc , But when I was developing a simple application that wasn't packaged , This is a good choice . )


Online address : https://www.minifier.org/


Bit.dev It's a great assembly center . It can be used for hosting , Document and manage reusable components from different projects . This is to increase code reuse , A good way to accelerate development and optimize teamwork .

This is also a good choice to build a design system from scratch ( Because it essentially has everything you need to design a system ). Bit.dev And Bit Perfect fit ,Bit Is an open source tool for handling component isolation and distribution .

Bit.dev Support React, with TypeScript Of React,Angular,Vue etc. .


Online address : https://bit.dev/


Free online tools , Used to minimize ( decompression , Anti confusion )JavaScript,CSS and HTML Code , Make it readable , beautiful


Online address : https://unminify.com/


This is a tool everyone likes .Stackblitz Enables us to use the most popular and most used IDE, namely web Upper Visual Studio Code .

Just one click ,Stackblitz Fast delivery Angular,React,Vue,Vanilla,RxJS,TypeScript Project framework .

When you want to try a piece of code or any current JS When the function in the frame ,Stackblitz Very useful . Suppose you are reading Angular article , And I ran into code that I wanted to try . You can minimize your browser and quickly build a new one Angular project .

There are other great online IDE, But I believe Stackblitz The turning point is to use what everyone likes Visual Studio Code Feeling and tools . (ps: Personal experience , Very fast and smooth , Attached drawing , Than sandbox Much faster )


Online address : https://stackblitz.com/


If you use JSON Web token (JWT) Protect application security , Or use JWT Allow users access to protected resources on the back end .

One way to decide whether a route or resource should be accessed is to check the expiration time of the token . Sometimes we want to decode JWT To see if it works payload,jwt.io That's exactly what it provides .

This online tool enables us to insert tokens to see if they are valid payload. Once we paste the token ,jwt.io The token is decoded and shown to be valid payload.


Online address : https://jwt.io/


Have you ever been uncertain node_modules Size , Or just want to know pakckage.json Size installed on your computer ? BundlePhobia Provides answers


This tool enables us to load package.json file , And show that the package.json Size of installed dependencies , You can also query the volume of a single package .

Online address : https://bundlephobia.com/

Babel REPL

Babel Is a free open source JS Transcriber , Used to transform modern ES Code to normal ES5 JavaScript.

The tool is Babeljs The team set up online Web application , Can be ES6 + Code conversion to ES5.

Two convenient ways of use summarized by myself

  1. Write Advanced Grammar online during aspect interview .
  2. Can quickly view some polyfill How is it written .


Online address : https://babeljs.io/en/repl

Prettier Playground

Prettier Is a self righteous JS Code formatter . It parses the code and uses the JS Best coding practices reprint it to implement consistent styles .

This tool has been widely used in our development environment , But it also has an online address , You can beautify your code in it .


Online address : https://prettier.io/playground


postwoman Is a powerful web debugging and simulation send HTTP Requested Chrome plug-in unit , Supports almost all types of HTTP request , Simple and convenient operation . Available for interface testing , For example, test your easy-mock Generated interfaces .


Online address : https://postwoman.io/

This article is translated from https://blog.bitsrc.io/12-use... But it's not just translation , Replace some of the original text which I think is not practical and add some of my own summary .


If my article helps you , I hope you can help me too , Welcome to my WeChat official account. Notes of autumn wind , reply Good friends secondary , You can add wechat and join the communication group , Notes of autumn wind Will always be with you .


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