Only then 2 Mid month , Guangzhou has gradually entered the summer ,—— Summer is always a time of anxiety . During the Spring Festival, I wrote the final chapter of the series of micro front end , Welcome to tile . If you're used to code directly , Let's skip to the practice section , Go straight to the code tutorial and play .

qiankun The principle and API Introduce

qiankun Is based on singlespa An upper application of the framework , It provides a complete life cycle , And some hook functions , Dynamically load and register micro applications through route matching , At the same time, it provides a series of api Manage and preload micro applications , It's relative to singlespa For me, progress is relatively great .

therefore ---qiankun Is essentially singlespa An encapsulation of , Based on what we saw in the previous section ,singlespa By outputting a manifest.json Dynamically construct by identifying the entry information script Rendering implementation of micro front-end applications , Similar to the picture below :

Take a look back. singlespa The core logic in the rendering process
1、 First of all, we have main( Lord app) child( Son app), Lord app only one , Son app There can be multiple
2、 secondly , Lord app In general, we can do it in index.html Inside , Write more space , That is, a few more div
for example :

<div id=”react-app”></div>
<div id=”vue-app”></div>

3、 then , In our child On , We need to use it. webpack plug-in unit , Generate a... With all the dependent files that need to be loaded manifest.json

4、 Main application to load this manifest.json, Get specific js, Use script Tags put it on the main application , Rendering

stay qiankun This logic is basically encapsulated in , Let's just go through a few simple api You can control singlespa The more complex configuration and concept in .


import { registerMicroApps, start } from 'qiankun';
name: 'react app', // apply name
entry: '//localhost:7100', // Application entry , Applications need to add cors Options
container: '#yourContainer', // Apply separate appid Of div
activeRule: '/yourActiveRule', // Matching routing
name: 'vue app',
entry: { scripts: ['//localhost:7100/main.js'] },
container: '#yourContainer2',
activeRule: '/yourActiveRule2',


main It's a qiankun The main part of , It also does not limit the types of frameworks , It can be used react It can also be used. vue and angular, Only need entry.js Just register it inside .

In general main It's a common code , for example :
1、 Message triggers
2、 Public routing
3、 Permission triggers
4、 Storage, such as global management 、 The skin 、 User management and other public pages

You can also write the home page of the site here , Can speed up the loading of the main body

Life cycle


boostrap amount to init, The subapplication will call this method when it is loaded for the first time , In general, you can do some project initialization operations inside , for example


It is called every time it is loaded into a child application , like componentDidMount, In general, we have to put ReactDOM.render Such initialization functions are written in it , Every time mount Called when the render


This heel mount Just the opposite , Every time I log off / It is called when switching subapplications , Generally we are here ReactDOM.unmountComponentAtNode Log off the app , Then let out the container of the whole project


It's an optional life cycle , When the subapplication changes, it will call .

Route matching

There are two kinds of routing rules , You need to manually call the corresponding sub application rendering , Through a call loadMicroApp To mount a child application component , So you can do it main Configure subapplication like a normal application in view 了 .

import { loadMicroApp } from 'qiankun';
import React from 'react';
class App extends React.Component {
containerRef = React.createRef();
microApp = null;
componentDidMount() {
this.microApp = loadMicroApp(
{ name: 'app1', entry: '//localhost:1234', container: this.containerRef.current, props: { name: 'qiankun' } },
componentWillUnmount() {
componentDidUpdate() {
this.microApp.update({ name: 'kuitos' });
render() {
return <div ref={this.containerRef}></div>;

Handling styles

The sandbox

qiankun The sandbox mode is in start Of api It is opened in the configuration item

sandbox Options available

sandbox: true // true | false | { strictStyleIsolation?: boolean, experimentalStyleIsolation?: boolean }

By default, Sandbox can ensure style isolation between subapplications in single instance scenarios , But we can't make sure that the main application and the sub application 、 Or sub application style isolation of multi instance scenarios . When the configuration is { strictStyleIsolation: true } The strict style isolation mode is turned on . In this mode qiankun Each micro application container will be wrapped with a shadow dom node , So as to ensure that the style of micro application will not affect the overall situation .
shadow dom coco The great God wrote an article about this , I won't teach you how to make an axe

Style conflict resolution

qiankun Automatically isolate styles between micro applications ( With the sandbox open ), You can manually ensure the style isolation between the main application and the micro application . For example, add a prefix to all styles of the main application , Or if you use ant-design Such a component library , You can automatically add the specified prefix to the main application style through the configuration method in this document .

