In less than two months, musk made more than $1 billion, more than Tesla's annual profit

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months musk billion tesla annual

{"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" It's better to fry money than to make cars . musk , A coin ring boss who was delayed by car making ..."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Two months of speculation , The revenue exceeds Tesla 1 year "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Musk made a lot of money ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2 month 8 Japan , One filed with the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) File display for , end 2020 end of the year , Tesla has bought value 15 Billion dollars of bitcoin . Tesla is currently the second largest listed company in the world to hold bitcoin ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Media reports said , The cost for Tesla to buy bitcoin is about 3.5 Thousands of dollars \/ gold . in other words , Tesla bought about 4.28 Ten thousand bitcoins ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Nearly period of time , Bitcoin is on the rise .2 month 22 Japan , The price of bitcoin has set a new record , First exceeded 58000 dollar . At this price , Tesla's bitcoin holdings bring more than 10 Billion dollars ( About the yuan 64.6 One hundred million yuan )."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" It is worth mentioning that , That's more than Tesla 2020 The profit for the whole year of the year ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2020 This is the first time Tesla has made a full year profit . tesla 2020 Annual financial report ,2020 In the year , Tesla's revenue 315.36 Billion dollars , Year-on-year increase 28%; US GAAP (GAAP) The net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders is 7.21 Billion dollars , from 2019 Years of losses 8.62 Billion dollars to profit . Besides , According to Tesla's official annual sales report ,2020 year , Tesla produced and delivered about 50 Ten thousand electric cars , Year on year growth in deliveries 36%, Most of the increase comes from the Chinese market ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" According to the investment bank Wedbush Securities It is estimated that , Tesla has made a lot of money in the past month 10 Billion dollars .《 The Times 》 Reports said , Tesla's bitcoin investment profit this year is higher than that of the company 2020 The car sales revenue in 2000 was nearly 30%."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" For a long time ago , Tesla's profitability has always been questioned , Musk's profits Flag It's standing and falling , Fall and stand . Now it's less than 2 Months , Revenue has overtaken car building 1 year , sell 50 Ten thousand cars ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" musk , A coin ring boss who was delayed by car making ..."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Musk has been questioned by economists for hyping bitcoin "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" In the last two months , Musk is frequently disclosed as bitcoin “ Take the goods ”."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"1 month 29 Japan , Musk changed his profile on Twitter to “#bitcoin”( The currency ), On the day , The price of bitcoin should soar 18%, The price above 38000 dollar ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2 month 1 Japan , Musk said in an interview that , Bitcoin is a good thing , He's a supporter of bitcoin . He also said he , I should be at least 8 Bought bitcoin a year ago , And admitted that he was late in the feast of bitcoin trading ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2 month 8 Japan , Tesla announced the purchase of 15 Billion dollars of bitcoin , At the same time, it announced that it will start to accept the payment form of bitcoin for car purchase ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2 month 19 Japan , Musk tweeted back about investing in bitcoin , He said, , Tesla's actions do not directly reflect his personal views . Bitcoin is almost as meaningless as fiat money , But holding bitcoin is slightly better than holding cash . Bitcoin is a less stupid form of liquidity than cash , To a standard & Poor's 500 For index companies , Holding some bitcoin is risky enough .“ It should be noted that , I ‘ No ’ investors , I'm an engineer . Except Tesla , I don't even own any publicly traded shares . However , When the effective interest on legal tender is negative , Only a fool would not think about other forms of investment .”"}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2 month 20 Day in the morning , He changed the profile of his twitter account to \" Embrace bitcoin \" The cartoon characters , And a series of 2 The tweet says , Change your head “ Only one day ”,“ I just want to light the flame in your heart ”. The move is thought to drive bitcoin up the next day ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" little does one think , here we are 20 On the afternoon of Sunday 3 spot , Musk tweeted again “ Make complaints ”, Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be “( Price ) Very high ”.“ Money is just data , Let's avoid the inconvenience of barter . This data is the same as all data , There are delays and errors . In this way , Bitcoin and Ethereum really seem to be high ”."