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html css detailed tutorial article


<link /> Import external resources

Block labels :<p>,<h1> To <h6>,<table>,<ul>,<div> wait <span>

In line labels : <a>,<img>,<span> wait

<br /> Line break

<hr align=" alignment " color=" Color " size=" thickness " width=" Width " /> Level

<b></b>,<strong></strong> bold

<i></i> Italics

Special characters

Used to display spaces


<form name=" Form name " action=" The path of the submitted server " method=" Method of submission "></form>

1)action Used to indicate who processes the form , The default is the current page

2)post The way is to package the data into a data package and send it quickly , So it's more secure and can send a lot of data ;

get Methods don't package data , Only a small amount of data can be sent , But fast ; The default is get;

Input control

<input type=" type " size=" Show width " name=" name " />

Be careful :

1) Radio boxes with the same name will automatically form a group , You can only choose one from a group

2) Check boxes in a group should also have the same name

Attribute specification :

1)type There can be multiple values ,eg:

text: The default value is , Single line text box

password: Password box

radio: Radio buttons

checkbox: Check box

file: File domain ( For uploading files )

button: General button

submit: Submit button

reset: Reset button

image: Image button

2)value: Submitted value

3)maxlength: The maximum length allowed to enter

4)readonly: Set to read only

5)disabled: Set to disable

<textarea name=" name " cols=" Number of columns " rows=" Row number ></textarea> Text field

<buttom></buttom> Define buttons

select A drop-down box

1) Format

<select name=" name ">

<option value=" value 1"> Options 1</option>

<option value=" value 2"> Options 2</option>



Be careful :

Options 1 and 2 Will not submit , What's really submitted to the server is value The value of the property ;

selected The option representing the drop-down box is selected ;

checked Indicates that a check box or radio box is selected ;

Form validation

1.required Required validation

2. Form matching validation

<input type="email"/>

<input type="date"/>

3. Verify the input range

<input type="number" min="18" max="35" step="5"/>

4. Set custom prompt information

<input type="email" oninvalid="setCustomValidity(' Prompt information ')"/>

Forms end

<img alt=“ Prompt information ” title=“ Prompt information ” src=” Picture path ”"align=" Alignment mode "

border=" The frame size " width=" Width " height=" Height " /> Insert a picture

Audio tags

1) Format :

<audio width=" wide " height=" high " src=" route " controls="controls">

Your browser does not support it audio label


Video Tags : take audio Switch to video that will do


<a href=” Link location ”target=" Target window " ></a>

Be careful :

_self: Means to open... In the current window ;

_blank: Indicates that it opens in a new window

a:link Unhooked hyperlink style

a:hover Mouse over hyperlink style

a:active Hyperlink styles that are not released when you click

a:visited Hyperlink style after access

<ul><li></li></ul> Unordered list

<ol><li></li></ol> Ordered list

<dl></dl> Custom list <dt></dt> title <dd></dd> Description of the title

<table></table> form

1)border: Frame

2)cellspacing: Set the distance between the grids

3)cellpadding: Set the border and content of the grid

<caption></caption> The total head

<tr></tr> That's ok

<td colspan=" Number of columns " rowspan=" Row number ></td> Cell

<thead></thead> Header

<tbody></tbody> Form and content

<tfoot></tfoot> Table notes

<style></style>css style



background Compound attribute

background-color: keyword | rgb()| #6 A hexadecimal number The background color

background-image:url( Picture path ) Background image

background-position: Parameters 1 Parameters 2; Background image location

Parameters 1 Control the horizontal direction x location

Parameters 2 Control the vertical direction y location

background-repeat:repeat | no-repeat |repeat-x | repeat-y How to repeat the background image

background-size Background image size

1. Linear gradient

1) No repetition

background:linear-gradient( Angle or direction , Color 1, Color 2...);

2) repeat


2. Radial Gradient ( Be careful : When the container is square , Radial gradients are always round )

1) No repetition radial-gradient(...)

2) repeat repeating-radial-gradient(...)


border Compound attribute

border-style: solid/dashed/none Border style

border-width: The width of the border

border-color: Color of border

border-bottom Under the frame

border-left The left margin

border-right Right margin

border-top On the border

border-radius Rounded rectangle

border-image Border picture

The box

box-shadow: Horizontal distance Vertical distance Blur radius Color ; Box shadow


opacity transparency


height Element height

max-height Maximum height

min-height Minimum height

width Element width

max-width Maximum width

min-width Minimum width


list-style A list of attributes

list-style-image:url( Picture path ) List image

list-style-position List item location

list-style-type List item shapes


margin Compound attribute

margin-bottom Bottom margin

margin-left The left margin

margin-right The right margin

margin-top From the above


padding Compound attribute

padding-bottom Bottom margin

padding-left The left margin

padding-right The right margin

padding-top From the above

Location attribute

bottom Down the distance

top Up the distance

right Right distance

left Left distance

cursor The cursor shows the shape

display Change element type

1)block: Lump

2)inline: Row level

3)none: nothing ( Hiding and not occupying position )

float:left/right/none float

overflow An event occurs when an element overflows

position Location type

1.static Static positioning ( The default value is )

1) Keep the default location in the standard document stream , No movement

2)left,top The wait attribute is invalid

2.relative Relative positioning

1) Offset from the original position , It can be used left,top,right,bottom Set offset

2) Does not deviate from the standard document stream

3.absolute Absolute positioning

1) By default, the upper left corner of the browser is the coordinate origin , Horizontal to the right is X Positive axis , Vertically down is Y Positive axis

2) Will break away from the standard document stream

3)z-index Determine the stacking order of elements , The higher the value, the higher it is

4.fixed Fixed position

1) Out of the standard document stream

2) Always take the upper left corner of the browser as the coordinate origin

vertical-align Vertical alignment

visibility Set whether the element is visible

z-index Stacking order of elements


font-family typeface

font-size font size

font-weight The font size

color: The font color

Text attribute

direction Direction of writing

letter-spacing Between characters

line-height Row height

text-align Horizontal alignment of text

text-decoration Set text modifiers ( Underline )

text-indent The first line indentation

text-shadow: Horizontal distance Vertical distance Blur radius Color ; Text shadow

text-transform Case of text
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