Is front end learning difficult?

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end learning difficult

The degree of difficulty is relative , Not absolutely .

Front end learning is relative to java,python It must be easier to wait . It will be difficult to master , And the update is fast , Need to constantly enrich themselves , Improve yourself , It's also a difficulty .

At the beginning of front-end learning , I don't know how to learn , It's normal to learn anything , Here I share my own learning route .

First of all, we have to start with basic studies , That is to say html,css,javascript 了 , It's very easy to learn these , Basically no more than two months, you can completely master the static layout of the web page , I mean when you're completely self-taught . With javascript For example , You need to understand variables , assignment , Operator , loop , Function and other basic syntax .

Next you can learn about the framework , Now the most commonly used is vue and react, A partner who wants to enter a large factory react It is necessary to learn .
If you have any questions about the learning front end , Learning methods , Learning route , How to learn to be efficient , You can always ask me , Or lack of systematic learning materials , I've been in this business for a long time , I think I'm more experienced , Can help you to make constructive suggestions ,603985993 This is my web Front end communication 3000 Skirt , Please feel free to ask me any questions .

Then talk about the specific learning methods :

1. It is suggested that beginners must pay attention to clock in : Daily clock in is very important , It can help you understand your learning progress , Avoid three days of fishing and two days of net drying .

2. Note taking , Practice more : When you watch the video , You may not know if you will , Even if you think so , In practice, I may forget , So we must pay attention to operation .

3. Join the self-study group : Under the influence of a good learning atmosphere , You can't help but want to learn , I can find a little partner to learn front end together , Help each other .

4. Find a learning partner : In the self-study group, find a small partner with a similar learning progress , Mutual supervision , Compare the learning progress every day .

5. Ask the great God : Ask no questions , Answer any questions you have , In this way, the learning progress is very fast .

6. Project practice : Take part in the actual combat of the project , Accumulate experience .

No matter what the front end turns into , It's always about the user experience , In fact, it's just the essence of the Internet, but it's just increased , There are more ways of development .


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