How to connect the ground gas to the micro front end?

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connect ground gas micro end

brief introduction :  Micro front end brings obvious benefits at the same time , Also facing the pain point . For existing sites , How to access a micro front end based on the old technology stack ? What kind of communication do you need

One 、 Preface

Microfront , This concept has been on various hot topics in China more than once , The problems it solves are also obvious , The pain points mentioned by these micro front ends are also very prominent in the projects that our team maintains .

But I always think , A new technology 、 wave , The most popular thing to be discussed is the outstanding thinking behind him .

" Micro front end is ...xx frame ,xx technology "

This kind of words is a little limited to this outstanding idea , I can only think of him as a layman , To rub the heat of the word .

In my projects and teams , There is already a very large stock of technology stacks and pages that are already running online , Any iterative upgrade must be careful , Be on the safe side .

so to speak , To a certain extent , These benefits of micro front end are from user experience and technical maintenance , The value to the business cannot be quantified , The implementation of this technology is guided by both the need and the need .

We must be in awe of the stock technology stack , Isolation , Several basic elements of controllable influence range , Then consider the implementation of micro front-end solution .

therefore , Under this basic element and guideline , To implement this new technology , We must fully understand the existing technical solutions of the current transformation site 、 The proportion and the capability difference provided by the current mature micro front-end framework , Don't copy and copy .

Two 、 background

The projects that my team maintains are PC Operation background (Workstation), These platforms will exist in different countries , Different time zones , Different partners and so on .

If you need to develop a new page requirement , It's likely that the developers involved are from different teams , At this time, we need to ensure that the style of multiple management pages is unified while completing the existing requirements , Unified design standards , Component unification , It's very difficult to unify interactions .

When the business needs to be migrated to another workbench , Although it needs to be logical , But the navigation bar 、 The theme is different .

The current stock plan is to adopt Java Go straight ahead Template Render HTML, After the iterations of previous generations , There are already several pages produced by different technology stacks in different systems .

Although it's all React To achieve , But the predecessors are very able to toss , None of them are conventional React Developed in the form of components .

such as :

  • Most of the pages are through a JSON To configure , Consumption component generated pages .
  • Some of the pages are defined by another team JSON Configure consumption component generated , With the above JSON Totally different .
  • There are also some pages , It is provided through a set of page publishing platform JS Bundle Loaded out .

Facing such a technical background , Except for smiling and shouting MMP, Tearfully speaking words that I can't understand ( Existence is reason , It's not hard for you to do ?), We have to come up with such a landing plan .

3、 ... and 、 programme & flow chart

First , Need a clear analysis of all pages of the site , General features that need to be loaded :

 How to connect ground gas to micro front end ?


These are some of the common features that have been streamlined , Here is a brief introduction :

  • Layout Loader: Navigation for loading different worktables
  • DADA Loader: Used for loading JSON Configured page
  • Source Code Loader: Used for loading JS Bundle
  • Micro Loader: Used to handle micro front end loading
  • Log Report: It is used for log embedding point
  • Time Zone: Used to switch time zones
  • i18n: For switching multiple languages
  • Guider: For unified control of user guidance

In addition, there may be the following page expansion capabilities :

  • Safety monitoring
  • Flow control
  • Pop up control
  • The questionnaire survey
  • Q & a robot

Later, we looked at the general classification , The general loading process of the page should be like this :

 How to connect ground gas to micro front end ?


Four 、 Implementation details

Based on the above loading idea , The first thing to do is to close the page loading path , It is necessary to ensure that the loading entry of all pages is in a uniform Loader Next , Then we can process the loading life cycle of all pages systematically .

At the same time of convergence , It also needs to be open , Keep plug-in and open to the core loading path , Support different expansion capabilities at any time , Rendering technology stack access .

