Seamless management of API documents using eolink and gitlab

Wang Shu next door 2021-04-07 18:12:51
seamless management api documents using

Eolinker Support the integration of multiple platforms . Integration helps developers facilitate 、 Quickly let multiple platforms API Keep the documents in sync and up-to-date .

Although source control tools are great for managed code , But they're not suitable for editing 、 Design and build API. Source control hosts are not suitable for RESTful Interface , With the help of Eolinker, Users can now integrate seamlessly GitLab Medium API The documentation and code for , And make it with GitLab The repository on is synchronized .

Every developer knows the importance of source code control , But where to store code managed by source control tools ? GitHub and GitLab Has become the leader in source control hosting , It's powerful 、 Security features make it very useful for organizations and large companies .

Let's take a simple example .
If there are people on the team who are responsible for planning API Architect of Architecture , Server side developers are committed to API Build a reliable back end , And client oriented developers focus on API The end consumer provides a great experience . The team's testers will work with your DevOps The team is working together on quality assurance , They will be committed to deploying safely API. adopt Eolinker And GitLab Integration of , Now you can update the above at the same time . This means that the team's workflow will be smoother than ever .(Eolinker Also available with other source code control tools ( for example GitHub) Integration of .

How to integrate ?
stay Eolinker in , After creating a project , In the menu bar, find auto generated API file .

Click add source , choice GitLab source . After filling in the corresponding parameters, you can synchronize your API file .

You can see in the interface ,Eolinker Support synchronization of multiple platforms API,Swagger、GitHub etc. . More on Eolinker Official website understand .

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