To summarize Vue's common APIs that are required for interview

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summarize vue common apis required

Write it at the front

Vue overall situation api And examples api quite a lot , A lot will be forgotten in the corner , It's hard to remember documents if you're not familiar with them . But these api It is also necessary for daily development , And in the interview time often test must test . So here's a summary , In fact, to understand these api Can expand a lot of knowledge . Of course, there won't be too many knowledge points about design extension .

Notice that a lot of things actually have on the document , But reading documents is boring , Especially beginners , And a lot of things in the document are more secretive 、 Astringent

Data related api

Vue Why do you need these two api Well ? This is mainly related to Vue The response principle of . When creating a Vue At instance time ,Vue Will model Layer data is processed responsively , Listening to data set&get, To update the view in the future . But often, we may need to add or delete some properties at some point in the future , At this time, we expect the view to change as well . If we simply assign values to instance properties / Delete operation , So when initializing an instance , This property has not experienced responsive processing , Obviously Vue It won't help us to update the view automatically , So in order to achieve this scenario , It provides users with these two api, It's not just static methods Vue.set & Vue.delete, Every Vue Examples also have corresponding instance methods vm.$set & vm.$delete

  • Vue.set Add a property, And make sure this new property It's also responsive , And trigger view update .
  • Vue.delete Delete object's property. If the object is responsive , Make sure the deletion triggers the update view .
<div id="app">
<p> full name :{{}}</p>
<p v-show="info.age"> Age :{{info.age}}</p>
<p v-if=""> Gender :{{}}</p>
<script src=""></script>
const vm = new Vue({
el: "#app",
data: {
message: "hello",
info: {
name: "tom",
sex: " male ",
setTimeout(() => {
Vue.set(, "age", 12);
Vue.delete(, "sex");
}, 3000);
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Event correlation api

stay Vue The tutorial section of the documentation may only mention $emit as well as v-on These things related to events . But many times, for example, we need to do cross component communication , I remember just getting in touch with Vue The community is full of a lot of bus Bus mechanism , Often at this time, you still need to implement message subscription and publishing by yourself . actually Vue Has provided such capabilities , There are mainly the following api

Pay attention to these api All are Vue Example of

  • $on The binding event
  • $emit Triggering event
  • $once Bind only once , Remove when triggered
  • $off Unbind event , Note that the parameters of this method are a little interesting
    • If no parameters are provided , Remove all event listeners ;
    • If only events are provided , Then remove all listeners of the event ;
    • If both events and callbacks are provided , Only remove the listener of this callback .
// test $on & $emit
const vm1 = new Vue({})
vm1.$emit('hello-world','hello china',)
// test $once
const vm2 = new Vue;
// test $off
const vm3 = new Vue;
// Don't pass parameters 
// Only one event name 
// Send the event name and Callback function 
function off5(){
function off6(){
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be familiar with jQuery My classmates should be surprised ~~

ref & nextTick

These are both Vue It's something that's often tested in interviews , especially nextTick It's going to stretch out Vue Of Asynchronous update queue ; and ref Another form of component communication . So it's very necessary to explain

Let's put it simply :

  • ref Is an attribute , Can act on the original DOM, here ref It points to DOM Elements ; It can also act on custom components , here ref Points to component instances . Of course, in the end ref Will be attributed to his parent component instance $refs Attribute .

  • nextTick And what is it ? It actually puts the callback function into an array , And then by demoting ( Support promise Just use promise, Otherwise, use meta timer ) In the form of , When the data changes , After the view is updated asynchronously , This callback function will execute .

Examples are as follows :

<div id="app">
<p ref="p1">hello vue</p>
<v-message ref="message"></v-message>
<li v-for="item in list">{{item}}</li>
<button @click="addList">addList</button>
<script src=""></script>
Vue.component("v-message", {
template: `<div>this is message comopnents</div>`,
methods: {
say() {
const vm = new Vue({
el: "#app",
data: {
list: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],
methods: {
addList() {
this.$nextTick(function() {
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Through the summary of these common test Vue necessary api, Hope to help you who are looking for a job ~~, In addition, we hope to make progress together , If you don't have to go through the documents . In fact, many knowledge points are hidden in the document .

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