How to learn HTML5? How can Xiaobai start HTML5 quickly?

Yangzi 2021-02-22 22:42:51
learn html5 html xiaobai start

Laiqianfeng Wuhan HTML5 Training has been around for about a month , I have gained a lot from this month's study . I'm glad to have our beautiful teacher's earnest instruction , I also met many classmates , Through their help , Solved a lot of problems , It will benefit me a lot in the end .

 How to learn HTML5? How can Xiaobai start quickly HTML5?

In fact, four weeks passed quickly , Before I came here, all kinds of worries disappeared with the gradual adaptation . I never thought I could learn so much in one day before , In two or three days you'll be able to type out an interface , After four years of studying computer in University, I have never worked as hard as I do now , Every time I make something, the feeling of achievement and joy will make me feel that the code is so lovely .

From the beginning of the ignorant , Right now Web The front end has preliminary learning and cognition , What I like most is the learning atmosphere in the class , My comrades in arms are fighting day and night , Under the influence of this atmosphere , Of course, I'm not willing to fall behind . In this month , Whether it's html+css, still HTML5+css3, I feel that everything I make is cool , On the tall . Yes HTML Labels and CSS Learning cascading style sheets , So that I can finish PC And mobile page , Also gradually generated interest in learning , It makes me look forward to the following JS And frame learning .

 How to learn HTML5? How can Xiaobai start quickly HTML5?

either progress or be washed backward , move forward , or you 'll fall behind . And learning HTML5 It's not just that , Boring code life to now even entry is not , If you can't hold on now , How can we talk about the future . Want to get a foothold here , Persistence and effort are only basic conditions , Want to be successful in the end , Then we must persevere .

The teacher talks a lot every day , But very carefully , It is acceptable for students with zero foundation , Every day's knowledge goes step by step , I have accumulated more and more knowledge , Unknowingly, a stage has come to an end , And I don't seem to have enjoyed myself . In Qianfeng Wuhan HTML5 The rest of the training time is not long , Short is not short , But the key to learning is persistence , Now that I've chosen this place , The days to come are bound to be stormy .

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