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Because of the length of this report , It's divided into three pieces , This is the third part , Display some data visualization achievements at home and abroad .

 Data visualization - Product distribution

Here's a list of products that you're familiar with , Domestic, for example Echarts and AntV, Overseas, for example D3 as well as Highcharts.

One 、 Domestic visualization products

1. AntV

AntV Ant group is a new generation of data visualization solutions , Realize data visualization based on the idea of interactive syntax , Aimed at “ Bring data to life ”. Its design principles come from AntDesign, follow “ accuracy > Clear > It works > beautiful ” The four core principles of .

At the beginning ,AntV Or only G2 Prop up the facade , Now? AntV There are already... In the big family F2( Mobile chart Library )、G6( Figure Visualization )、X6( Graph editing and Application )、L7( Visualization of geographic information data )、AVA( Intelligent data visualization analysis )

AntV - Product matrix

2. ECharts

Echarts It was first born in 2012 Year of 8 month , Experienced 2013、2014、2016、2018、2020 Five changes , At present, it comes to Echarts5.0 The stage of .

Echarts - 5.0 - Modules and features

Echarts - development history

Two 、 Foreign visualization products

1. HighCharts

Highcharts Series software is produced by professional chart software manufacturer HIGHSOFT Developed , Simple number technology is responsible for operation in China , The first version is in 2009 Published in , So far there have been 3 A mature chart software and related cloud services . There are many customers all over the world , Include 72 Global 100 Strong enterprise , Well known enterprises such as facebook、twitter、 Microsoft and others are using .

At present, the product is divided into four parts :

Product matrix explain
Highcharts Convenient and fast pure JavaScript Interactive charts
Highcharts Stock Easy and quick to create stock chart 、 Big data timeline charts
Highcharts Maps first-class HTML5 Map components , Support RIH , touch 、 gestures
Highcharts gantt Easy to use JavaScript Ganttuku

As of the time of this article ,Highcharts The latest version of is 9.0.1, It almost keeps the iteration speed of a large version a year .

9.0 Mainly finished right Typescript The adaptation of , Yes series and indicators And so on ES6 class The inheritance reconstruction of , Others include date selectors 、3D Area calculation and other optimization .

8.0 Added some new chart types , Strengthen the narrative ability of dynamic chart .

7.0 Some topological graphs such as Sangji graph are added 、 Timeline 、3D Pyramids and funnels 、 Bubble chart 、 Network topology , Perfect some details of Gantt Chart .

2. amCharts

amCharts Founded in 2004 year , It's still not open source , The chart library is very concise and beautiful on some types of charts , Such as Timeline and Sanguitu .

amCharts Divided into four parts ,Charts、Map、TimeLine as well as Editor( Strictly speaking Editor It's not a classification ). At present, it is less used in China , Overseas are also some big customers, such as Microsoft 、 Apple 、NASA Waiting to use their products .

3. D3.js

D3.js It's a Javascript library , Used to process documents based on data .

D3 Provides a declarative approach for developers , You can operate on any set of nodes .

d3.selectAll('p').style('color', function (d, i) {
return i % 2 ? '#fff' : '#eee';
 Copy code 

Use D3.js, Many excellent data visualization works have been produced , It provides a lot of capabilities for developers to customize for data visualization .

3、 ... and 、 Little contrast

API - Display

Reference link

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