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Musk's high-profile delivery has attracted and driven a large number of retail investors and institutions to buy bitcoin . American brokers WedBush Express , Is expected in the future 12-18 There will be nearly 5% The listed companies follow Tesla's investment diversification strategy , Join the bitcoin investment wave ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" before , Musk once said in an interview that ,“ I just need to move my mouth , It could change the market ”. One of his words on social media , An action , It's easy to make big waves in the capital market , Musk has now become a “ God of goods ”."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"2020 year 11 month , American hedge fund managers 、 Michael, former chief investment officer of Castle investments · Novogratz had expected , To 2021 By the end of the year, the price of bitcoin could reach 5.5 ten thousand -6 Thousands of dollars . Investment announced at Tesla 15 After buying bitcoin for 100 million dollars , The price of bitcoin is expected to reach 2021 It will more than double by the end of the year , achieve 10 Thousands of dollars ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" In recent days, , American economist nourier · Roubini said , Before Tesla invested in cryptocurrency , Musk's tweet about bitcoin is a kind of “ Market manipulation ” Behavior . He called on the U.S. government to investigate musk ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" There's a lot of trouble making cars "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Make a lot of money by doing sideline business , However , Tesla's main business — The car business has been in trouble lately ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" last year 11 month , A video about Tesla has sparked discussion on the Internet . In the video , The photographer's dash cam records the picture of a Tesla skylight in front of it being lifted , The flying skylight almost hit the photographer's vehicle . On the day , There are also foreign media reports that , There's a problem with Tesla's system security . A hacker successfully developed a new key clone for Tesla motor “ Relay attack ”(Relay Attack), And in Tesla Model X The demonstration was carried out on electric vehicles . allegedly , Tesla is ready to launch a new patch for it ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" last year 12 month , The United States 《 Consumer reports 》 The annual reliability survey report released shows that , In all 26 Tesla is the last in the top brands , Its Model Y The model has been exposed to have a number of quality problems ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" This year, 1 month 31 Japan , A Tesla owner in Nanchang, Jiangsu Province said , I bought only one 6 Days of Model 3 In the 2 After charging , Sudden power failure, unable to start , The window won't close , You can only use paper shells for shelter . Tesla's subsequent response was “ Wok ” The state grid , Tesla after-sales person in charge said it was caused by instantaneous current overload , Tesla according to 220V or 380V For rectification , But the voltage of the State Grid will suddenly rise . State Grid responded in a statement early in the morning that , tesla Model 3 The blackout has nothing to do with the State Grid , It is also suggested that Tesla ask professionals to find out the cause of vehicle charging failure ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" recently , A foreign Tesla owner posted a video on the social platform saying , When I drive my own Tesla past the graveyard , The central control platform senses a lot of pedestrians . In response, Tesla customer service said , Sensor sensing error is caused by many factors , The accumulated dust from not washing the car for a long time will also affect the sensor ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Behind the endless stream of negative news , explain , Tesla car body quality problem 、 The system security issues are still the focus of the outside world . meanwhile , Tesla also faces pressure from global competitors on the new energy car building track , Before that, musk and he Xiaopeng, the founder of Xiaopeng automobile, met each other across the air , It's full of gunpowder ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Tesla's investment in bitcoin has been fruitful , But high yield also means high risk , Risks behind bitcoin's recent surge 、 Speculation and bubbles can not be ignored either . Making cars is a money burning business , Invest heavily , Cycle is long , But new energy vehicles represent Tesla's long-term value ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" For tesla , The potential challenges for the future are still great ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"italic"},{"type":"size","attrs":{"size":10}}],"text":" Reference link :"}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"link","attrs":{"href":"https:\/\/\/s?id=1692353691857698963&wfr=spider&for=pc","title":"","type":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"text":"https:\/\/\/s?id=1692353691857698963&wfr=spider&for=pc"}],"marks":[{"type":"italic"},{"type":"size","attrs":{"size":10}}]}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"link","attrs":{"href":"http:\/\/\/tech\/2021-02-22\/doc-ikftpnny8962573.shtml","title":"","type":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"text":"http:\/\/\/tech\/2021-02-22\/doc-ikftpnny8962573.shtml"}],"marks":[{"type":"italic"},{"type":"size","attrs":{"size":10}}]}]}]}

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