Event bubble and capture in JavaScript

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event bubble capture javascript

Event bubble and event capture

cause : Today, I'm encapsulating a bind Function , Find out el.addEventListener The function supports the third parameter ,useCapture: Whether to use event capture , I feel a little fuzzy

  • Js Flow of events

    Which part of the page has a particular event , Example : Draw a set of concentric circles on the paper , If you put your fingers on concentric circles , So it's not a circle , It's all the circles on the paper . On the page, too , If you click a button , Also click the container element of the button , Even click on the whole page

    Flow of events : The order in which the page receives events ,IE and Netscape Two concepts were put forward at the beginning , Two kinds of The event bubbled , Event capture flow

 <!-- If there is such a similar passage html -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<head><title>bubbling and capture</title></head>
<div id="myDiv">Click me</div>
  • Event Bubbling (event bubbling)

    IE The proposed event handling method , namely At the beginning of the event , Received by the most specific element , Then it propagates up to the unspecific nodes

    If you click... In the example div Elements , So this click The sequence of events spread is as follows :div -> body -> html -> document

    in other words ,click First of all, the event will be div Trigger on element , This element is what we click on , then click Events will follow DOM The trees spread up , It happens at every level of the node , Until it spread to document object

    All browsers support event bubbling , But there will be some differences in the specific implementation , for example IE5.5 And earlier versions of event bubbling will skip Html Elements , Directly from body Jump to the document Elements , and IE9,Firefox,Chrome,Safari Then bubble the event all the way to window object

  • Event capture (event capturing)

    Netscape The net well team has another flow of events called Event capture , The idea of event capture is that less specific nodes should receive events earlier , And the specific node should finally receive the event , The purpose of event capture is to capture an event before it reaches its expected goal , If you still take the above example , single click div

    So the trigger sequence would be like this document -> html -> body -> div

    In the event capture process ,document Object first receives click event , And then events along DOM The trees go down in turn , All the way to the actual goal of time, that is div Elements

    although Netscape It's about developing this flow of events , But now all the newer browsers support this event flow model , Even though “DOM2 Level event ” The specification requires that events should be from document Objects start to spread , But these browsers are all from window Object starts capturing Events

    Because older browsers don't support , So event capture is rarely used , It is recommended to use the event bubbling , Use event capture when there are special needs

  • DOM Flow of events

    "DOM2 Level events " What is? DOM2 Level The specified event flow consists of three phases

    Event capture phase At the target stage Event bubbling stage
    The event is not at the target , Events are delivered from large to small , From the outside down DOM The tree passes , Trigger sequence , From the outside to the inside At the target stage : The event occurs on the target element , And it's part of the bubbling phase of event handling Event bubbling stage : The event starts with the target element , Along DOM The trees pass out , Go to the parent container ,body,html,document Some browsers will arrive at window
  • What is? DOM2 Level ? What is? DOM0 Level ? What is? DOM Event handler level

    event : An action performed by the user or the browser itself , for example click,load,mouseover It's all the names of the events , And the function corresponding to an event , It's called Event handler , The event handler is named after on start , for example click The event handler is onclick,load The way to deal with the incident is onload

    • HTML Event handler

      Some html Element supports some kind of event , You can use a... With the same name as the corresponding time handler html Property to specify , The value of this property is executable javascript Code , for example

      <div onclick="alert(1)"></div>

      This event is triggered by : The bubbling phase triggers

    • DOM0 Level event handler

      html Event handler Of javascript Logic and html Too much coupling

      DOM0 Level event handler

       var btn = document.getElementById('myBtn')
      btn.onclick= function(){

      Here this It points to this trigger element , And through this Object to access any attributes and methods of an element , The event handler added in this way will be in the The bubbling phase is dealt with

      Remove event monitoring btn.onclick = null

    • DOM2 Level event handler

      Two methods :addEventListener and removeEventListener

      be-all DOM The node contains both methods , And take three parameters , Event name to process , Function as an event handler and a Boolean value , Finally, if this Boolean value is true, It means that The capture phase calls the event handler , If it is false It means in The bubble phase calls the event handler

      And the sequence of event flows is Capture - The goal is - Bubbling , The capture phase is before the bubbling event is handled , So instead of true It may affect the normal time sequence

      demo as follows :

       var btn = document.getElementById('myBtn')

      DOM2 The advantage of adding event handlers with the level method is that you can add multiple event handlers , The first two replace the event handler , Because there's only one attribute , And the method of the element will also override

      But it also means , Event handlers cannot be removed by rewriting , So pass removeEventListener To remove the event handler , And anonymous functions cannot be removed

      Most of the time , Both add event handlers to the bubbling phase of the event flow , In this way, all kinds of browsers can be compatible to the maximum extent , It's best to add an event handler to the capture phase only when you need to intercept an event before it reaches the target , If it's not particularly necessary , Registering event handlers in the time capture phase is not recommended

    • IE Event handler

      IE In this way, we can realize the connection with DOM Two similar methods in attachEvent and detachEvent, But only two parameters are accepted , One is the name of the event handler and the event handler function , because IE8 And earlier versions only support event bubbling , So pass attachEvent Any added event handler will be added to Event bubbling stage

      It should be noted that :

      1.attachEvent and DOM The main difference is in the scope of the event handler ,DOM0 Level will be in the scope of the element to which it belongs , and attachEvent The event handler runs in the global scope , So in attachEvent In the added function ,this Point to window

      2.attachEvent When adding multiple events , Not in the order of addition , But in reverse order , Add , Execute first


  • el.addEventListener The third parameter problem of the function is solved , Use this method to represent the binding DOM2 Level event listener , It can be specified repeatedly , The third parameter indicates whether the event is handled in the capture phase , Capture -》 The goal is -》 Bubbling
  • The third parameter defaults to false, If there is no special case, it is not recommended to use the time processing program in the capture phase
  • I understand Flow of events , Capture and bubble ,DOM Event type level (HTML Level event handler ,DOM0 Level event handler ,DOM2 Level event handler ,IE Event handler )
  • Event flow process , First from the outside to the inside , Capture phase , Reach the target stage , Bubbling from the inside out

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