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SSL certificate , Is used to encrypt HTTP agreement , That is to say HTTPS. With Taobao 、 Baidu and other websites have realized the whole station Https Encrypted access , Search engine for Https More friendly , Plus more and more people on the Internet pay attention to privacy security , Webmasters add SSL Certificates seem to be a trend .

Add... To your website SSL Certificates are not complicated , But the key point is to have one first SSL certificate . because SSL The price of the certificate is not cheap , Many personal webmasters will choose to give up using Https. however , Since open source 、 Free of charge Let's Encrypt After the certificate appears , I think SSL Is also our grassroots stationmaster can play .

The original summary of MIPO blog : Top 10 free SSL certificate : The website adds... For free HTTPS encryption


SSL Certificate level

There are three types , Domain type SSL certificate (DV SSL)、 Enterprise type SSL certificate (OVSSL)、 Enhanced SSL certificate (EVSSL)



1. Domain type SSL certificate (DV SSL - Domain Validation SSL

That is to say, the certification authority only checks the owner of the domain name online , It is usually to verify the content of a specified file under the domain name , Or verify the domain name TXT Record ;

For example, visit [http|https]://, The contents of the document : 2016082xxxxxmimvpcom2016

Or add a TXT Record –> TXT –> 20170xxxxxmimvpcom2066


2. Enterprise type SSL certificate (OV SSL - Organization Validation SSL

It is to ask the buyer to submit the organization information and the unit authorization letter etc. in the official registration certificate ,

The certification authority is issuing SSL Before certificate , It's not just about testing domain ownership ,

It is also necessary to check the authenticity and legality of these materials , Only those who have passed the verification can be issued SSL certificate .


3. Enhanced SSL certificate (EV SSL - Extended Validation SSL

And others SSL Same certificate , It's all based on SSL/TLS Security protocols ,

But the verification process is more specific and detailed , More validation steps ,

In this way, the website bound by the certificate is more reliable 、 trusted .

It's like normal SSL The difference between certificates is also obvious , Security browser's address bar turns green ,

If it's unbelievable SSL Certificates refuse to show , If it's a fishing site , The address bar turns red , To alert users .



Currently available for free use SSL certificate :

One 、Let's Encrypt ( recommend )

Official website :

1、Let's Encrypt It's a public free SSL project , from Linux The trust of the foundation , Its origin is not small , from Mozilla、 Cisco 、Akamai、IdenTrust and EFF Wait for the organization to initiate , The purpose is to automatically issue and manage free certificates to the website , In order to speed up the Internet by HTTP The transition to HTTPS.

2、Let's Encrypt Simple installation and deployment 、 convenient , at present Cpanel、Oneinstack Wait for the panel to be integrated Let's Encrypt One click application installation , There are many uses on the Internet Let's Encrypt Open source features produced online for free SSL Certificate application website , All in all Let's Encrypt Get your approval .

3、 The final choice Let's Encrypt, On the one hand is Let’s Encrypt SSL Has been Firefox、Chrome、IE Wait for the browser to support ,IE 6 Users don't think much about my blog , So you can ignore that . On the other hand ,Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate download and installation are already simple and stupid .


Two 、StartSSL

Official website :

1、StartSSL yes StartCom Company's SSL certificate , It should be free SSL In the certificate “ Originator ”, The first to offer completely free SSL I'm afraid that the only thing that certificates are supported by major browsers is StartSSL Certificate . Anyone can go from StartSSL Apply for free for one year SSL certificate .

2、 First application StartSSL free SSL The certificate is free for one year , But you can renew it in the next year . Before StartSSL management SSL Certificate only has one type of digital certificate installed in local browser , So once the local digital certificate is lost, you can't get the certificate you applied for before , But now we have added email login .

3、 If you read the news , Maybe I already know “Mozilla The formal proposal will stop trust WoSign and StartCom A new certificate issued ”, There are risks in using , Not recommended .


3、 ... and 、COMODO PositiveSSL

Official website :

1、COMODO The official website is only free 90 Days of SSL Application for certificate probation , This COMODO PositiveSSL The certificate comes from UK2 company , Wait UK2 Products of the company . Now get UK2 Free of charge COMODO PositiveSSL No additional operations are required , Just need you to put the domain name IP The address resolves to the specified IP that will do .

2、 First, resolve the domain name to UK2 On the company's servers , Then get... On the web SSL Certificate and download , Finally, you can remove domain name resolution , At the same time, upload the downloaded domain name certificate file to the server configuration SSL that will do . But because of UK2 Provided COMODO PositiveSSL Free certificate , If you don't use their host, you don't know which day it will go wrong .


Four 、CloudFlare SSL

Official website :

1、CloudFlare Free of charge SSL Certificate is UniversalSSL, General purpose SSL, Users do not need to apply for and configure a certificate from a certification authority to use SSL certificate ,CloudFlare To all users ( Including free users ) Provide SSL encryption .

2、 however Universal SSL The service is limited to free users ,CloudFlare Only support extension support Server Name Indication(SNI) Modern browser of protocol , That means it doesn't support IE6 And previous versions 、 function Android 2.2 Or an older version of Android browser .


