Hand roll up a HTTP framework: support sprng, MVC, IOC, AOP, interceptor, configuration file read

JavaGuide 2020-11-13 10:05:12
hand roll http framework support

https://github.com/Snailclimb/jsoncat : Imitation Spring Boot But it's different from Spring Boot A lightweight of HTTP frame

From the last time I reported to my friends the simple version of “Spring Boot” It's been half a month since . How fast time flies !


In this half month , my HTTP The framework already supports AOP、 Interceptor ( It's also AOP A kind of )、 Property file read and other functions .

Current words , Whole HTTP The framework has basically all the functions I wanted to achieve in the first place . It's a promise , A good beginning and a good ending .

The specific implementation of the function is as follows :

Many readers may find it easier for me to write . however , Tell the truth , I also encountered a lot of problems in the process of writing . In order to solve some problems in writing this framework , I stayed up a lot of nights , I got up early many times .

I'm not a fan Qing . In general , I'm usually at night 9 Play some king's glory after 30:30 , here we are 12 I went to bed around 1:00 . In the morning , I'm usually 8 Get up around o'clock . Almost every day .

however , Write this HTTP Frame time , I remember there was 3 I stayed up late into the morning 2 P.m. . Yes 2 This morning , Because there is “ inspiration ”, I 5 How long did it take to get up and write code .

Say that , It's not for the sake of sympathy, to make people think how hard I write , It's not about how hard I try .

These are just ordinary experiences ! I think most programmers have experienced :

  • In the dead of night , Suddenly there was something wrong with my own code , You don't want to sleep if you don't solve it .
  • One morning , Wake up suddenly , I'm inspired , Turn on the computer and start writing code .

however , I really don't recommend staying up late ! Well, I'll do it myself , Every time I stay up late, I will be depressed the next day or even the third day , Seriously affect efficiency . It's just the short-term effect of staying up late , If your work and rest are not healthy for a long time , It must have done a lot of damage to the body .

All the reasons are clear , however , Most of them are like me , Or occasionally stay up late .


The directory structure of the whole framework is as follows :

  • The implementation part of the framework is organized according to different functional modules , intuitive .
  • Provides a complete framework using examples , And I've written tests for it .


The charm of open source is that people can give feedback on your project , also , Meet friends who are interested in your project , They'll also help you refine and develop projects together .

take jsoncat Come on .jsoncat After open source , One is called “hellohello-tom” My elder brother joined in to help develop .

tom Brother code is very good , help jsoncat Many functions have been realized ! Thank you very much very much ! Love you ! my dear friend !

We often communicate on wechat because of this project , Maybe that's the charm of programming ! Ha ha ha !

I seldom chat on wechat , But because of this open source project, I talked with my brother a lot .

Cut two pictures at random :

I think a project development is more taboo only their own . Everyone has limitations in their thinking , It's hard to find out where your code needs to be improved and what's wrong with it .

It also explains why Code Review( Code review ) It's so important in software development .

adopt Code Review Can be very effective in improving the overall quality of code , Because it will help us find bad smell in the code and possible problems .


Actually , It doesn't take much time to implement the function alone . Most of the time , I spent all my time refactoring existing code .

After all, I am HTTP One of the main purposes of the open source framework is to learn from the partners in need , I have to make sure that the code I write is readable .​

So , I set the following principles for myself in the process of writing code :

  1. The basics : With the least amount of code Write clearly You don't have to use one more line of code .
  2. Don't abuse design patterns : When I first wrote code , Especially like abusing design patterns . What design patterns have you learned , It's like using your own project immediately , Even if this design pattern is not suitable for the current business scenario . It's really a bad habit , however , I'm writing this HTTP When framing, I deliberately avoided this problem . Current words , The whole framework only uses singleton pattern 、 Factory mode 、 Strategy model and responsibility chain model .
  3. Keep the code structure clear : It's open source code , Clear code structure can greatly reduce the difficulty for others to understand the code .
  4. Carefully extract tool classes : When I first wrote this framework , I took a lot of tools . In the end, we found many methods in the tool class , Actually, it's only used in one place , And it will only be used in this place in the future . This is the time , I think the best way is to , Put these tool class methods in the only class that uses this method . In this way, the overall code structure will be clearer .
  5. No show of skill : When I first wrote code , I love show skills . for instance Java8 When it wasn't popular , I always want to write code with Java 8 Of Lambda expression 、 Functional interface and other new features . At that time , When working on projects with teachers , Other students will think that I write a special force , Because they think it's a long time before they can understand . however , I now feel that the practice at that time was actually different from software development / The nature of programming , The essence of programming is not to reduce the amount of code , It's about writing code that is easy for others to understand , Write systems that are easier to maintain . The code you write is not just for you to see , You have to make it understood , Reduce the cost of reading and learning for others . This does not contradict everything I said in the first point .

Let's talk about it today ! It's not too early !

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