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end live broadcast user experience

This 4 month , Taoxi technology is doing things ~2021 year , Taobao pays more attention to user experience , And set up a user experience group , Guide each team to optimize the experience .

4 month 13 solstice 4 month 21 Japan ,「 Taoxi front end team 」 Will revolve around 「 User experience 」 stay B Held in Beijing 5 It's a live broadcast of technology , Help experience optimization from the perspective of technology .

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Thinking and implementation of cross end experience measurement

The first screen rendering time is one of the important indicators of the front-end user's somatosensory , There are few ways to collect the first screen time , Depending on the kernel can't be cross end , Depending on the business burying point, we can't monitor the whole first screen content .

Although the browser provides in performance monitoring api Can get fp,fcp, lcp etc. , But there is no complete completion time for the first screen rendering .


This sharing will introduce how to get the completion time of the first screen rendering in line with the user's body feeling , And how to achieve cross end unified first screen rendering time calculation and some derived directions in a pure front-end way .

AB Experimental technology helps upgrade the user experience

Why? AB Experiments can be used to improve the user experience ? An experiment is like a pipe , Realize our communication with users . At Taobao , Every iteration needs to be verified by experiments ,

Experiments have gradually changed our way of thinking , Let our product operation technology students , Really think from the perspective of users , Search for answers , And finally let the user's preferences drive the front end UI The direction of iteration .

but AB It's not easy to achieve , front end AB What is the design of the experimental architecture ?AB How to make the experiment scientific ? In the hand , How to use AB Experiments improve the user experience ? And whether the algorithm will eventually replace it AB experiment ?


This sharing , I will introduce to you AB The complete technical principle of the experiment , Let us understand the scientific nature of the experiment , And what's the difference between it and algorithms . Of course, we will also have a wealth of experimental cases to share , Let's see how our business students can upgrade the experience of different taonei products through experiments .

Real machine technology realizes automatic page adaptation

The user growth scenario involves following many APP Put the page in , The user will be drained to the hand through the call end , Make more APP、 Adaptation testing of multiple devices becomes extremely complex , Even some scenarios can't be completed just by manual testing .


How to complete the page adaptation test at low cost and continuously guarantee the stability of online pages has become a new kind of technical problem .

In this sharing , I'll have a brief talk with you , How do we put “ Real machine operation technology ” as well as “ Computer vision technology ” Bind together , Form a real machine monitoring platform , Instead of manual to complete the automatic page adaptation and online inspection tasks .

Virtual portrait rendering technology in Taobao life

“CyberSpace” The concept is early 1980 The age has appeared in human culture , However, for a long time, it has been confined to novels, movies, games and other art fields . But over the years , With “ Virtual idol ” The concept of success in breaking the circle , We believe that there will be great potential and value in the e-commerce industry , such as “ Virtual anchor with goods ”、“ Multiplayer video conferencing ” Such as the scene .

You may be curious CyberSpace I have a ghost relationship with e-commerce ? How to make a face change ? How do virtual characters make the same expression as real people ? And how it's different from playing games ? And it feels like Web It's worse ……

This time share , I will introduce some rendering techniques about virtual characters , And how to use AR The ability to interact with users in real situations and other topics . In addition, we will also stand in the perspective of front-end developers in native What are the similarities and differences in the development of the side .


The way to upgrade the structure of gold coin

Gold coin has the widest user coverage in the hand panning business 、 Interactive game products with the most complex user characteristics , It's how to effectively tap the value of gold coins , Better enhance user stickiness 、 Both active and innovative play an important role . In recent years, gold coin home business has developed rapidly , The original play is single , Users are tired , In business, we need more interesting game design to attract and stimulate users , Technically, we also need a more flexible architecture to meet the fast update iteration of the business .


This time share , I will share with you the process of architecture upgrade from the following aspects : • The background of architecture upgrade • Introduction to the technical solution of architecture upgrade , Build capabilities around interaction 、EVA Game ability 、 Barrier free 、 Performance optimization, etc • The business value of architecture upgrade , Around the value of gold coins 、 User stickiness, etc • Thinking about the future of the business


Front end team of consumer platform

Taoxi front end team , The largest front-end team in the eastern hemisphere , Undertake the vast majority of Taobao business . last year , In order to cooperate with the business development of Taoxi , For consumer business and industry business , Set up a front-end team of consumer platform , By the user growth team 、 Interactive teams 、 The basic link team consists of .

From the ads you see on other platforms, call the end to open hand Amoy , To all kinds of interactive games that you can play in hand ( Double eleven main interaction 、 Gold coins 、 Taobao life and so on ), To your shop 、 Look at the product details , Place an order , There are also some technology platforms to escort this process , The whole process is all about this team , From this, we can imagine the heavy responsibility of this technical team .

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