Using vite to build Vue project

Wang Ji 2021-02-23 14:39:29
using vite build vue project

We knew last year that Youda had developed a new web Develop build tools Vite, the other day Vite2.0 It's officially released ! It's time to learn !

Build the first Vite project :

Node.js need >12.0.0

npm init @vitejs/app

After installation, you can specify the project name :
Select the initialization template :
When the selection is complete :

cd vite-project
npm install
npm run dev

first Vite+Vue3.0 The project is set up !Vite The default application template is 3.x, If the project starts , In the browser. F12 I can't see Vue Options ,Vue.js not detected, Need to update devtools, Update address

Quick build method :

# npm 6.x
npm init @vitejs/app my-project --template vue
# npm 7+ Need extra double horizontal lines :
npm init @vitejs/app my-project -- --template vue

pack :

npm run build

After packing, open the project blank , Need configuration vite.config.js Medium base The basic path is './'

environment variable :

Vite In a special import.meta.env Expose environment variables on objects

  • import.meta.env.MODE: String The environment mode of application running
  • import.meta.env.BASE_URL: String Applications are being deployed on base URL, from base Configuration items determine
  • import.meta.env.PROD: Boolean Whether the application is running in the production environment
  • import.meta.env.DEV: Boolean Whether the application is running in the development environment

.env file

.env # It will load in all cases
.env.local # It will load in all cases , But it will be git Ignore ( Need to be in .gitignore Medium plus .local)
.env.[mode] # Load only in the specified mode
.env.[mode].local # Load only in the specified mode , Will be git Ignore 

vite.config.js Common configuration

import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
import vue from '@vitejs/plugin-vue'
export default defineConfig({
// Array of plug-ins to use
plugins: [vue()],
// A common infrastructure path for developing or producing environmental services , It can be /foo/、、 Empty string or ./( For development environment ) Several types , This option can also be specified through command line arguments ( example :vite build --base=/my/public/path/)
base: './',
// Folder for static resource services , Default "public"
publicDir: 'public',
css: {
postcss: {
plugins: [
server: {
// Server hostname , If external access is allowed , Can be set to ""
host: '',
// Server port number
port: 3000,
// boolean | string Automatically open the application in the browser when you start the project ; If string, such as "/index.html", Will open http://localhost:3000/index.html
open: false,
// Custom proxy rules
proxy: {
'/api': {
target: '',
changeOrigin: true,
rewrite: (path) => path.replace(/^\/api/, '')
build: {
// Specify the output path , Default 'dist'
outDir: 'dist',
// Specify the storage path of the generated static resources ( be relative to build.outDir)
assetsDir: 'assets',
// An import or reference resource less than this threshold will be inlined as base64 code , Set to 0 This can be disabled . Default 4096(4kb)
assetsInlineLimit: '4096',
// Enable / Ban CSS Code splitting , If you disable , All of the whole project CSS Will be extracted into a CSS In file , Default true
cssCodeSplit: true,
// Whether to generate after construction source map file , Default false
sourcemap: false,
// by true when , Will generate manifest.json file , For back end Integration
manifest: false
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