5、 ... and 、Wosign Wotong SSL

Official website :

1、Wosign Watton is a domestic provider of SSL Certificate services website , It's free SSL Certificate application is relatively simple , Open online , One SSL Certificate can only correspond to one domain name , Support certificate status online query protocol (OCSP).

2、 because Wosign Wotong SSL It's a domestic SSL Service provider , therefore SSL Certificate application and management are relatively simple , And the website is in Chinese. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service . however , suffer “Mozilla The formal proposal will stop trust WoSign and StartCom A new certificate issued ” Influence , There are risks in using , Not recommended .

3、Wosign At present, the application for free certificate has been stopped


6、 ... and 、 Tencent cloud DV SSL certificate ( recommend )

Official website :

Tencent cloud DV SSL Domain name certificate is provided by Symantec for automatic verification and authentication , Sign off quickly ,

Support Automation CSR Generate 、 Domain name identity DNS Automatic verification , Submit the application in one step , Review and issue process is fully automatic .

It can be deployed to Tencent cloud resources with one click , Easy access to data security .

Certificate can be downloaded , For other cloud businesses , For example, Alibaba cloud

You can apply for , One secondary domain name at a time , If you have more than one domain name, you can apply for it more than once


7、 ... and 、 Alibaba cloud DV SSL certificate ( recommend )

Official website :

Symantec is SSL/TLS Leading provider of certificates , Provide security protection for more than one million network servers in the world .

After choosing Symantec , Certification authority (CA) Will properly protect your website and reputation , Let you rest assured .

Free digital certificate , Protect at most one sub domain name , Wildcard characters are not supported , A cloud account can issue at most 20 Free certificate

Protect a detailed domain name , for example :,,, Each sub domain name is a domain name ,

If every detailed domain name , They all need to be configured SSL, You need to apply for more than one free SSL certificate


8、 ... and 、360 Website guard 、 Baidu cloud accelerated free SSL、 Cloud again 、 Qiniuyun

Baidu cloud :  ( There are free , Export is not supported , It can only be used for Baidu cloud products )

Qiniuyun : SSL Certificate Services ( There are free , Need to log in to view )

Cloud again :SSL Certificate subscription ( There are free , Need to log in to view )

360 Website guard 、 Baidu cloud acceleration and Symantec When the cooperation launched free SSL certificate , In fact, it's similar to Tencent cloud above DV SSL certificate ,

It's just 360 If the website guard wants to use SSL Certificate must be real name certified , And you have to use The family CDN.

And Baidu cloud accelerates , Only use Baidu cloud server You can apply for free SSL certificate .


Nine 、AlphaSSL

Official website :

AlphaSSL It's a website abroad , Background unknown , Just from April this year, some friends told me that this website provides free AlphaSSL The certificate application , The tribe tried and found that the application was easy , But the success rate is not 100%.


Ten 、AWS free SSL certificate

Official website :AWS Certificate Manager

adopt AWS Certificate Manager preset SSL/TLS There is no extra charge for the certificate , You just need to create the AWS Pay for resources , such as Elastic Load Balancer、Amazon CloudFront Assign or Amazon API Gateway Upper API.

AWS Certificate Manager It's a service , Can help you easily preset 、 Manage and deploy for AWS Secure sockets layer for services / Transport layer security (SSL/TLS) certificate .SSL/TLS The certificate is used to protect the security of network communication and establish the website in Internet The identity of . Use AWS Certificate Manager, You don't need to buy 、 Upload and update SSL/TLS Certificates go through a time-consuming manual process . utilize AWS Certificate Manager, You can apply for a certificate quickly , stay AWS resources ( Such as Elastic Load Balancer、Amazon CloudFront Distribution and API Gateway Upper API) Sign the certificate , And let AWS Certificate Manager Handle certificate renewal .


cheap SSL Certificate There are many :

Namecheap:Cheap SSL Certificates from $7.95/yr •

ssls:SSL Certificates. Buy Cheap SSL Certs from $4.99/yr

cheapssl:Cheap SSL Certificates. Buy or Renew Cheapest SSL at $4.80






1、 Used a few years ago SSL Certificate website , Limited to some e-commerce websites , But now the major search engines 、 All kinds of industry websites have been launched Https, and SSL Certificate prices are also getting lower , Free of charge SSL More and more certificates , There are more and more choices for you , The whole station and the whole network use SSL HTTPS It's the general trend .

2、 The top ten are free SSL certificate , The most reassuring thing to say is Let's Encrypt、 Tencent cloud and Alibaba cloud DV SSL certificate , The effect can refer to many product websites of MIPO technology , It covers all the usage scenarios . Other free SSL certificate , It is recommended that you use , For some important websites, it is recommended that you buy directly SSL certificate .

3、 MIPO technology , As a technology driven startup , Fully investigate 、 Practice free and charge SSL certificate , For reference .

MIPO technology :                   ( The whole station uses HTTPS)

MIPO agent :         ( The first station uses HTTPS Agent service provider )

MIPO domain name :

MIPO pays :

MIPO wealth :

MIPO blog :             ( The whole station uses HTTPS Personal blog )


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