1 、 Plug-in mechanism

therefore , On the main path , adopt Loader Load the configuration for processing , This configuration provides context in the main path , And then it's for plug-ins to consume , As shown in the figure :

 How to connect ground gas to micro front end ?


for instance , Take an independent JS Bundle For sub applications of type :

<div id="root"></div>
<script src="https://cdn.address/schema-resolver/index.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.address/schema-resolver/plugin/layout.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.address/schema-resolver/plugin/source-code.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.address/schema-resolver/plugin/micro-loader.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.address/schema-resolver/plugin/i18n.js"></script>
micro: true,
host: "dev.address",
hfType: "layout1",
externals: ["//{HOST}/theme1/index.css"],
// host is cdn prefix, the resource maybe in different env & country
resource: {
js: "/index.js",
css: "/index.css",
{ container: document.querySelector("#root") }

Through the above Plugin introduce , You can open and consume different configurations .

Here's the introduction of Layout Plugin, The plug-in will consume hfType Field and then load the for Layout Resource provision Container Give it to the next link .

According to the configuration , The current page has opened the micro front end , that Micro Loader Will consume what is provided Container, And then set up the sandbox ( Here is based on qiankun), Provide again Container come out .

Finally, it's up to SourceCode Plugin Conduct Bundle Load run and render . If this is another rendering protocol or technology stack , It can be consumed by different plug-ins according to different configurations Container.

In the process , The plug-ins in each link are independent , pluggable .

such as :

If you don't load Layout Plugin Will not consume hfType Field , It's not going to Layout Plug in logic is injected into getContainer In the method , Then you'll get directly from the outermost layer Container Rendering , There will be no menu related information .

If you don't load Micro Plugin There will also be no logic injection into the micro front end , You don't build sandboxes , Then the page rendering process will continue in normal mode .

2 、 Secure migration

For projects that my team is responsible for , We can't do a one size fits all plan , So for the existing stock page , A complete analysis of the current stock of technology stacks is needed :

 How to connect ground gas to micro front end ?


For the above stock page , We need to implement page level control online deployment from left to right in batches , Only after the left side of the project can be deployed can we make some modifications .

This kind of migration test needs to deal with a set of Automation e2e Testing process , At the same time, through batch migration, comb out Micro front end registry .

With these two process assurance and scope control , The online content of the current scheme is completely controllable , Most of the rest to deal with is more repetitive physical work , Coverage can also be quantified .

3、 Micro front end form

Move according to the above plan , So the expected micro front end shape will be :

  • Every page that opens the micro front end can become the main application .
  • Micro front end is an optional plug-in , If the business exception caused by micro front end can be closed at any time .
  • The same micro front-end page routes can switch between each other to achieve local refresh form , And jump to the non micro front-end registry page will jump directly to the page . As the coverage of micro front-end pages increases , Local refresh coverage will also gradually increase .
  • You can use different extensions , Loading stock pages of different technology stack types , Convert to corresponding sub application .

 How to connect ground gas to micro front end ?


stay SchemaResolver The registration and call paths in are as follows :

 How to connect ground gas to micro front end ?


5、 ... and 、 summary

Look at the essence through technology , The outstanding thinking represented by the micro front end , That's the key to solving specific problems , Only by solving specific business problems , It's the technology that has the value to transform .

Don't do micro front end for micro front end , Don't do applets for applets .

At present , adopt SchemaResolver, Different open capabilities can be provided for different roles :

  • For platform Administrators , Provide plug-in capabilities, open global extension capabilities .
  • For page developers , Provide standardized access solution path , Provides a variety of technology stack access capabilities , No perception provides micro front end , Multilingual , Buried point , menu , Theme loading and other capabilities . Decouples the common capabilities of different systems , meanwhile , This way allows page developers to quickly migrate specific business logic to other platforms .
  • For third party access , Don't care about the system menu 、 Subject access mode , Provide unified access caliber , Isolation technology stack through micro front end 、 Isolator application style . Finally, through the unified page system control , Easy access to the corresponding platform , At the same time, you can see the overall situation of the site page .

author : Developer Assistant _LS

This article is the original content of Alibaba cloud , No reprint without permission

author : Developer Assistant _LS

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This article is the original content of Alibaba cloud , No reprint without permission



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