With antd For example :

To configure webpack modify less Variable

loader: 'less-loader',
+ options: {
+ modifyVars: {
+ '@ant-prefix': 'yourPrefix',
+ },
+ javascriptEnabled: true,
+ },

To configure antd ConfigProvider

import { ConfigProvider } from 'antd';
export const MyApp = () => (
<ConfigProvider prefixCls="yourPrefix">
<App />

webpack Configuration issues

The following configuration needs to be added to the micro application packaging tool :

 const packageName = require('./package.json').name;
module.exports = {
output: {
library: `${packageName}-[name]`,
libraryTarget: 'umd',
jsonpFunction: `webpackJsonp_${packageName}`,

qiankun practice -react Micro front end applications

start , Get ready 2 individual react application

Direct use create-react-app Create two app application

npx create-react-app main-app
npx create-react-app micro-app

You can get a folder with two items

We use it main Master application ,micro Do sub applications , According to our api, Only one sub application needs to be configured register You can introduce sub applications
The sub application needs to call out webpack To configure ,create-react-app Manual configuration is not allowed by default , Just use the command
Get into micro-app Folder directory to run (create-react-app Also have overload To change the configuration , Here, for convenience, you can call it directly by command ):

npm run eject

In this way, the preparation work for the project is ready .

Sub application configuration

There are two steps to configure subapplication , One is life cycle configuration . Let's write a life cycle function and put it in main.js in :

And then we put reactDom.render Put it in mount Call in life cycle , Give Way qiankun When you're ready to load mount Then initialize the application :

unmount You can't forget the logout operation of :

We change the root node of the app all at once id, Refer to it in the parent application ( Don't forget to html It also needs to be changed ):

Finally, put webpack Modify the configuration in :
1、 modify devserver Support cors Modify the port
headers: { 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*', }

2、 Modify and add bundle Export of , stay webpack.config.js Increase the configuration :

Parent application configuration

Then we can go to main Application , The first thing to register is

npm install qiankun --save

And then in main file index.js Register the subapplication in :

Don't forget we still need to be in public/index.html Write a div Containers ,id It's the one we used id, Rendering used to host subapplications :

Then we can start running and have a look :

The successful running , Just change it micro Let's see the effect :

Next, we need to deal with the problem of routing jump .

The practice of routing

As mentioned above , stay react Use in qiankun have access to apiloadMicroApp, Here we also use it to deal with route hops .
We are mainly in main-app In the operation :
First new micro-app Of view file ( Create a new app for each additional sub app ):

And then use react-router Direct configuration :
because create-react-app By default, it is not provided directly react-router, Let's go to the next one

npm install react-router react-router-dom --save

It's over index.js Long like this :

Try again :

Be accomplished !

Conclusion and source code

Compared to what we saw last time singlespa It's a lot easier to configure , And more straightforward , New sub applications are more seamless .
need demo Source code students private letter me oh

Application scenarios and pits

pit - Static resource problem solving

After the micro application is packaged css If the loading path used is relative path , It can lead to css Font file and image loading in 404.

and css Once the file is packaged , You can't change it dynamically publicPath To fix the path of the font file and background image .

There are three main solutions :

  • All images and other static resources are uploaded to cdn,css Directly quoted in cdn Address ( recommend )
  • With the help of webpack Of url-loader Package font files and images into base64( It is suitable for small font files and pictures )( recommend )
  • Use absolute address ,nginx Set static directory in


qiankun The overall idea is to compare ok Of , It greatly simplifies singlespa The use of logic , Let the threshold of micro front end become lower , But it still has some disadvantages , For example, part api There are always puzzling questions , for example api Documents are not particularly intuitive, etc , These are areas for improvement . And for the micro front end , Be able to do technology stack independent 、 Gradually upgrade old projects 、 Separation of different services and other functions can already give full play to its maximum value .

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