Slowhttptest slow attack tool use details

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slowhttptest slow attack tool use

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One 、 Brief introduction

SlowHTTPTest Is a slow attack on the server test software , The so-called slow attack is relative to cc perhaps DDoS It's fast , It's not the only way to hang up a server with a large amount and fast speed , Using slow attack can sometimes achieve the same effect .slowhttptest Including several slow attack methods before , Include slowloris, Slow HTTP POST, Slow Read attack etc. . So the principle of these slow attack tools is to find a way to make the server wait , When the server is holding the connection waiting , Nature consumes resources .

Two 、 Download and install

Kali Linux:

apt-get install slowhttptest

other Linux Distribution version :

tar -xzvf slowhttptest-x.x.tar.gz
cd slowhttptest-x.x
./configure --prefix=PREFIX
sudo make install

PREFIX Replace with... Should be installed slowhttptest The absolute path of tools .
Need to install libssl-dev To compile the tool successfully .

MacOS Installation command :

brew update && brew install slowhttptest

git install :

git clone

3、 ... and 、 Perform use

Default parameter test
Parameters related to its response :

test type Test type
number of connections The number of connections
URL website
verb Verb
interval between follow up data The interval between random data
connections per second Connections per second
test duration Test time
probe connection timeout Probe connection timeout
max length of followup data field The maximum length of subsequent data fields

1、 Parameter description

Options describe
-a Start For range header testing range-specifier The starting value of
-b byte Scope specifier restrictions for scope header tests
-c The number of connections Be limited to 65539
-d Proxy host : port adopt Web The agent directs all traffic
-e Proxy host : port Used only through Web The agent detects traffic directionally
-H,B,R or X Specifies to slow down in the header section or message body ,-R Enable range testing ,-X Enable slow read test
-f Content type The value of the content type header
-g Generate CSV and HTML Statistics in the format , The format is slow_xxx.csv / html, among xxx It's time and date
-i second The interval between the subsequent data of each connection ( In seconds )
-j cookie Cookie Header value ( for example :-j“ user_id = 1001; Overtime = 9000”)
-k Pipeline coefficient If the server supports HTTP The Conduit , The number of times a request is repeated for a slow read test on the same connection .
-l second Test duration ( In seconds )
-m Accept Accept Header value
-n second The interval between read operations from the receive buffer
-o file Customize the output file path and / Or name , If you specify -g, Effective
-p second Wait for the probe to connect HTTP Response timeout , After that, the server is considered inaccessible
Per second -r A connection Connection rate
-s byte If you specify -B, be Content-Length Header value
-t Verb The custom verb to use
-u URL The goal is URL, Same format as you type in your browser , for example http s:// host [:port] /
-v level journal 0-4 Level of detail
-w byte The beginning of the scope , The size of the advertising window will be selected from
-x byte The maximum length of follow-up data
-y byte The end of the range , The size of the advertising window will be selected from
-z byte Through a single read() Operation reads bytes from the receive buffer

2、 Function command

slowloris Pattern :

slowhttptest -c 1000 -H -i 10 -r 200 -t GET -u -x 24 -p 3

Slow Body attack :
Examples of usage in slow message body mode

slowhttptest -c 1000 -B -g -o my_body_stats -i 110 -r 200 -s 8192 -t FAKEVERB -u -x 10 -p 3

Slow Read Pattern :

slowhttptest -c 1000 -X -r 1000 -w 10 -y 20 -n 5 -z 32 -u

Examples of usage in slow mode :

./slowhttptest -c 1000 -H -g -o my_header_stats -i 10 -r 200 -t GET -u https://myseceureserver/resources/index.html -x 24 -p 3

By means of xxxx:8080 The agent on the :

./slowhttptest -c 1000 -X -r 1000 -w 10 -y 20 -n 5 -z 32 -u http://someserver/somebigresource -p 5 -l 350 -e x.x.x.x:8080

3、 error message

error message What's the meaning of this?
"Hit test time limit" The program has achieved the goal of -l The time limit specified by the parameter
"No open connections left" Peers shut down all connections
"Cannot establish connection" Before the test N No connection established in seconds , among N yes -i The value of the parameter , Or is it 10( If not specified ). If there is no route to the host or if the remote peer is disconnected , And that happens
"Connection refused" The remote peer does not accept connections on the specified port ( Only from you ? Probe with proxy )
"Cancelled by user" You pressed Ctrl-C Or in some other way SIGINT
"Unexpected error" It will never happen

3、 The basis of judgment

  1. When the server is controllable , You can confirm the existence of the vulnerability with the following command :
pgrep http | wc -l  Number of processes
netstat -antp | grep 443 | wc -l  Number of network connections
  1. At the time of the attack , If the service cannot be accessed normally, there is a vulnerability .

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