Unity parses and displays / plays GIF images, supports HTTP URL, supports local file: / /, supports pause and resume playback

Lin Xinfa 2021-04-07 17:41:17
unity parses displays plays gif

One 、 Preface

Focus on not getting lost , Continuous output Unity Dry article .

hi , Hello everyone , I'm Xinfa . We know ,Unity I don't support it gif Picture display , this paper , I'll show you how to Unity It shows that gif Picture bar .
The final effect of this paper is :
 Insert picture description here
this paper Demo The project has been uploaded to CodeChina, Interested students can download and learn by themselves .
Address :https://codechina.csdn.net/linxinfa/UnityShowGifDemo
notes : I use Unity edition :2020.2.7f1c1 (64-bit).
 Insert picture description here

Two 、 Specific operation

1、 Prepare a gif picture

 Insert picture description here
Put it in StreamingAssets In the folder .
 Insert picture description here

2、UniGifImage Components

UniGifImage Component source code, see Demo engineering )
Create a RawImage, Hang up UniGifImage Components , This will automatically hang up UniGifImageAspectController Components , as follows :
 Insert picture description here
UniGifImage Components provide the following main interfaces :

// Set up gif, The coroutine is called internally SetGifFromUrlCoroutine,url Support http/https And local paths , The local path is from StreamingAssets Folder read 
public void SetGifFromUrl(string url, bool autoPlay = true)
// Set up gif
public IEnumerator SetGifFromUrlCoroutine(string url, bool autoPlay = true)
// Play 
public void Play()
// stop it 
public void Stop()
// Pause 
public void Pause()
// continue 
public void Resume()

Set it up UniGifImage Parameters of components :
 Insert picture description here
Parameter description :

Parameters explain
RawImage To render gif The goal of RawImage
ImgAspectCtrl gif Size adapter , Will be based on RawImage Final adaptation gif The size of the display
FilterMode Texture filtering mode
WrapMode Texture surround mode
LoadOnStart Whether in script Start Load it when it's loaded gif
LoadOnStartUrl Script Start When it's loaded gif Of url Address
ROtateOnLoading Whether to rotate the picture while loading
OutputDebgLog Whether to output debug log

3、 test

For testing purposes , Make some simple UI.
 Insert picture description here
Write a test script

using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
/// <summary>
/// gif Show tests 
/// </summary>
public class UniGifTest : MonoBehaviour

public InputField gifUrlInput;
public UniGifImage gifImage;
public Button loadBtn;
public Button playBtn;
public Button stopBtn;
public Button pauseBtn;
public Button resumeBtn;
/// <summary>
/// lock 
/// </summary>
private bool m_mutex;
private void Start()

loadBtn.onClick.AddListener(() =>

if (m_mutex || gifImage == null || string.IsNullOrEmpty(gifUrlInput.text))

m_mutex = true;
playBtn.onClick.AddListener(() => {
 gifImage.Play(); });
stopBtn.onClick.AddListener(() => {
 gifImage.Stop(); });
pauseBtn.onClick.AddListener(() => {
 gifImage.Pause(); });
resumeBtn.onClick.AddListener(() => {
 gifImage.Resume(); });
private IEnumerator ViewGifCoroutine()

yield return StartCoroutine(gifImage.SetGifFromUrlCoroutine(gifUrlInput.text));
m_mutex = false;

Create a UniGifTest An empty object , Hang up UniGifTest Script , Assignment parameter object , as follows :
 Insert picture description here
function Unity, The effect is as follows :
 Insert picture description here

3、 ... and 、 Conclusion

complete .
like Unity Classmate , Don't forget to click follow , If there is anything Unity Related technical problems , Also welcome to leave a message or private message ~

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