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http interface debugging tool star

【 Introduction 】:Python Realized HTTP Request the command line client , I understood as a curl Of Python edition , But it provides a more friendly , Easier to use commands and options .
brief introduction

HTTPie It's using Python Realized HTTP Command line tools , Provides a more humane 、 More interactive commands and options , It can be used for testing 、 Debugging and communication with HTTP API Server interaction ,http and https The command can be used to send any http request , Use natural and simple grammar , Provides formatting and color output .

HTTPie It has the following main features :

1、 Natural and intuitive grammar

2、 Formable terminal output , Including color discrimination

3、 Support JSON

4、 Support form and file upload

5、 Support HTTPS、 Proxy and authentication

6、 You can send any request data

7、 Custom request header

8、 Session persistence

9、 similar wget Download function

10、 Support Linux、macOS and Windows

11、 Support plug-ins

12、 Perfect documentation support

Download and install

Project source address :

Project test


Operating environment requirements Python3.6 Version and above .Windows The installation on the platform needs to ensure that setuptools The version is the latest , Use the following command to install :

$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
$ pip install --upgrade httpie

For installation methods on other platforms, refer to readme that will do , It's very clear . meanwhile ,HTTPie Our website also provides a tool , It can be executed directly on the browser HTTPie command , For tasting 、 It's easy to test .

Easy to use

Let's take a look at some examples from the official website HTTPie Usage of .

1、 This command means , To address send out PUT request , The custom request header is X-API-Token:123, The request data format is JSON, The specific key value is name=John. It can be seen from this example that ,http The command is followed by the request method (PUT、DELETE、POST etc. ), The custom request header uses XX:YY The format of ,JSON The data used XX=YY Express .

http PUT X-API-Token:123 name=John

The execution result is :

2、 This command means , To address Send as a form POST request ,-f Options indicate that the data is submitted in the form format .

http -f POST hello=World

The execution result is :

3、 This command means , To address send out GET request ,-v Represents the output of the entire HTTP Request response data exchanged ( There are other options as well , such as —headers,-h Print only response headers ,--body,-b Print only response data ). If the request method is not explicitly specified , When no data is sent , The default is GET Method , When there is data to send , The default is POST Method .

http -v

The execution result is :

4、 This command means , Send... To the destination address POST request . We know github You need login authentication , This is also -a(--auth) The function of this option ,-a Followed by the user name , During the execution of the following command , Will interactively ask you to enter your password .

http -a USERNAME POST body='HTTPie is awesome! :heart:'

The execution process is :

5、 This command means , To address Upload files data.json, The redirection symbol is used as the file input .

http < files/data.json

Accordingly , An example of downloading a file and redirecting it to local storage is as follows :

http > image.png

The above are some simple examples provided on the official website , however HTTPie It's a lot more than that , such as mutipart/form-data File upload of 、HTTP Proxy forwarding 、 Block transmission 、HTTPS Certificate validation of 、 Appoint SSL edition 、 Format output and many other common 、 Useful features , For those who often need debugging HTTP Network students , It's definitely a good tool , comparison curl, Its commands and options are more friendly , Please refer to the official documents , Try it yourself .

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