Codeless development of cloud watch for enterprise digital solution

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codeless development cloud watch enterprise

without doubt , It's an era of rapid digital commerce , Because in the cruel market competition , Only take the lead in building digital lean operation capability , In order to make full use of resources , Gain a competitive advantage . Take on the responsibility of enterprise digitalization IT The system built by the Department , Often make complaints about business departments “ slow 、 your 、 difficult ”, That is, the system goes online slowly 、 your 、 Difficult to maintain .

However , Not every enterprise is faced with the difficulty of system construction .Supercell Only less than 200 Human team , A lot of games are created every year . There are also a lot of pop stars , such as clash  royale, Tribal conflict , Every year can create 15 $100 million profit . Some teams in charge of game building don't even know how to program . With limited manpower , By encapsulating general game development materials and algorithms , Rapid development and trial and error through reuse , It's possible to develop so many games , To create something like this .

therefore IT The key problem of the Department is not that there are too many business needs , It is IT The department uses traditional development methods , Develop projects one by one around the needs of the business department . Because the projects are too fragmented , Separated from each other , Difficult to reuse , Unable to form resultant force ,it Even if you work overtime often, it's hard to meet the needs of the business department .

in fact , It's possible to improve the reusability of system construction . When faced with specific segmentation needs , Business people and ordinary developers can even take advantage of BI Tools to achieve no code extension . Use by business department PowerBI etc. BI Tools , You can reuse the packaged underlying engine to achieve data collection and chart display . Business people and managers, even if they don't know how to program , You can also customize reports and charts , Not only meet their own needs , It's lightened up again IT Department pressure . however BI The tool function is too single , It's too limited . For example, you can only check, not type , Only problems can be found , Can't build a system to support business departments to solve problems efficiently , Deep integration cannot be achieved at the operational level . In order to help business departments quickly build various applications for flexible modification , Mobile office , structure BPM technological process , Solve the problem of enterprise digitalization , Only choose an efficient No code development platform , Make enterprise IT Departments can improve efficiency , And used by business units , To adapt to the surging digital demand .

 There is no code

No code Enterprise Digital Center

IT There are many choices for departments to choose and build digital platform , Including independent development 、 Custom development 、 Low code platform and no code platform . It's hard to develop independently or to customize . The threshold of independent development of digital station is very high , Only enterprises with professional and technical strength can achieve it through years of accumulation . in addition , If the enterprise develops digital products for its own use , Because only the enterprise is the user of the system , There will inevitably be more bug. All in all , Adopting independent development is not only a high threshold 、 The high cost 、 It's a big risk . The customized development of digital middle stations is almost the same except that the threshold is a little lower , Not only is it expensive , It's a big risk , Cycle is long , And it's hard to change it later .

If we use low code platform to do digital middle platform , Although the cost and risk are much lower than independent R & D and customized development , But the development efficiency is not high enough , Can't satisfy the explosive IT demand . But in There is no code Development efficiency , Development efficiency can improve 3~5 times .

On the other hand , Even if you only need to write one line of code , You're going to be stuck with business experts . therefore , Only implementation, no code , Demand side , Such as business personnel and management personnel can participate in the construction of the system , This not only reduces communication barriers , It can really reduce IT Department pressure . So the ultimate development mode of the enterprise is to really realize codeless development .

Based on no code China's enterprise digital transformation promotion mode

No code development is the enterprise digital solution is IT It's a good medicine for departments to solve their worries . The key to this solution is that the selected digital midrange products should support No code development . This model , stay IT Under the organization , Based on codeless development , Realization IT The rapid development of the Department itself and the demand side , Share the pressure of development , Accelerate enterprise digitization . The characteristics of this model are as follows :

1. The core system is led by the information technology department .IT The Department is responsible for the introduction or construction of digital intermediate stations , Responsible for the overall digital operation of the enterprise , Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises .

2、 Peripheral systems and innovation systems , By business department . Business personnel and managers directly use the codeless development platform to realize the digital applications they need , No programming , It avoids communication problems , It's lightened up again IT Department pressure .

The key to this solution is , The product should support codeless development .

1. Only when there is no coding , Demand side such as business personnel 、 Management personnel can participate in the system construction . Because even a single line of code baffles business experts , The real realization of codeless development is qualitative change .

2. Improve the development efficiency of technicians . For experienced programmers , Develop applications using a codeless development platform , It saves the heavy work of programming code , Greatly improve the quality and efficiency of development , It saves a lot of development costs .

3. With the initial requirements , The practical original system can go online in a week or two . Such a short development cycle can effectively solve the problem of poor communication in the development process 、 Demand change and so on .

Something like cloudwatch No code number Center , It can support multiple lines of business at the same time , Let the lines of business support each other , Shared data , Mutual cooperation , achieve 1+1 Far greater than 2 The effect of ; It can also help enterprises eliminate information islands from three levels , Effective use of digital resources , Developing enterprise digital gold mine , Unleash the potential ; Avoid duplicate system construction , Save and develop resources ; The operational level is interconnected , Form a complete system , Improved operational efficiency . Besides , The synchronization service of cloud watch fully meets the requirements of data efficiency 、 Security 、 Stable collaborative demand , Help enterprises develop overseas .

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