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showdown. showdown good

The holidays are over , The recruitment season is coming , Exchange interview experience with an interviewer during the Spring Festival . He said the interview lasted more than a year , Whenever you ask the interviewer about HTTP When we get to know each other , It happens all the time :

  • interviewer : Do you know HTTP Agreement ?

  • The front-end development : Isn't that supposed to be clear ?

  • The backend development : Shouldn't the front end know ?

  • interviewer :......

No matter Front end or back end , All need to know HTTP. The front contact is more on the top HTTP agreement , Including the HTTP and HTTPS agreement , And with more and more front-end routing control , A deep understanding HTTP Of Header、Body And other attributes are very good .

Learn it well HTTP about Web Development and performance optimization It's useful to wait . For example, the caching strategy of page resources , If the HTTP I don't know enough about the agreement , There is no way to make or optimize the plan . Optimize the loading speed of page resources , It's also inseparable from right HTTP/2 Understanding .


Let's just say that , If you don't understand HTTP agreement , It's like Only “ Half a bucket of water ” The programmer .


That being the case , Many people think :“HTTP The agreement is so simple , Do you still use systems ?” “HTTP It's just a request / Respond to 、GET/POST、Header/Body Do you ? A lot of information on the Internet , If you have any questions, just search .”


But the truth is , Just because HTTP Too often 、 It's too common , A lot of work 7、8 I've been a veteran for years , It's not necessarily clear , At that time, I also stepped on a big hole in my work , That's why I made up my mind “ screwing ” HTTP.


I read a lot of data , There are not many real systems , Luo Jianfeng's 《 perspective HTTP agreement 》 special column , Count as a , It inspired me a lot , First share a summary of 「HTTP Knowledge map 」, Put the scattered concepts together in a systematic way , Recommended collection :



Recently I've been 2 brush 《 perspective HTTP agreement 》, It's no exaggeration to say , I have seen The highest content of gold Of HTTP Learning materials , Both of them Breadth and depth , And it did “ perspective ”, It gives you a deep understanding of HTTP The underlying operation mechanism of 、 working principle , It's clear and systematic .


because HTTP It's widely used , It covers almost all areas . So the content of Luo Jianfeng is not only about the agreement itself , And It's related to TCP/IP、DNS、SSL/TLS、Web Server etc. It's all about , And it's going to connect them in series , Forming a knowledge chain , Let you know how they connect 、 How it works .


This is my lesson so far , Take the least time , With the least amount of energy , I've got the most 、 The most comprehensive 、 The most systematic knowledge . How much is this , You can't buy it . The price is going up soon ¥129, Now half price is only  ¥69, Recommended to you , Don't miss it ????

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By Luo Jianfeng , qihoo 360 technician , It's a man with 20 Many years of technical experience IT veteran , To engage in for a long time Web Research and development of background server , Familiar with various network application protocols , Focus on C/C++、Linux、 High performance programming, etc , It's also  Nginx/OpenResty Open source project contributors .


He has written several best sellers before , such as 《C++11/14 Advanced programming 》《Nginx Complete development guide 》 wait , It's a book , They're all real experts , And I know more about systematization .


Let's talk about the column 「 depth 」, It's also hard work , All based on Abreast of the times RFC Standard documents , Combined with Lao Luo's own practical experience for many years , Try to be clear and thorough , It can make you feel bright after watching it .


stay 「 Hands-on practice 」 On , Also unique . The column teaches you to use Nginx Building a “ Though sparrows are small , Five zang organs ” The experimental environment of , Even if it's not connected to the Internet , It can also send and receive HTTP news , Let you and  HTTP Zero distance contact .


What's more surprising , The column also carefully designed supporting The test case , Minimize application scenarios , Eliminate distractions , You can test anything in it HTTP Characteristics of , Combined with Wireshark Grab the bag , It really combines theory with practice .


The simplest browser HTTP Request process ????

One more thing I have to say , At the end of each article there will be Thinking questions , It's suggested to use it as a mock interview question , Try to think carefully before you answer . Lao Luo is also really responsible , Basically replied to every user message , The content is also very distracted , You can learn a lot just by looking at the comments section .


Hands-on practice + reflection + After class discussion , hold “ Listen passively ”, Turn into Take the initiative to learn ”, Really learn to apply .


Words alone are no proof , The screenshots are for reference ????



HTTP It's just simple on the surface , In fact, the underlying operating mechanism 、 The working principle is very complicated . It's just that we always “KPI first ”, Get a solution from the Internet , It's done after use . But a qualified engineer , It must be Delve into the main points and details . Only when there is enough vision in the big frame , Will not passively fall into 「 I can't learn. 」 The mood of .


Here's the table of contents , contain  HTTP Analysis of high frequency interview questions , How dry it is , I've learned ????



I can find a reliable bull , Learn from others' technical mentality , It's a very lucky thing , Enough to kick you into growth “ The fast lane ”.


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