The front end experience of the 2021 autumn recruitment

lucifer 2021-02-23 15:00:41
end experience autumn recruitment

The interview process

  1. Let's introduce ourselves .
  • Hello, interviewer ...
  1. Seeing your project experience , Briefly introduce your project .
  • ...
  1. Your project uses React, Which version is used ?
  • With React 16.5( remember wrongly , Should be 16.8)
  1. React 16.5 There has been a Hooks Did you? ?
  • No, ( There was an awkward moment ,React 16.8.0 Is the first to support Hook Version of ).
  1. Hooks and class What are the advantages ?
  • Sometimes class The same logic appears in life cycle functions that are not used in , Use Hooks Make the code easier to maintain .
lucifer notes : hooks On the one hand, it gives more functions to functional components , So that it can be completely replaced in function class Components . On the other hand hooks Created a new way to organize code , And the old mixin as well as render props The starting point is similar , But it focuses on the same function of the code put together , So that code logic reuse has one more choice . Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages , Due to space limitation , Not here .
  1. You used Hooks Which methods of ? Which functions ?
  • Used to useEffect.
lucifer notes : I suggest you talk more about it , such as useState, useCallback etc. .
  1. useEffect What are the characteristics of ?
  • Use useEffect You can simulate some life cycle functions , such as componentDidMount,componentDidUpdate,componentWillUnmount.
  1. react What are the life cycles of ?
  • There are componentDidMount, When it's updated, there are componentDidUpdate,shouldcomponentUpdate, There are componentWillUnmount etc. .
  1. componentWillReceiveProps() Do you know ?
  • I don't know . Later, I checked the documents and said componentWillReceiveProps() Less commonly used .
  1. When Redux When data in changes , Which life cycles will change ? Or explain Redux Operation mechanism of ?
  • A random answer …… Bad answer . It's about redux Mainly for complex data streams .
lucifer notes : Recommended for reading In depth understanding of redux
  1. What does a complex data stream mean ?
  • Dig a hole for yourself , I don't quite understand , The reason is that I don't understand Redux Application scenarios of , That is, why to use Redux. This article It's very good , It means that when our states are distributed across multiple components , When tracking the state of these components becomes cumbersome , You can use Redux To unify management .
  1. webpack What kind of configuration have you done ?
  • I usually set up loader and plugin, Used plug-ins commonChunks etc. .
  1. plugin and loader What's the difference? ?
  • loader Equivalent to a modular converter , For example, will less File to css file ,plugin Support some extended plug-ins , such as HTMLWebpackplugin,commonChunks etc. .
  1. loader How to integrate less File to css file ?
  • I don't know whether to ask about the specific configuration or the principle , As a result, the interviewer changed the topic .
lucifer notes : In fact, that is ast Analysis and transformation of , Specific content you can search under the relevant articles .
  1. loader What is the execution order of ?
  • From right to left 、 From bottom to top .
lucifer notes : I don't see what it means to go from bottom to top . however loader The order of execution is borrowed from compose, In functional programming compose The order of combination is from right to left , And similar pipe From left to right , It's very common linux The Conduit (pipe) From left to right .
  1. I want to configure a single page app , How to configure entry part ?
entry: {
// What's written here
  1. ES6 Understand? ?let, const, Map, Set, Arrow functions and so on .
  2. The following code b What does it mean ?
let a = [1, 2, 4]
let b = => { v= v*2 })

I answered first b = [1, 4, 8]( It's brain pumping , Math in primary school is wrong ), The interviewer asked why not [2, 4, 8], I'm wrong

And then he said it's not right , Because there's a brace to the right of the arrow .

In fact, in the code above b yes [undefined, undefined, undefined], The interviewer guides how to deal with it b by [2, 4, 8].

The answer is if the right side of the arrow is in parentheses , You need to put a... In braces return Just go back . The following code :

let a = [1, 2, 4]
let b = => { v= v*2; return v; })

At ordinary times to write map I've never used braces , It was only during the interview that I realized , I blew it up !

  1. Understand the event cycle ?
lucifer notes : I recommend reading what I wrote before 《 Read the browser event loop 》
  1. What's the problem? ?

The specific work place depends on your own arrangement . Hangzhou and Shanghai . Hangzhou is mainly responsible for the construction of algorithm platform and map related . The technology stack is React.


The interviewer is very kind , Because the traffic jam came late , I'm sorry , I feel like I haven't been interviewed for a long time , We need a batch of dishes ,map If it's braces, you should add return I don't know , For a long time . In general, it's still based on the resume , So a good project is crucial , The project is not about how grand , It's about what you've really done on your own , Harvest is the most important thing .

lucifer summary

Because it's autumn , The overall interview difficulty is low . Maybe it's one side , Not even programming and algorithms . Most of the questions in the interview are common , The compasses . We can check and fill the gaps . After that, it will bring you more experience .

You can also pay attention to my official account. 《 Anterior part of brain hole 》 Get more fresh front-end hardcore articles , Take you to the front end you don't know .


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