2008-2021 front end technical post release + latest internal interview questions

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2008-2021 end technical post release

Three gold and four silver are in sight , Byte hopping Massive front end hc coming ! Many people don't know much about the rank system and technical requirements of technical posts , I don't know how to go to the interview , Here is a brief introduction to .
Besides , At the end of the article, there is also sharing : Latest front end organized by byte interviewer Interview questions ( With answers ) , Fresh out ! I hope you can understand and master these knowledge points , Try to pass every interview ! 


Byte beating rank R & D sequence, a total of 10 level


Monthly salary between different series base Big difference , technology base Overall high . such as 2-1 The monthly salary will be 20k+,2-2 Of package

Will be in 60w-100w about ( Including options , Probably 30% about ).T2-2 Salary level 40k,500 Stocks / Every year, , Byte beating cash compensation is more than BAT We are higher than 25%-40%.


Byte front end engineer job requirements

1、 Master all kinds of front-end technology , Have a good command of JavaScript,CSS,HTML,DOM、 mapping 、 Animation 、 agreement 、 Security 、 The Internet 、 Performance optimization and other front-end technologies ;

2、 Deepen understanding JavaScript Language , For mainstream front end frameworks ( React \ Vue \ Angular etc. ) At least one has deep application and deep understanding of its design principles ;
3、 Good product awareness , For user needs 、 Experience 、 Interaction 、 There is a certain pursuit of operation process , Willing to use product effect as the most important driving factor of work ;
4、 Positive optimism , Strong sense of responsibility , Work carefully , Have a good sense of service , Good team communication and cooperation ability .


Performance appraisal and promotion

There are eight levels of internal performance appraisal , From low to high F、I、M-、M、M+、E、E+、O, And forced distribution , Salary increase corresponding to year-end bonus and monthly salary percentage .M There's a chance to get a raise . The promotion interview also mainly depends on the performance appraisal .
Twice a year , Generally in March and September . The assessment methods are used for reference google Of OKR+360 Pattern : The headline is bimonthly OKR, Can be in lark See everyone's on OKR, Know what you're doing , What's the big goal of your alignment , Support alignment what your people are doing .
360 assessment : everyone You can evaluate others, and you can also be evaluated by others , Whether it's leaders or ordinary employees .



Three free meals and afternoon tea .

If you live near the company, there is housing subsidy , Beijing 1500 Hangzhou 800.

2021 Latest byte jump Internal interview questions

Limited space , free Get a complete set of interview questions , Scan the code and add wechat below , Also available On the job interviewers have a lot of interview skills

spot stay see , As a gift to the new employee Ali / Byte Resume Template !

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